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The Secretariat invites children and youth, the leaders of tomorrow, to take action for the protection of life on Earth. Surf with us and learn how!

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Global Youth Biodiversity Network

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Youth, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Goals

At the occasion of the High Level Event of the President of the General Assembly in September 2014, Debora, 23 years old, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, delivered a statement on the need to take planet boundaries into account in defining the Sustainable Development Goals :

"Young People’s rights are not just about education and employment. And neither are the planet’s resources infinite... >>

Visit the Children's Portal on Farming and Biodiversity

Learn more about farming and biodiversity. Visit the children's portal and accompanying teaching resources.

Youth Newsletter - Gincaniño

Gincaniño Volume 1, issue 1

It's here! Check out the latest edition of Gincaniño Volume 1, issue 2.

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