If you are organising an event to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity, we encourage you to share your activities with us and everyone in your country. If you wish to see the information below in your official language, please send us a translation (.doc or .pdf) at iyb2010@cbd.int.

If you have videos and photos of your celebrations of the International Year of Biodiversity, please send them to us!


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National Celebrations

Japan's Final Report for the International Year of Biodiversity 2010

Japan's Final Report for the Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Biodiversity 2010

Business Report of Japan Civil Network for Convention on Biological Diversity (JCN-CBD)

In Japan, the Ministry of the Environment released that the 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity.

Official website of the Closing Event for the International Year of Biodiversity 2010

UN Secretary-General's Message for the Closing of the International Year of Biodiversity on 18-19 December 2010 in Kanazawa, Japan (in Japanese)

  2010年 国際生物多様性年

  Origami Project 2010
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Let’s Origami COP10 Project (ppt)

Doodle 4 Google 2010
今年は国連の定める「生物多様性年」です。皆さんの身近な植物や生物、生態系の成り立ち、自然について理解を深め、Google のロゴマークになぞらえて Doodle を作ってください。

日本在住の小中高生であれば、どなたでも参加できます。ただし、学校の先生の指導のもと、グループ(クラス、クラブ、部活動など) 単位での参加をお願いします。

4 つの部門での最優秀作品を選びます。
  • 小学校 1~3 年生部門
  • 小学校 4~6 年生部門
  • 中学生部門
  • 高校生部門


Conservation International (CI) works to ensure a healthy and productive planet for all of us. People depend on nature for many things: a stable climate, clean air, fresh water, abundant food, cultural resources and the incalculable additional benefits the world's biodiversity provides.

Aichi-Nagoya COP 10 CBD Promotion Committee
The Convention on Biological Diversity is governed by the Conference of the Parties (COP), consisting of all governments (and regional economic integration organizations) that have ratified the treaty. This ultimate authority reviews progress under the Convention, identifies new priorities, and sets work plans for members. The COP can also make amendments to the Convention, create expert advisory bodies, review progress reports by member nations, and collaborate with other international organizations and agreements.

Pursuant to decision IX/35, the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 10) will be held in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, from 18 to 29 October 2010.

COP 10 will include a high-level ministerial segment organized by the host country in consultation with the Secretariat and the Bureau. The high‑level segment will take place from 27 to 29 October 2010.

  Video Message from MISIA, Honorary Ambassador for the tenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10)
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  The United Nations University
The United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) works at the intersection of environment and society to meet the challenges of sustainability through advanced research, policy advice, and capacity development and training. In particular over the years, UNU-IAS has developed expertise on issues of the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

  Our World 2.0
Our World 2.0 is a webzine and video brief series that explores the interactions between our daily lives and complex issues like climate change, oil dependency, food security and biodiversity.

  Japan Hotspot / Conservation International Japan (CI)
Japan Hotspot is administered by CI Japan featuring biodiversity in Japan.

See details in Partners section at the bottom of the page, listen to Koji Mizutani speak about his project in the video below, or click on the title to go to the website. What makes you merry?
More info on the MERRY FOREST PROJECT.

  Smiles for Peace and Biodiversity
Koji Mizutani talks about the Merry Project.
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  Everblue Magazine, December 2010 (in Japanese)

  Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) Newsletter, March 2011
In Japanese
In English

Dates and VenueEvent
16 January 2010
Nagoya, Aichi
The Aichi-Nagoya Celebration : The Opening of the International Year of Biodiversity
Organized by:
Institut de l'E'environnement et de Recherches Agricoles
25 January 2010
Kick off event in Tokyo on 25 January 2010
Organized by:
Ministry of Environment of Japan
27 February 2010
Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (IR3S) Symposium to Commemorate the International Year of Biodiversity
Organized by:
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
20 - 21 March 2010
Biodiversity EXPO 2010 in Osaka
Organized by:
Ministry of the Environment
18 - 22 May 2010
2nd International Conference of Urban Biodiversity & Design (URBIO2010)
Organized by:
URBIO2010 - International Conference: Urban Biodiversity and Design
22 May 2010
Biodiversity forum of Hokkaido - Act for biodiversity / Organised by Environmental Partnership Office Hokkaido
22 May 2010
UNU Will Celebrate International Biodiversity Day with a Symposium - Theme: “Invasive Alien Species – Causes and Impacts”
11 June 2010
ITTO/CBD Partners Event at the 23rd Session of APFC
23 July - 29 October 2010
What is biodiversity?
21 - 27 August 2010
International Youth Conference on Biodiversity
Organized by:
Ministry of the Environment
2 September 2010
CARICOM Public Symposium on Climate Change and Biodiversity
7 September - 24 October 2010
Northern Beasts with Divinity / Art Exhibition organized by Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapporo
8 - 9 October 2010
Joint CBD-Aarhus Convention Workshop
Organized by:
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
9 - 29 October 2010
Biodiversity EXPO
11 - 29 October 2010
The Interactive Fair for Biodiversity
11 - 29 October 2010
Let's Origami! COP10 Project
11 - 29 October 2010
Celebrations of the International Year of Biodiversity during COP-MOP 5 and COP 10
Organized by:
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
27 October 2010
Biodiversity World Tour - Stop #3: In the past decade, international organizations have set lofty goals for biodiversity preservation in the coming century. How will policymakers, farmers, researchers, and NGOs come together as one to meet these challenges?
18 - 19 December 2010
Closing of IYB : Contribution to the International Year of Forests
Organized by:
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

In the news


Tokyo Broadcasting System

Nihon TV

  • Fifth meeting of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (COP-MOP 5) and Conference of the Parties (COP-10)
  • High-Level segment linked to the International Year of Biodiversity; UNESCO exhibition displayed; Equator Initiative Prize handed out; Youth Event; A special International Year of Biodiversity fair should be held – on 2010 Success stories. Linked with the CEPA fair; Closure of the International Year of Biodiversity; Contribution of the SCBD to the launch of the International Year of Forests in 2011
  • Encourage all parties to show their 2010 successes and identify best practices; seek to gain a commitment for a timetable for the post-2010 Target, including a commitment from both COP presidencies; showcase the ABS regime as a sign of success.
  • Green TV Japan

  Stamps issued by JP Post in 2010 for the for the tenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10) to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya

  Satoyama - CBD Flagship magazine

Past events

25 January 2010, Kick off event in Tokyo!
During the event, the first meeting of the Japanese national committee for the International Year of Biodiversity was held during the IYB kick-off event. The committee, chaired by the Chairman of Nippon Keidanren, is comprised of national and local governments, academia, NGOs, private sector and media. The meeting was followed by the appointment of additional members of “Life on the Earth” Supporters (mostly celebrities and famous figures) which attracted much attention of Japanese media.

"The International Year of Biodiversity 2010 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Green Festival" On the basis of the spirit of "Green Month Campaign" (from April 15 to May 14), there will be "The International Year of Biodiversity 2010 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Green Festival" in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. This festival features provision of various activities through nature, a nature walk, handicrafts, etc; an introduction of the highlight of a national park; sale of special products such as folk crafts; an offering of information about conservation and the sustainable use of biodiversity.

The 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, convene the 10th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP-10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Aichi-Nagoya in October 2010. In addition, under the theme of biodiversity, a talk show will also be performed.

  • Date & time: 29 April 2010 (Day of Showa), from 9:00 to 16:00
  • Venue: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Organiser: 2010 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Green Festival Execution Committee

  “International Symposium on Cities and Satoyama Landscapes”

  • Date & time: 22 May 2010, from 14:00 to 16:30
  • Venue: Meijo University, Nagoya, Aichi
  • Organiser: Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture (JILA)
  • Co-organised by: URBIO 2010
  • Language: English and Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)

23 May 2010, Sub-global Assessment of Satoyama and Satoumi in Japan: Launching the Cluster Findings towards CBD/COP-10
Registration is free and open to the public. Applications will be accepted through email. The deadline is Tuesday, 18 May 2010. Please write “Registration for the Japan SGA Symposium” in the title and include your name, company/organization, email address, telephone number, and where you heard about this event in the message body, and send your email to eventregistration@ias.unu.edu. More information can be found by clicking here: Agenda and Objectives or the Media Release.

06 June 2010, The 9th Gathering of Citizens for Creating Mountain Day was held at 10 locations including Yawata Highland in Kita-Hiroshima Town, Hiroshima Prefecture with the objective of motivating citizens to preserve mountains. It was a refreshing day with soft greens under the blue sky in the early summer in Japan. A total of 8,600 people participated in the event to enjoy a number of programs such as thinning trees in the mountains, climbing mountains, nature observation walk, forest nature games and cutting logs. Click here to read the report of this activity (in Japanese).


EPO Hokkaido - Japan

Environmental Partnership office Hokkaido (EPO Hokkaido) makes bases promoting environmental conservation activity for the purpose of the formation of the sustainable society.


Japan Civil Network for the Convention on Biological Diversity

As global citizens, JCN for CBD agree with three objectives of the CBD and take actions to achieve the CBD’s Convention of Life on Earth. Our association recognizes the importance of collaboration and unity as a way of achieving our common goals through consensus. We aim to operate in a democratic manner with openness and transparency.

Our association recognizes the biodiversity problem as a global challenge and the COP10/MOP5 as a place for the international community to make decisions. We respect the knowledge, ideas and actions of global citizens and accept responsibility to address and assist with biodiversity issues, especially in developing countries where biodiversity loss has direct and serious impacts. More details.


"What is MERRY for you?"
We have been asking this simple question to people all over the world and collecting their smiles and messages.
MERRY PROJECT is a communication-art project to spread the wave of MERRY under the theme of "Smile is a universal communication".
We believe each person that participates in MERRY minds and cares for the Earth in their smiles and their messages will link to each other across global borders.

「あなたにとってMERRY(楽しいこと、幸せなとき、将来の夢など)とは、何ですか?」 このシンプルな質問を世界中の人々に投げかけ、その笑顔とメッセージを集めています。
MERRY PROJECTは、「笑顔は世界共通のコミュニケーション」をテーマに、 MERRYの輪を広げていくコミュニケーションアートです。
笑顔とメッセージに込められた、一人ひとりのMERRYな想いと、 地球を大切に思う気持ちは、国境を越えてつながっていくと思います。

The Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)

The APN is a network of 22 member governments in the Asia-Pacific whose vision is to enable countries in the region to successfully address global change (GC) challenges through science-based response strategies and measures, effective science and policy linkages, and scientific capacity development. APN supports regional cooperation in GC and sustainable development issues, particularly in developing countries. It strengthens interactions among scientists and policy-makers and strives to provide scientific input to policy decision-making and scientific knowledge to the public. APN cooperates with GC networks and organisations and links the research it sponsors with the research conducted in other regions.

United Nations University

The UN University is dedicated to the generation and transfer of knowledge, and the strengthening of individual and institutional capacities in furtherance of the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

The mission of UN University is to contribute, through collaborative research, capacity development, and advisory services to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations, its Peoples and Member States.