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National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (v.2)

Sixth National Report

Status and Trends of Biodiversity


Portugal possesses a very diverse natural heritage thanks to its geographical location and geophysical conditions. The Azores and Madeira Archipelagos are situated within the Macaronesian region and thanks to their location, the climatic influences to which they are subject and a substratum of volcanic origin, are home to habitats of quite unique nature and undeniable importance... More »

Number and Extent of Protected Areas

Portugal mainland (protected areas + Natura 2000 sites) – 2.017.803 ha; 20.47%. Azores and Madeira Regions (Natura 2000/Sites of Community Importance) – 76.758 ha. Azores and Madeira Regions (Natura 2000/Special Conservation Areas) – 49.296 ha.

Percentage of Forest Cover

36.5 % (ca. 3.240.000 ha)

National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan

Major features of National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

Portugal’s NBSAP was based on the following ten guiding principles: an overall higher level of protection; the sustainable use of biological resources; prevention; precaution; recuperation; responsibility; integration; participation; international cooperation and decentralization. The NBSAP then lists 10 fundamental strategies that form the basis of their action plan, which include: to promote scientific research and knowledge of local patrimony; to enhance the National Protected Areas Network; to promote the valorization of the protected areas, and ensure the conservation of all social, cultural and natural components; ensure conservation and valorization of areas within the Natura 2000 Network; implement, across the entire national territory, actions specific to the conservation and management of species and habitats of particular interest; integrate conservation and sustainable use principles into national and regional policies and laws; reinforce cooperation between all levels of administration; promote education and formation in conservation fields; ensure public education, awareness and sensitization; and strengthen international cooperation... More »

NOTE: Visitors to the CBD website are advised to consult section VII of the sixth national report for updated information on the themes contained in the country profile below.

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Convention on Biological Diversity

Ms. Fernanda Cunha

Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

Mr. Luis Gramacho
Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point, BCH NFP