Digital sequence information on genetic resources

Informal intersessional work on DSI in 2023/2024

The Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Benefit-sharing from the Use of Digital Sequence Information on Genetic Resources at its first meeting, which took place from 14 to 18 November 2023 in Geneva, agreed that further intersessional work will be carried out leading up to its second meetings. This work is led by the Co-Chairs of the Committee of the Whole established during the first meeting as summarized in its report

The informal intersessional work includes:

(a) Information-sharing activities, as needed and as appropriate;

(b) An informal advisory group;

(c) Online informal regional consultations facilitated by the Co-Chairs.


Informal Advisory Group (IAG) on Benefit-sharing from the Use of Digital Sequence Information on Genetic Resources

Pursuant to notification 2023-130, issued on 1 December 2023, Parties, other Governments, indigenous peoples and local communities, and relevant organizations and initiatives were invited to nominate representatives to serve the Informal Advisory Group (IAG) on Benefit-sharing from the Use of Digital Sequence Information on Genetic Resources. The composition of the IAG was announced in notification 2024-004, issued on 15 January 2024. An updated list of IAG members is available in the following document: IAG members 2024-01-19.pdf.

The IAG was created with a view to contribute to increasing the understanding of and move forward on some of the elements on which there is a need for further discussion, as contained in the annex to the report of the first meeting of the Working Group.

The IAG will meet online monthly, rotating times in order to accommodate the different time zones. A preparatory meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 16 January 2024 at 7:00 a.m. EST, and subsequent meetings will be posted in the CBD calendar of meetings as they are scheduled. Additionally, the presentations made by experts at the preparatory meeting will be posted on this webpage, pending the presenter’s approval.

The Co-Chairs will prepare a report on the outcomes of the intersessional work for the second meeting of the Working Group, scheduled in August 2024.

This page will be updated as information becomes available. (Last updated: 25 January 2024)

The table below provides an overview of all IAG meetings, including the topics discussed and pertinent documentation.


Time in UTC


Preparatory reading

Presentations delivered online during IAG meetings

January 16, Tuesday


Preparatory Meeting


16 Jan- Kickoff meeting.pdf

January 23, Tuesday


DSI databases, research methodologies and products

Report of the IAG from Nov 2021 (Section II.B.10, p. 14)

Report of the IAG from June 2022 (Section II.E, p. 7)

Report of the WGDSI-1 (Annex, section A, p. 8, and D, p. 11)

Masanori Arita (DDBJ) & Guy Cochrane (SMBL-EBI)_The International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration the home of DSI.pdf

Douglas Miano (University of Nairobi, nominated by the government of Kenya)_Workflow in generation, analysis and utilization of DSI data in research.pdf

Kat Bruce (NatureMetrics)_A case study in DNA-based Biodiversity Assessment.pdf

Data governance (including associated traditional knowledge)

Report of the IAG from Nov 2021 (Section II.B.2, p. 12, and Section II.B.3(b), p. 13)

Report of the IAG from Oct 2022  (Annex II, p. 31)

Document WGDDSI/1/2 (Section D, p. 5)

Tim Hirsh (GBIF)_Data governance in an open access environment the GBIF experience.pdf

Preston Hardison (Tebtebba Foundation)_Open and Responsible DSI Data Governance, and Addressing IP&LC Concerns Not If But How.pdf and Preston.Hardison_Notes.pdf

Ann McCartney (Native BioData Consortium)_Prioritising Justice, Equity and Inclusion for Indigenous DSI Sharing.pdf

February 15, Thursday


Collaboration and cooperation with other approaches and systems – whom, what and how

15/9. Digital sequence information on genetic resources 

Co-Chairs’ report of the work of the IAG3 section II.A (p.3)

Overview document from WGDSI-1 section II.E

Kathryn Garforth (SCBD)_Other intergovernmental fora where negotiations related to benefit-sharing from the use of DSI are taking place.pdf

Amber Hartman Scholz (Leibniz-Inst_DSMZ) DSI_harmonization_Feb2024.pdf

Legal considerations, and incentives to participate

Synthesis of views pursuant to decision 15/9  section A and D.3

Kathryn Garforth (SCBD)_Legal Considerations.pdf 

Daphne Yong d'Herve (ICC)_Business engagement in the multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism.pdf

March 15, Friday


Non-monetary benefit-sharing

recommended reading


Modalities for disbursement of funds

recommended reading


April 16,     Tuesday🚧


Fund governance

Fund host


May 7, Tuesday🚧


Trigger points for contribution


June 12, Wednesday🚧


How the mechanism will meet the requirements laid out in decision 15/9 paras 6-10

Compatibility with the CBD and the Nagoya Protocol


🚧= topics to be confirmed

Photo attribution: IISD/ENB - Kiara Worth