Global Biodiversity Outlook 1


This publication could not have been produced without the help of a large number of individuals and institutions who contributed time, energy and expertise to its conception, drafting and production.

A primary source of information for the Global Biodiversity Outlook, in particular for chapter 4, was the set of first national reports on implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity wishes to thank the governments that submitted these reports and to acknowledge the contributions to the Global Biodiversity Outlook made by them and by the individuals in each country who contributed to their preparation.

The Secretariat wishes to acknowledge the assistance provided by the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre in the preparation of this publication. Chapter 1 of the Global Biodiversity Outlook draws upon the UNEP-WCMC publication Global Biodiversity: Earth's living resources in the 21st century (B. Groombridge and M.D. Jenkins, World Conservation Press, Cambridge, UK, 2000). UNEP-WCMC prepared the maps.

Parts of Chapters 2 and 5 are drawn from an information package on the Convention on Biological Diversity for Pacific Island Countries (2000) produced by the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD) and the World Wide Fund for Nature-South Pacific Program (WWF-SPP) as part of a UK Darwin Initiative project and the Secretariat is grateful to these institutions for permission to use this material.

The Secretariat is particularly grateful to the members of the GBO Advisory Group for the time and expertise they dedicated to guiding the preparation of the Global Biodiversity Outlook.

Members of the GBO Advisory Group

Dr. Jason Badridze
Noah's Ark
Tbilisi, Georgia

Dr. Peter Bridgewater
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Paris, France

Dr. Mark Collins
United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Dr. Edgar Gutierrez-Espeleta
University of Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica

Dr. Elaine Fisher
Kingston, Jamaica

Ms. Ivonne Higuero
United Nations Environment Programme
Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Brian Huntley
National Botanical Institute
Claremont, South Africa

Professor Mohamed Kassass
University of Cairo
Cairo, Egypt

Mr. Peter Kenmore
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome, Italy

Dr. Ke-Ping Ma
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China

Mr. Robert McFetridge
Environment Canada
Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Kenton Miller
World Resources Institute
Washington DC, USA

Professor Sir Ghillean Prance
United Kingdom

Dr. Walter Reid
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Seattle WA, USA

Dr. Cristián Samper
Instituto Alexander von Humboldt
Bogotá, Colombia

Dr. Setijati Sastrapradja
Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Bogor, Indonesia

Dr. Peter Johan Schei
Directorate for Nature Management
Trondheim, Norway

Professor Jameson Seyani
Commonwealth Secretariat
London, United Kingdom

Dr. Robert Watson
The World Bank
Washington DC, USA

Professor Edward O. Wilson
Harvard University
Cambridge MA, USA

Dr. Talal Younès
International Union of Biological Sciences
Paris, France

The Secretariat gratefully acknowledges the financial contribution of the United Kingdom to the work of the GBO Advisory Group.

The Global Biodiversity Outlook was prepared and published by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Preparation was coordinated by Tony Gross. Substantive contributions were prepared by Martin Jenkins, Brian Groombridge, Sam Johnston, and Ruth McKenzie.

During the preparation of the Global Biodiversity Outlook valuable inputs and advice on successive drafts were provided by members of the Advisory Group and by Jackie Van Goethem, Jerry Harrison, Ole Hendrickson, Peter Herkenrath and Gabor Nechay. Other staff members of the Secretariat contributed through inputs and the review of draft material, including: David Cooper, Ian Cresswell, Alexander Heydendael, Jean-Pierre Le Danff, Henrietta Marrie, Parastu Mirabzadeh, Jo Mulongoy, Valerie Normand and Marjo Vierros.

Administrative support was provided by Zoumana Bamba, Cristina Stricker and Monique Chiasson.

The Global Biodiversity Outlook is published simultaneously with the Handbook of the Convention on Biological Diversity.