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Gender and Biodiversity


Technical Series No. 49
Guidelines for Mainstreaming Gender into Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans

Module 9 (B series)
Mainstreaming Gender Considerations in the Development and Implementation of Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet:
Sustainable Wildlife Management and Gender

What is Gender and Biodiversity?

Considering gender issues in relation to biodiversity involves identifying the influence of gender roles and relations on the use, management and conservation of biodiversity. Gender roles of women and men include different labour responsibilities, priorities, decision-making power, and knowledge, which affect how women and men use and manage biodiversity resources.

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What's New

2015-2020 Gender Plan of Action - A Pocket Guide

The 2015-2020 Gender Plan of Action is now available in a summary version, with examples.
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COP 13 Documents on Gender Mainstreaming

Gender-Responsive NBSAPs Pilot Project


Through the Japan Biodiversity Fund, the SCBD supported a pilot project carried out in three country Parties (countries that are Party to the Convention on Biological Diversity). The pilot project aimed at aiding these Parties in including gender-responsive approaches in their National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) submissions.

Visit our NBSAPs and National Reports page for more information.


Survey to identify joint capacity-building needs for gender mainstreaming

The Secretariats of the three Rio Conventions – UNFCCC, CBD, and UNCCD – are working together to identify and develop opportunities for joint capacity building on gender issues with Parties and stakeholders under each of the Conventions.To help ensure that the training and capacity-building activities address the needs of those implementing the Conventions, the CBD Secretariat is conducting a survey to assess understanding and capacity related to integrating gender issues.

Please see the following notification for full details: English, Français, Español

The survey is available in English, Français and Español

Call for case studies - ongoing

The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity would like to invite Parties, indigenous peoples and local communities, international and civil society organizations and other groups to submit information, including case studies, on recent or ongoing initiatives addressing issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment in relation to biodiversity conservation, sustainable use, access and benefit sharing or biosafety.

Please see the following notification for full details: https://www.cbd.int/doc/notifications/2016/ntf-2016-043-gender-en.pdf

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