Annex III. Terms of Reference Gender Focal Points UNEP

1. In order to promote the implementation of CBD’s Gender Plan of Action 2008-2010, several organizational steps have been planned to enhance the process.

2. One of the main elements at the institutional level is the establishment of a gender focal point. Although the overall responsibility for gender mainstreaming is recognized as an institutional responsibility and all staff and senior management are held accountable for performance in this area, the gender focal point will act as a resource person on gender mainstreaming and be a catalyst for gender issues in divisions or offices.

3. The gender focal point (f/m) will be selected for a renewable term of two years.

A. Tasks and duties

The gender focal point:

  • has a strong commitment to the goal of gender equality;
  • supports the division or office in fulfilling his or her responsibilities for the achievement of gender equality and the implementation of the Gender Plan of Action and the development and implementation of the gender action plan for the division or office;
  • informs and assists Senior Management in monitoring efforts to achieve gender equality, keeping abreast of opportunities to improve the status of women in the organization and enhance gender equality, and assists in relevant development of policies and programmes;
  • encourages her/his colleagues to apply gender specific mechanisms for gender mainstreaming, such as gender assessments, gender specific indicators, gender budgeting;
  • acts as a catalyst in the Secretariat and takes steps to strengthen the capacity on gender environment of her/his colleagues, e.g. by organizing training sessions;
  • stimulates a further deepening of the knowledge base on gender aspects of the work of the Secretariat;
  • networks with external centers of expertise on gender and environment (including international agencies, national institutes and NGOs), relevant for the Secretariat;
  • works closely with the gender focal points from the various UN agencies;
  • develops project proposals for specific activities in the area of gender-environment.

4. The gender focal point keeps the Senior Management fully informed, including through written reporting.

B. Qualifications

5. The gender focal point has the following qualifications:

  • analytical and scientific capacity
  • basic knowledge and understanding of gender-environment linkages in general and the divisional or regional context in particular
  • basic knowledge of gender specific methodologies
  • education or work experience in both social sciences and environment is an advantage
  • willingness to strengthen her/his own capacity in this area
  • well accustomed to the work of the division or office
  • team worker
  • strong communication skills, including writing skills and public speaking
  • networking ability
  • at least 2 years working experience in SCBD

C. Modalities of work

  • The gender focal point will have the standing in the office to do her/his job effectively, and should have direct access to the management.
  • She/he will have a guaranteed allocation of her/his time to the tasks mentioned above. Approximately 80 to 90% of her/his time will be allocated to gender issues, depending on the Secretariat’s needs. This will be reflected in the E-pas and evaluated at the mid-term and end of year reviews.
  • She/he will have access to all information necessary to the discharge of her/his function
  • The gender focal point will have access to training to strengthen her/his capabilities

D. Selection process

6. Staff interested in being a gender focal point should apply to their directors of office and/or division.

7. The Gender focal point will be appointed by the Executive Secretary, following consultations at the divisional or office level and in line with the qualifications described in the terms of reference.

8. Male candidates are encouraged and the directors of the division will seek to achieve a gender balance within the Secretariat when appointing the gender focal point.

9. Divisions shall select one gender focal point and will nominate an alternate to represent the gender focal point in case she/he is unable to attend meetings and or related activities.

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