What Needs to be Done?

Adopted in 1998, and reviewed and updated in 2004, the programme of work on marine and coastal biodiversity focuses on integrated marine and coastal area management, marine and coastal living resources, marine and coastal protected areas, mariculture, and invasive alien species.

The road ahead for coastal areas lies in better and more effective implementation of integrated marine and coastal area management in the context of the Convention’s ecosystem approach. This includes putting in place marine and coastal protected areas to promote the recovery of biodiversity and fisheries resources and controlling land-based sources of pollution. For open ocean and deep sea areas, sustainability can only be achieved through increased international cooperation to protect vulnerable habitats and species.

The Conference of the Parties to the CBD has a key role in supporting the work of the United Nations General Assembly, with regard to marine protected areas beyond national jurisdiction, by focusing on the provision of scientific and, as appropriate, technical information and advice relating to marine biological diversity, the application of the ecosystem approach and the precautionary approach, and in delivering the 2010 biodiversity target.

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