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E-Forum on the Post 2010 Strategic Plan of the CBD: An Invitation to Contribute to the Updating and Revision of the Strategic Plan of the Convention

Question 11
Do we need to modify these paragraphs, delete them and/or add new ones? If yes, make the changes and, if possible, explain the reasons for the changes.
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No, I don't think so.
submitted by vlichtsc@ambiente.gov.ar
First introductory paragraph: we should add ‘local’ before national so it would read “to guide further implementation of the Convention at the local, national, regional and global levels”. Rationale: We think that one of the reasons for the failure to achieve Target 2010 and the three objectives of the Convention is that there is very little awareness and knowledge about them among the general population at the local level, where biodiversity is used and managed on a daily basis. In our experience, only a few government officials at the national level and NGOs working on biodiversity issues know about the CBD; this is not sufficient to stem biodiversity loss; we would therefore like to propose to add the local level to the other levels.

Maurizio and Caroline, Forest Peoples Programme

submitted by Maurizio Ferrari
Il est proposé le texte suivant pour le deuxième paragraphe

"2. Le but est de stopper, d’ici 2015, la perte de diversité biologique afin de pérenniser les utilisations
bénéfiques de celle-ci grâce à la conservation et à l’utilisation durable de ses éléments constitutifs, au partage juste et équitable des avantages résultant de l’exploitation des ressources génétiques afin de réduire la pauvreté, d’améliorer les conditions de vie de tous êtres humains et de permettre un développement durable de la planète."
submitted by Jean-Patrick LE DUC
Generally: Possibly the whole text of the strategic plan should be reviewed/rewritten to make it more relevant, focussed and accesible. Reference is made to discussions undertaken in the context of the HLWG on 9-10 March.

"Local" implementation is important, too. Not sure that "halting" of biodiversity loss is realistic....
submitted by Anonymous

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