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E-Forum on the Post 2010 Strategic Plan of the CBD: An Invitation to Contribute to the Updating and Revision of the Strategic Plan of the Convention

Question 15.1
What should be the years for the short and long-term-targets, bearing in mind that 2015 (target for MDGs), 2020 and 2050 have been mentioned? If possible, explain your choice.
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Short term: 2015, in order to develop better synergy with the MDGs and to avoid procrastination in taking action (which may happen if the short term target was 2020).

Long-term: 2050 seems too far into the future, we would propose 2030. If we are not able to reverse biodiversity loss and achieve the CBD objectives by 2030, it would be a dismal failure. This again could be developed in synergy with the post-2015 MDGs.

Maurizio and Caroline, Forest Peoples Programme

submitted by Maurizio Ferrari
We favor a short-term target for 2015, and a long-term target for 2025 or 2030. Given the high likelihood for the world to look very differently in 2050 because of climate change, even if we assume conservative scenarios, it would seem difficult to set any meaningful long-term goals for a date over 40 years away. In any case, the farther away a date for a long-term vision will be chosen, the higher will be the likelihood for it to have to be eventually reviewed and adjusted to emerging circumstances.
2015 is our preferred data for a new short-term target because of the urgency of achieving progress with the implementation of the Convention. There should be further short-term targets or milestone achievements in five-year intervals to monitor progress toward the long-term goal.

submitted by Michael Hermann
There are pros and cons: 2015 helps piggy-backing on the MDGs in a positive sense, 2020 provides more time for real results (all by providing continuous information on intermediairy success), doesn't compete with MDG/more visibility, more to build upon/learnings.

In any case milestone-years shouldn't be too far away or to distant from each other otherwise one looses impetus.
submitted by Anonymous

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