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E-Forum on the Post 2010 Strategic Plan of the CBD: An Invitation to Contribute to the Updating and Revision of the Strategic Plan of the Convention

Question 15.3
Is there a need to change the content of the statement of the post 2010 biodiversity target, in other words the content of the Mission of the Strategic Plan? Explain your answer and, if possible, specify the scientific basis of your explanation.
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Others' Replies
We would like to suggest the addition of the word ‘livelihoods security’ before poverty alleviation, so that it would read: ‘…as a contribution to livelihoods security, poverty alleviation and to the benefit of all life on earth.’
Poverty alleviation may be based on quantification of dollars per day, which does not fully capture the issue of entitlement to resources. As we are dealing with biodiversity and people, it makes much more sense to speak about livelihoods.

Maurizio and Caroline, Forest Peoples Programme

submitted by Maurizio Ferrari
See question 11. Define "significant".
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