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E-Forum on the Post 2010 Strategic Plan of the CBD: An Invitation to Contribute to the Updating and Revision of the Strategic Plan of the Convention

Question 16.1
Is there a need to modify/fine-tune the goals and their objectives? If yes, describe how and explain whenever possible.
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Note: The assessment of progress has been carried out for Goals 2 and 3 (culminating in Decision IX.8) but is only scheduled to be carried out for Goals 1 and 4 by the Working Group on the Review of Implementation at its 3rd meeting in May 2010. WGRI-3 is also tasked to prepare a revised and updated Strategic Plan. WGRI-3 will therefore need to be designed in such a way that the revised and updated Strategic Plan is informed by the assessment of progress for Goals 1 and 4.

Maurizio and Caroline, Forest Peoples Programme

submitted by Maurizio Ferrari
All goals remain relevant. The objectives under Goal 3 look more like general principles and procedures to achieve goals of the Convention, but do not identify priority actions, as identified in Decision IX.8 (e.g. identification of drivers of biodiversity loss) to achieve objectives. More of the findings of Decision IX.8 need to be reflected in the wording of objectives under Goal 3.
submitted by Michael Hermann
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a business NGO focusing on sustainable development through economic growth, ecological balance and social progress. WBCSD endorsers the CBD’s core objectives and, along with some member companies and Regional Network partners, has participated at COP 8 and COP 9. WBCSD made a full submission to CBD Decision VIII/17, COP 8 on The business case for biodiversity and good biodiversity practice in July 2007. WBCSD is in full support of goal 4.4 which states “key actors and stakeholders, including the private sector, are engaged in partnership to implement the Convention…”, however it is not clear exactly how this will happen. WBCSD recommends the CBD work out appropriate modalities for effective private sector engagement at inter-sessional, SBSTA, expert meetings and preparatory conferences. The CBD should also (1) arrange a business and biodiversity day or forum within the COP 10 agenda, (2) encourage Parties to engage private sector input into national policy development associated with the CBD agenda, including business representation on national delegations and (3) strengthen the secretariat's capacity for effective dialogue with business on biodiversity issues. WBCSD – through its Ecosystems Focus Area - is currently liaising with its members, Nippon Keidanren and other stakeholders, including IUCN and WRI, on how to strengthen business involvement in the run up to and at COP 10.
submitted by James Griffiths
The comments made concerning WBCSD and business involvement are very relevant
submitted by Anonymous

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