South-South Cooperation

Roadmap on South-South Cooperation


The following roadmap provides an overview of CBD activities for 2011-2012 designed to enhance South-South and triangular cooperation in support of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity for the post-2010 period.


Strengthen SSC in the mechanisms and programmes of the CBD through a Multi-Year Plan of Action

1. Organize a SSC expert meeting and training programme in May 2011, in Incheon, Korea, as per decision X/23, in order to identify best practices on modalities of SSC and validate the roadmap towards the adoption of the Plan.

2. Hold SSC discussions back-to-back with regional workshops on NBSAPs, to provide guidance to Parties on incorporating SSC into national and regional strategies and receive input from Parties on the proposed Plan of Action.

3. Coordinate a SSC review at the fourth meeting of the Working Group on the Review of Implementation of the Convention (WGRI-4) on 14-18 May 2012, to receive further input from Parties and finalize as well as support negotiations on the Plan of Action to be adopted by Parties at COP 11.

4. Convene the second SSC Forum for Biodiversity at COP 11 in India, as requested by decision X/23, to support the negotiations on the Plan of Action to be adopted at COP 11.

Enhance the coordination mechanism among Parties, UN agencies and developed partners

5. Present the SSC Plan and Roadmap to the United Nations General Assembly on UN SSC Day, 16 December 2010, New York, to coordinate with UN agencies and inform UN Member States about decision X/23 and the roadmap towards COP 11 as the way forward.

Establish a financial mechanism for SSC

6. Liaise with the GEF Secretariat and delegates at the 39th GEF Council, November 2010, Washington DC, to discuss the creation of a Multilateral Trust Fund for SSC, and develop a policy framework for its administration and operation.

7. Organize ad hoc fund raising activities at appropriate occasions for supporting SSC projects proposed by Parties and partners to assist developing countries in implementing the Strategic Plan of the CBD towards COP 11.

Assist countries in SSC projects

8. In collaboration with international and regional partners, the Secretariat of the CBD will support and organize pilot/demonstration projects, programmes and initiatives, such as capacity-building on ABS, forests, islands, local authorities, natural capital accounts and other major group initiatives, in the context of the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB), the celebration of the International Year for Forests (IYF), the launch of the UN Decade for Biodiversity, and 2012 Rio+20 on Sustainable Development.