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  • Aug 2016- Call for posters on progress achieved towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets for COP-13

    A poster session on progress achieved towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets will take place during COP-13. The GIZ, in close collaboration with the SCBD, has developed a free online tool, which allows Parties and other interested entities to design a poster and directly attribute activities and outcomes to specific Strategic Goals and Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Read more >

  • Jun 2016- UEBT launched the 8th Biodiversity Barometer. The Biodiversity Barometer provides insights on biodiversity awareness around the world, and this way contributes to measuring Aichi Biodiversity Target 1: English and Spanish

Other UEBT documents:

Aichi Biodiversity Target 1 and CEPA

Among the many barriers to achieving the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and of the other biodiversity-related conventions, the lack of public awareness on the importance of biodiversity ranks as one of the most serious. Without an awareness of the importance of biodiversity to human well-being, citizens and stakeholders are not likely to take the steps needed to mainstream biodiversity considerations into their daily lives and practices. The lack of public awareness also contributes to the relatively low political priority given to biodiversity issues.

The Convention’s Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) programme is an important instrument for this target. The establishment of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity by the United Nations General Assembly represents an opportunity, throughout the implementation period of the Strategic Plan, to link national awareness raising activities with a broader international process as a means of developing greater visibility and traction for such actions. Likewise the International Day for Biodiversity, on 22 May, provides a similar opportunity.

Go to: Aichi Biodiversity Target 1

How to Tell a Love Story

Struggling to get people to care about conservation or climate change? Having problems communicating biodiversity? Find out how you can help re-connect people and nature using Love not Loss. More links and videos.

Exploring mechanisms for promoting behavior change in the conservation field

“Awareness does not make people change their behaviors.” Dr. Stanley Asah of the University of Washington made this bold statement at a side event at WGRI5 in Montreal, Canada. Watch his (interactive) presentation on youtube. Related: See also his talk on Aichi Biodiversity Target 1.

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