New and innovative sources of international development finance

Basis for action: "To integrate biological diversity and its associated ecosystem services in the development of new and innovative sources of international development finance, taking into account conservation costs"... Strategy for resource mobilization, objective 4.5

Number of initiatives, and respective amounts, supplementary to the financial mechanism established under Article 21, that engage Parties and relevant organizations in new and innovative financial mechanisms, which consider intrinsic values and all other values of biodiversity, in accordance with the objectives of the Convention and the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of the Benefits Arising out of Their Utilization

Status and trend
About twenty countries already set up one or more innovative financings so far, and raised nearly US$6 billion since 2006. Advanced Market Commitments (AMC) leveraged US$1.45 billion to guarantee the price of vaccines once they have been developed. IFFIm (International Finance Facility for Immunization) uses long-term donor pledges from donor governments to issue bonds on financial markets, and levied some US$3.4 billion between 2006 and 2011 for GAVI. Solidarity levy on air ticket generated US$1.22 billion. Belgian Fund for Food Security received 20% of the revenues of the national lottery each year. The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX) has mobilized US$ 50 million in the Netherlands and US$40 million in Germany.
Innovative development financing mechanisms have evolved considerably over the past decade, with growing interests from both developed and developing countries. African Group and Western Europe and Others Group have demonstrated the highest interest in those mechanisms, while the interest from Eastern Europe Group and Asia Group is developing.

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