Branding Toolkit

In decision 15/14, the Conference of the Parties adopted the Communications strategy to support the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. This strategy is meant to include a clear global brand that is accessible to a wide range of audiences and used in other contexts with easy terms for use and licensing.  

The initial campaign assets for the first phase of this communications strategy are available below. The assets include a logotype and public-facing name for the Framework, and short titles for the goals and targets which are meant to be used in public communications. The visual identify will be further extended into a system of icons for the 23 action-oriented targets. The assets are currently available in English but will soon be made available in all United Nations languages. 

The communications strategy will continue to be developed in a participatory, iterative and flexible manner. These efforts will be assisted by communication experts and other relevant disciplines, including strong participation from indigenous peoples and local communities, women, and youth.

Note: The required graphic files and font systems are open source only for use with communications associated with the promotion of the Framework

A Trello board has been created to promote the release of The Biodiversity Plan's complete branding toolkit for the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.  Click here to access the Trello Board

Information on appropriate use can be found in the Brand Guide (6 MB), below.