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Status on Key Actions

PoWPA Key Action Implementation Progress Global Average
1.1: To establish and strengthen national and regional systems of protected areas integrated into a global network as a contribution to globally agreed goals 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
1.2: To integrate protected areas into broader land- and seascapes and sectors so as to maintain ecological structure and function 2 - Activity fully underway 1
1.3: To establish and strengthen regional networks, transboundary protected areas (TBPAs) and collaboration between neighbouring protected areas across national boundaries 2 - Activity fully underway 1
1.4: To substantially improve site-based protected area planning and management 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
1.5: To prevent and mitigate the negative impacts of key threats to protected areas 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 1
2.1: To promote equity and benefit-sharing 2 - Activity fully underway 1
2.2: To enhance and secure involvement of indigenous and local communities and relevant stakeholders 2 - Activity fully underway 2
2.1: Progress in assessing protected area governance 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.1: To provide an enabling policy, institutional and socio-economic environment for protected areas 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
3.1: Progress in assessing the contribution of protected areas to local and national economies 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.2: To build capacity for the planning, establishment and management of protected areas 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
3.3: To develop, apply and transfer appropriate technologies for protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.4: To ensure financial sustainability of protected areas and national and regional systems of protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.5: To strengthen communication, education and public awareness 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
4.1: To develop and adopt minimum standards and best practices for national and regional protected area systems 2 - Activity fully underway 1
4.2: To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of protected areas management 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 1
4.3: To assess and monitor protected area status and trends 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 1
4.4: To ensure that scientific knowledge contributes to the establishment and effectiveness of protected areas and protected area systems 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 1
Progress in incorporating climate change aspects into protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1
Progress in marine protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1

Priority Actions

2012 - 2020

Improve financial mechanisms to fund management and sustainable functioning of SNAP.
2015 - 2020 $265,500
2015 $5,000 Conduct surveys at the level of SNAP on various sources of income in protected areas.
2015 $4,500 Assess the financial sustainability of SNAP.
2018 $2,500 Develop economic valuation and environmental services analysis in selected areas.
2019 $3,500 Develop proposals for a Strategic Financial Plan and a Payment for Environmental Services System based on the environmental goods and services offered by protected areas.
2020 $250,000 Propose alternatives and sustainable productive activities that generate income and reduce impacts through pilot projects.
Incorporating climate change in protected area management.
2015 - 2020 $26,000
2015 $5,000 Conduct surveys and identify risks and impacts of each protected area to the effects of climate change
2018 $5,500 Develop a climate change strategy in PAs and monitor its implementation.
2020 $5,500 Design a system for monitoring the effects of climate change.
2020 $10,000 Conduct risk assessments at the level of SNAP
Strengthen planning and management of the National System of Protected Areas.
2015 - 2020 $18,500
2015 $10,000 Identify representation gaps and incorporate the results into the design of SNAP's spatial structure.
2018 $2,500 Provide technical and methodological tools for planning and evaluation.
2020 $3,500 Evaluate the effectiveness of management at the level of SNAP.
2020 $2,500 Promote proposals for the creation and legal recognition of protected areas and their administrations.
Develop more extensive and comprehensive coordinated management approaches.
2015 - 2020 $370,000
2015 $20,000 Increase coverage of coastal - marine and other underrepresented ecosystems.
2018 $250,000 Strengthen coordinated management for the protection and effective management of larger areas.
2020 $100,000 Promote other coordinated protection tools for terrestrial and coastal-marine areas.

GEF Projects

Cuba is a member of a constituency comprised of the following 16 countries : Antigua And Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Kitts And Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenadines, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago
Name Focus Approved On Completed On Status Grant Cofinance
Implementing Integrated Land Water and Wastewater Management in Caribbean SIDS Multi Focal Area 2012-06-07 Council Approved 20,448,598 USD 118,006,108 USD
Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme Climate Change 2000-07-01 2009-12-31 Project Completion 4,776,000 USD 12,450,000 USD
Integrating Watershed and Coastal Area Management (IWCAM) in the Small Island Developing States of the Caribbean International Waters 2004-05-21 2011-07-01 Under Implementation 13,990,841 USD 98,269,493 USD
Capacity building for Stage II Adaptation to Climate Change (Central America, Mexico and Cuba) Climate Change 2001-12-07 2007-12-31 Project Completion 3,314,685 USD 1,585,600 USD
Pilot Biosafety Enabling Activity Biodiversity 1997-11-01 2000-04-30 Project Closure 2,744,000 USD 0
Biodiversity Country Studies - Phase I Biodiversity 1992-03-01 1995-02-01 Project Closure 5,000,000 USD 801,000 USD
CPP Cuba: Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation of Cuba Country Pilot Partnership on Sustainable Land Management Land Degradation 2008-06-30 CEO Approved 800,000 USD 2,826,929 USD
CPP Cuba: Supporting Implementation of the Cuban National Programme to Combat Desertification and Drought (NPCDD) Land Degradation 2005-11-10 Council Approved 5,700,000 USD 79,437,499 USD
Mainstreaming and Sustaining Biodiversity Conservation in Three Productive Sectors of the Sabana Camaguey Ecosystem Biodiversity 2006-03-31 IA Approved 4,319,498 USD 23,353,178 USD
Enabling activities for the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs): National Implementation Plan for Cuba POPs 2003-07-08 2005-12-31 Project Closure 499,700 USD 105,000 USD
Generation and Delivery of Renewable Energy Based Modern Energy Services in Cuba; the case of Isla de la Juventud Climate Change 2003-11-21 2011-12-01 Under Implementation 5,662,000 USD 10,504,000 USD
Priority Actions to Consolidate Biodiversity Protection in the Sabana-Camaguey Ecosystem Biodiversity 1998-11-01 2004-01-01 Project Closure 3,889,000 USD 16,019,000 USD
Producing Energy Efficient Home Refrigerators Without Making Use of Ozone Depleting Substances Climate Change 2000-03-06 2003-10-31 Project Completion 750,000 USD 6,953,000 USD
Protecting Biodiversity and Establishing Sustainable Development of the in Sabana-Camaguey Region Biodiversity 1991-12-01 IA Approved 2,000,000 USD 3,477,375 USD
Co-generation of Electricity and Steam Using Sugarcane Bagasse and Trash Climate Change 2000-05-01 Cancelled 12,515,000 USD 73,231,000 USD
Strengthening the Implementation of Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing Regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean Biodiversity 2009-04-07 CEO Approved 850,000 USD 600,000 USD
Fifth Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Program - Implementing the program using STAR resources I Multi Focal Area 2011-11-09 CEO Endorsed 35,924,519 USD 35,924,519 USD
4th Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme (RAF1) Multi Focal Area 2007-06-14 Project Completion 13,647,498 USD 0
Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment Climate Change 2000-11-01 IA Approved 6,812,000 USD 2,508,000 USD
Global Environmental Citizenship (GEC) Multi Focal Area 1998-03-30 2008-12-31 Project Completion 3,212,000 USD 3,165,000 USD
Demonstrations of Innovative Approaches to the Rehabilitation of Heavily Contaminated Bays in the Wider Caribbean International Waters 1999-05-07 2011-12-30 Project Completion 9,410,000 USD 25,860,000 USD
Reduction of Environmental Impact from Tropical Shrimp Trawling through Introduction of By-catch Technologies and Change of Management International Waters 2000-11-01 IA Approved 4,780,000 USD 4,440,000 USD
Climate Change Training Phase II - Training Programme to Support the Implementation of the UNFCCC Climate Change 1995-05-01 IA Approved 2,700,000 USD 500,000 USD
Enhancing the Prevention, Control and Management of Invasive Alien Species in Vulnerable Ecosystems Biodiversity 2009-06-24 CEO Endorsed 5,090,909 USD 10,000,000 USD
A Landscape Approach to the Conservation of Threatened Mountain Ecosystems Biodiversity 2012-06-07 Council Approved 7,581,819 USD 40,793,600 USD
Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation and Man and Biosphere Reserves in Cuba: Bridging Managed and Natural Landscapes Biodiversity 2010-03-17 PPG Approved 1,468,182 USD 2,181,887 USD
CPP Cuba: Capacity Building for Planning, Decision Making and Regulatory Systems & Awareness Building/Sustainable Land Management in Severely Degraded Ecosystems Land Degradation 2005-11-10 IA Approved 3,500,000 USD 25,821,531 USD
National Capacity Self-Assessment (NCSA) for Global Environmental Management Multi Focal Area 2006-01-24 IA Approved 225,000 USD 48,000 USD
Support to the Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework of Cuba Biodiversity 2001-12-07 2006-03-31 Project Closure 646,500 USD 284,142 USD
Strengthening the National System of Protected Areas Biodiversity 2002-05-17 IA Approved 2,145,278 USD 11,291,000 USD
Assessment of Capacity-building Needs for Biodiversity, Participation in CHM and Preparation of Second National Report Biodiversity 2001-02-22 2003-12-31 Project Closure 191,724 USD 148,000 USD
Enabling Cuba to Prepare its Initial National Communication in Response to its Commitments to UNFCCC Climate Change 1998-08-18 IA Approved 153,500 USD 20,000 USD
National Biodiversity Strategy, Action Plan and First National Report to the CBD Biodiversity 1996-12-16 2005-11-29 Project Closure 206,280 USD 0

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