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Status on Key Actions

PoWPA Key Action Implementation Progress Global Average
1.1: To establish and strengthen national and regional systems of protected areas integrated into a global network as a contribution to globally agreed goals 2 - Activity fully underway 2
1.2: To integrate protected areas into broader land- and seascapes and sectors so as to maintain ecological structure and function 2 - Activity fully underway 1
1.3: To establish and strengthen regional networks, transboundary protected areas (TBPAs) and collaboration between neighbouring protected areas across national boundaries 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 1
1.4: To substantially improve site-based protected area planning and management 2 - Activity fully underway 2
1.5: To prevent and mitigate the negative impacts of key threats to protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
2.1: To promote equity and benefit-sharing 0 - Not yet begun, no progress 1
2.2: To enhance and secure involvement of indigenous and local communities and relevant stakeholders 2 - Activity fully underway 2
2.1: Progress in assessing protected area governance 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
3.1: To provide an enabling policy, institutional and socio-economic environment for protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 2
3.1: Progress in assessing the contribution of protected areas to local and national economies 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
3.2: To build capacity for the planning, establishment and management of protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 2
3.3: To develop, apply and transfer appropriate technologies for protected areas 0 - Not yet begun, no progress 1
3.4: To ensure financial sustainability of protected areas and national and regional systems of protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
3.5: To strengthen communication, education and public awareness 2 - Activity fully underway 2
4.1: To develop and adopt minimum standards and best practices for national and regional protected area systems 2 - Activity fully underway 1
4.2: To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of protected areas management 2 - Activity fully underway 1
4.3: To assess and monitor protected area status and trends 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
4.4: To ensure that scientific knowledge contributes to the establishment and effectiveness of protected areas and protected area systems 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
Progress in incorporating climate change aspects into protected areas 0 - Not yet begun, no progress 1
Progress in marine protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 1

Priority Actions

2012 - 2020

Strengthen the national terrestrial and marine system.
2012 - 2020
Oficialize a policy and a strategy on biological corridors; Strengthen the private protected areas owners network; and promote the consolidation of biological corridor models.
2012 - 2015
Strengthen protected areas that form the transboundary biological corridors: Trifinio, Gulf of Honduras, Solidarity, Gulf of Fonseca
2012 - 2015
Officially declare all proposed protected areas or proposals have been submitted for their official declaration before Congress (planning and management tools)
2012 - 2020
Promote a biodiversity legislation that clearly establishes the prevention of negative impacts that threaten protected areas and indigenous territories.
2012 - 2015
Build a participation model for indigenous and local communities, as well as regulations to govern the different participation mechanisms.
2012 - 2015
Promotre equal participation of indigenous and local communities in managing protected areas.
2012 - 2015
Revise SINAPH's policies to strengthen PA administration and management in the country.
2012 - 2018
Strengthen and implement participation mechanisms
2012 - 2015
Standardize assessment of ecosystems in protected areas to account for environmental goods and services.
2012 - 2015
Establish and operationalize the diversified financial system to strengthen the sustainable management of protected areas, by implementing financial plans for each protected area level.
2012 - 2020
Raise awareness among the population about the natural heritage in protected areas.
2012 - 2018
Implement the regulation elaborated by lead institutions and implementers, based on the reforms to the Forest and General Environmental Law concerning the management and governance of national and regional protected areas systems.
2012 - 2018
Identify and define roles for the efficiency and integration for the administration of national and regional PA, the financial sustainability and compliance of international commitments.
2012 - 2014
Update and systematize progress reports to annually assess progress in PA management and trends based on biological diversity and that allow compliance with international commitments.
2012 - 2014
Generate guidelines for the collection and dissemination of scientific research considering and promoting national capacities and institutional synergies.
2012 - 2014

GEF Projects

Honduras is a member of a constituency comprised of the following 8 countries : Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Venezuela
Name Focus Approved On Completed On Status Grant Cofinance
A Participatory Approach to Managing the Environment: An Input to the Inter-American Strategy for Participation (ISP) Multi Focal Area 1997-08-01 2000-06-30 Project Closure 720,000 USD 840,000 USD
Supporting the Implementation of the Global Monitoring Plan of POPs in Latin America and Caribbean States (GRULAC) POPs 2008-09-25 IA Approved 890,000 USD 1,065,000 USD
Integrated Ecosystem Management of the Gulf of Fonseca International Waters 2007-06-14 Cancelled 5,600,000 USD 21,326,000 USD
Central American Markets for Biodiversity (CAMBio): Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use within Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development and Financing Biodiversity 2005-04-06 Under Implementation 10,225,000 USD 17,750,000 USD
Corazon Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Biodiversity 2005-06-08 Under Implementation 12,400,000 USD 21,000,000 USD
Biodiversity Conservation and Integration of Traditional Knowledge on Medicinal Plants in National Primary Health Care Policy in Central America and Caribbean Biodiversity 2001-09-05 2005-12-01 Project Closure 750,000 USD 800,000 USD
Accelerating Renewable Energy Investments through CABEI in Central America Climate Change 2004-11-19 IA Approved 7,020,000 USD 82,670,000 USD
Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment Climate Change 2000-11-01 IA Approved 6,812,000 USD 2,508,000 USD
Capacity building for Stage II Adaptation to Climate Change (Central America, Mexico and Cuba) Climate Change 2001-12-07 2007-12-31 Project Completion 3,314,685 USD 1,585,600 USD
Establishment of a Programme for the Consolidation of the Meso-American Biological Corridor Biodiversity 1997-11-01 2007-06-30 Project Completion 10,940,000 USD 12,766,000 USD
Strengthening the Sub-system of Coastal and Marine Protected Areas Biodiversity 2012-02-29 Council Approved 3,136,364 USD 11,500,000 USD
Assessment of Capacity Building Needs and Country Specific Priorities for the Implementation of the Action Plan for the National Strategy on Biodiversity (Add on) Biodiversity 2004-05-28 CEO Approved 185,000 USD 43,000 USD
National Biodiversity Planning to Support the implementation of the CBD 2011-2020 Strategic Plan Biodiversity 2012-06-19 CEO Approved 220,000 USD 103,000 USD
Delivering Multiple Global Environment Benefits through Sustainable Management of Production Landscapes Multi Focal Area 2011-11-09 Council Approved 3,145,455 USD 9,050,000 USD
Rural Infrastructure (Electrification Sector) Climate Change 2005-09-13 2012-06-30 Under Implementation 2,700,000 USD 18,740,000 USD
Consolidation of Ecosystem Management and Biodiversity Conservation of the Bay Islands Biodiversity 2003-08-25 2011-12-31 Under Implementation 2,820,000 USD 13,800,000 USD
Promoting Integrated Ecosystem and Natural Resource Management Multi Focal Area 2003-05-16 Under Implementation 4,519,036 USD 39,364,468 USD
Enabling Honduras to Prepare its First National Communication in Response to its Commitments to UNFCCC Climate Change 1997-03-24 IA Approved 325,000 USD 0
Central American Fund for Environment and Development: Account for the Global Environment (FOCADES) Biodiversity 1996-10-01 Cancelled 15,000,000 USD 13,000,000 USD
4th Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme (RAF2) Multi Focal Area 2009-04-21 CEO Endorsed 42,714,904 USD 43,000,000 USD
Testing a Prototype Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management (CReW) International Waters 2008-11-13 CEO Endorsed 20,380,000 USD 251,500,000 USD
Meso-American Barrier Reef System II Multi Focal Area 2010-06-08 Council Approved 6,485,000 USD 17,500,000 USD
Integrated Management of the Montecristo Trinational Protected Area Biodiversity 2006-03-31 2011-10-31 Under Implementation 3,650,000 USD 5,600,000 USD
Biodiversity Conservation in Coffee: Transforming Productive Practices in the Coffee Sector by Increasing Market Demand for Certified Sustainable Coffee Biodiversity 2005-11-10 Under Implementation 12,640,092 USD 81,613,497 USD
Regional Program of Action and Demonstration of Sustainable Alternatives to DDT for Malaria Vector Control in Mexico and Central America International Waters 2002-05-17 2010-12-01 Project Closure 7,495,000 USD 6,410,400 USD
Sustainable Management of the Shared Marine Resources of the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem (CLME) and Adjacent Regions International Waters 2007-11-16 Under Implementation 7,798,836 USD 48,300,000 USD
Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef Biodiversity 2000-07-01 2006-06-30 Project Closure 10,616,130 USD 7,160,000 USD
Integrated Ecosystem Management in Indigenous Communities Biodiversity 2004-05-21 2011-06-12 Under Implementation 9,700,000 USD 39,885,000 USD
Environmental Protection and Maritime Transport Pollution Control in the Gulf of Honduras International Waters 2004-11-19 2012-06-11 Under Implementation 5,350,000 USD 6,500,000 USD
Creation and Strengthening of the Capacity for Sustainable Renewable Energy Development in Central America Climate Change 1999-10-27 2002-07-30 Project Completion 750,000 USD 796,430 USD
Strengthening National Management Capacities and Reducing Releases of POPs in Honduras POPs 2009-06-24 CEO Endorsed 2,750,000 USD 6,630,000 USD
Climate Change Enabling Activity (Additional Financing for Capacity Building in Priority Areas) Climate Change 2001-02-06 CEO Approved 100,000 USD 0
Alignment of National Action Programs with the UNCCD 10-Year Strategy and reporting process Land Degradation 2012-05-15 CEO Approved 136,364 USD 154,500 USD
Competitiveness and Sustainable Rural Development Project in the Northern Zone (Northern Horizons-GEF) Climate Change 2011-11-10 Council Approved 3,102,501 USD 21,000,000 USD
SFM: Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation into the Management of Pine-Oak Forests Biodiversity 2009-09-15 CEO Approved 909,091 USD 3,295,000 USD
Initial Assistance to Enable Honduras to Fulfill Its Obligations Under the Stockholm Convention POPs 2004-03-22 IA Approved 450,000 USD 205,000 USD
National Capacity Self-Assessment (NCSA) for Global Environment Management Multi Focal Area 2004-03-08 IA Approved 200,000 USD 50,000 USD
Energy Efficiency Measures in the Honduran Commercial and Industry Sectors Climate Change 2004-01-16 2008-07-31 Project Completion 1,000,000 USD 1,640,000 USD
Development of a National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Action Plan and Report to the CBD Biodiversity 1998-03-17 IA Approved 250,000 USD 8,000 USD
Honduras Biodiversity Project Biodiversity 1997-01-01 2005-06-30 Project Closure 7,300,000 USD 41,700,000 USD

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