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Status on Key Actions

PoWPA Key Action Implementation Progress Global Average
1.1: To establish and strengthen national and regional systems of protected areas integrated into a global network as a contribution to globally agreed goals 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
1.2: To integrate protected areas into broader land- and seascapes and sectors so as to maintain ecological structure and function 2 - Activity fully underway 1
1.3: To establish and strengthen regional networks, transboundary protected areas (TBPAs) and collaboration between neighbouring protected areas across national boundaries 2 - Activity fully underway 1
1.4: To substantially improve site-based protected area planning and management 2 - Activity fully underway 2
1.5: To prevent and mitigate the negative impacts of key threats to protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1
2.1: To promote equity and benefit-sharing 2 - Activity fully underway 1
2.2: To enhance and secure involvement of indigenous and local communities and relevant stakeholders 2 - Activity fully underway 2
2.1: Progress in assessing protected area governance 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
3.1: To provide an enabling policy, institutional and socio-economic environment for protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 2
3.1: Progress in assessing the contribution of protected areas to local and national economies 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
3.2: To build capacity for the planning, establishment and management of protected areas 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
3.3: To develop, apply and transfer appropriate technologies for protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.4: To ensure financial sustainability of protected areas and national and regional systems of protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.5: To strengthen communication, education and public awareness 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
4.1: To develop and adopt minimum standards and best practices for national and regional protected area systems 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 1
4.2: To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of protected areas management 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
4.3: To assess and monitor protected area status and trends 2 - Activity fully underway 1
4.4: To ensure that scientific knowledge contributes to the establishment and effectiveness of protected areas and protected area systems 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 1
Progress in marine protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 1

Priority Actions

2012 - 2020

Effective PA management system
2008 - 2020 $60,350,000
2016 $20,000,000 1.1) development of all PA business plan with new TOR, emphesising the governance type, benefit sharing with local communities and climate change
2020 $40,000,000 1.2) implementation of PA business plan (zoning, restoration,…)
2020 1.3) development and implementation of trans-boundary PAs
2020 $300,000 1.4) strengthening the monitoring and assessment of PAs
2015 $50,000 1.5) Updating of national legislation
Development and implementation of sustainable financial strategy
2008 - 2020
2020 2.1) Benefit sharing, involving local communities
2013 2.2) development of SFS
2016 2.3) establishing the new mechanism for revenue generation such as trust funds, private investment, tax and tariffs
2016 2.4) Streamlining the PA economical valuation in sub-national and national budget planning
2008 - 2020 $200,000
2014 $50,000 3.1) Capacity gap assessment
2016 $50,000 3.2) DoE staff training
2016 $50,000 3.3) main stakeholders
2016 $50,000 3.4) education, communication and awareness raising

GEF Projects

Iran is a member of a constituency comprised of the following country : Iran
Name Focus Approved On Completed On Status Grant Cofinance
Restoration, Protection and Sustainable Use of the Sistan Basin International Waters 2008-11-13 Cancelled 2,100,000 USD 10,100,000 USD
Demonstration of Sustainable Alternatives to DDT and Strengthening of National Vector Control Capabilities in Middle East and North Africa POPs 2007-06-14 Under Implementation 5,563,114 USD 8,416,402 USD
Fifth Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Program - Implementing the program using STAR resources I Multi Focal Area 2011-11-09 CEO Endorsed 35,924,519 USD 35,924,519 USD
Enabling Sustainable Dryland Management Through Mobile Pastoral Custodianship: World Initiative on Sustainable Pastoralism (add on) Land Degradation 2008-01-31 2010-12-31 Project Completion 300,000 USD 0
Promoting Replication of Good Practices for Nutrient Reduction and Joint Collaboration in Central and Eastern Europe International Waters 2008-08-05 2010-12-31 Project Completion 999,816 USD 1,399,846 USD
Enabling Sustainable Dryland Management Through Mobile Pastoral Custodianship Land Degradation 2005-04-19 2010-12-31 Project Completion 1,000,000 USD 1,875,000 USD
Towards a Convention and Action Programme for the Protection of the Caspian Sea Environment International Waters 2003-11-21 IA Approved 6,448,840 USD 25,802,000 USD
Development of a Wetland Site and Flyway Network for Conservation of the Siberian Crane and Other Migratory Waterbirds in Asia Biodiversity 2002-10-15 2009-12-01 Project Completion 10,350,000 USD 12,358,000 USD
Building a Multiple-Use Forest Management Framework to Conserve Biodiversity in the Caspian Forest Landscape Biodiversity 2011-05-26 Council Approved 2,000,000 USD 5,175,000 USD
Climate Change Enabling Activity (Additional Financing for Capacity Building in Priority Areas) Climate Change 2002-02-22 CEO Approved 100,000 USD 0
Assessment of Capacity Building Needs and Country Specific Priorities in Biodiversity (add on) Biodiversity 2001-10-24 CEO Approved 100,000 USD 50,000 USD
Conservation of Biodiversity in the Central Zagros Landscape Conservation Zone Biodiversity 2004-09-27 Under Implementation 3,996,000 USD 6,042,000 USD
Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Biodiversity 2003-08-25 Under Implementation 3,287,400 USD 10,320,000 USD
Enabling Iran to Prepare its First National Communication in Response to its Commitments to UNFCCC Climate Change 1997-06-01 IA Approved 349,995 USD 0
UNIDO PPG 2010-03-17 5,550,000 USD 15,150,000 USD
Facilitating Sustainable Mobility in Tehran Climate Change 2008-04-24 Cancelled 5,475,000 USD 35,425,000 USD
Removing Barriers to Large Scale Commercial Wind Energy Development Climate Change 2005-04-06 Cancelled 5,725,000 USD 50,400,000 USD
The Caspian Sea: Restoring Depleted Fisheries and Consolidation of a Permanent Regional Environmental Governance Framework International Waters 2008-04-24 CEO Endorsed 5,000,000 USD 36,520,000 USD
MENARID Integrated Nature Resources Management in the Middle East and North Africa Region (PROGRAM) Multi Focal Area 2008-04-24 Council Endorsed 0 USD 0 USD
4th Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme (RAF2) Multi Focal Area 2009-04-21 CEO Endorsed 42,714,904 USD 43,000,000 USD
MENARID Cross Cutting M & E Functions and Knowledge Management for INRM within the MENARID Programme Framework Land Degradation 2008-05-05 PPG Approved 727,270 USD 1,600,000 USD
Building Partnerships to Assist Developing Countries to Reduce the Transfer of Harmful Aquatic Organisms in Ships' Ballast Water (GloBallast Partnerships) International Waters 2007-06-14 Under Implementation 6,387,840 USD 17,701,939 USD
Development of a Strategic Market Intervention Approach for Grid-Connected Solar Energy Technologies (EMPower) Climate Change 2003-11-14 2010-07-01 Project Closure 1,000,000 USD 986,000 USD
Addressing Transboundary Environmental Issues in the Caspian Environment Programme (Phase I) International Waters 1998-11-01 2003-02-28 Project Closure 8,341,456 USD 9,975,500 USD
Reduction of Environmental Impact from Tropical Shrimp Trawling through Introduction of By-catch Technologies and Change of Management International Waters 2000-11-01 IA Approved 4,780,000 USD 4,440,000 USD
Building National Capacity to Implement the National Biosafety Framework of Islamic Republic of Iran and the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Biodiversity 2009-07-06 CEO Approved 749,000 USD 851,000 USD
SFM Rehabilitation of Forest Landscapes and Degraded Land with Particular Attention to Saline Soils and Areas Prone to Wind Erosion Multi Focal Area 2007-11-16 CEO Endorsed 2,868,300 USD 4,600,000 USD
LGGE Policy Reforms and Market Transformation of the Energy Efficient Buildings Sector in the I.R. Iran Climate Change 2010-06-08 CEO Endorsed 4,100,000 USD 35,550,000 USD
National Capacity Self-Assessment (NCSA) for Global Environment Management Multi Focal Area 2005-02-03 IA Approved 199,500 USD 26,200 USD
Preparation of the POPs National Implementation Plan under the Stockholm Convention POPs 2002-02-13 IA Approved 495,900 USD 134,400 USD
Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah, its Natural Habitat and Associated Biota Biodiversity 2000-09-13 2009-06-30 Project Completion 750,000 USD 690,000 USD
Carbon Sequestration in the Desertified Rangelands of Hossien Abad, South Khorasan, through Community-based Management Climate Change 2001-01-12 IA Approved 751,200 USD 960,000 USD
Teheran Transport Emissions Reduction Climate Change 1992-04-01 1997-12-31 Project Closure 2,000,000 USD 2,000,000 USD
National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan and Country Report to the CBD Biodiversity 1997-03-06 IA Approved 350,000 USD 0

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