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Status on Key Actions

PoWPA Key Action Implementation Progress Global Average
1.1: To establish and strengthen national and regional systems of protected areas integrated into a global network as a contribution to globally agreed goals 2 - Activity fully underway 2
1.2: To integrate protected areas into broader land- and seascapes and sectors so as to maintain ecological structure and function 2 - Activity fully underway 1
1.3: To establish and strengthen regional networks, transboundary protected areas (TBPAs) and collaboration between neighbouring protected areas across national boundaries 2 - Activity fully underway 1
1.4: To substantially improve site-based protected area planning and management 2 - Activity fully underway 2
1.5: To prevent and mitigate the negative impacts of key threats to protected areas 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 1
2.1: To promote equity and benefit-sharing 2 - Activity fully underway 1
2.2: To enhance and secure involvement of indigenous and local communities and relevant stakeholders 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
2.1: Progress in assessing protected area governance 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 1
3.1: To provide an enabling policy, institutional and socio-economic environment for protected areas 3 - Significant progress, nearly complete 2
3.1: Progress in assessing the contribution of protected areas to local and national economies 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.2: To build capacity for the planning, establishment and management of protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 2
3.3: To develop, apply and transfer appropriate technologies for protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.4: To ensure financial sustainability of protected areas and national and regional systems of protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.5: To strengthen communication, education and public awareness 2 - Activity fully underway 2
4.1: To develop and adopt minimum standards and best practices for national and regional protected area systems 2 - Activity fully underway 1
4.2: To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of protected areas management 2 - Activity fully underway 1
4.3: To assess and monitor protected area status and trends 2 - Activity fully underway 1
4.4: To ensure that scientific knowledge contributes to the establishment and effectiveness of protected areas and protected area systems 2 - Activity fully underway 1
Progress in incorporating climate change aspects into protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
Progress in marine protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 1

Priority Actions

2012 - 2020

Increased marine protected areas in the tropical seas of province biogeográfica.
2012 - 2020
Development of adaptation and mitigation measures to address climate change impacts in ANP.
2012 - 2020
Establishment and strengthening of Regional Systems of Conservation.
2012 - 2020
Management and sustainable use of renewable natural resources in ANP.
2012 - 2020
Improve the representativeness of SINANPE ecoregions that are underrepresented.
2012 - 2020

GEF Projects

Peru is a member of a constituency comprised of the following 6 countries : Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay
Name Focus Approved On Completed On Status Grant Cofinance
Poison Dart Frog Ranching to Protect Rainforest and Alleviate Poverty Biodiversity 2003-04-11 Cancelled 813,540 USD 1,032,382 USD
A Participatory Approach to Managing the Environment: An Input to the Inter-American Strategy for Participation (ISP) Multi Focal Area 1997-08-01 2000-06-30 Project Closure 720,000 USD 840,000 USD
Strengthening the Implementation of Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing Regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean Biodiversity 2009-04-07 CEO Approved 850,000 USD 600,000 USD
Best Practices for PCB Management in the Mining Sector of South America POPs 2008-12-19 CEO Approved 790,000 USD 750,000 USD
Fifth Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Program - Implementing the program using STAR resources I Multi Focal Area 2011-11-09 CEO Endorsed 35,924,519 USD 35,924,519 USD
Supporting the Implementation of the Global Monitoring Plan of POPs in Latin America and Caribbean States (GRULAC) POPs 2008-09-25 IA Approved 890,000 USD 1,065,000 USD
Building Partnerships to Assist Developing Countries to Reduce the Transfer of Harmful Aquatic Organisms in Ships' Ballast Water (GloBallast Partnerships) International Waters 2007-06-14 Under Implementation 6,387,840 USD 17,701,939 USD
Latin America: Multi-country Capacity-building for Compliance with the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Biodiversity 2006-08-01 2011-06-30 Under Implementation 5,260,000 USD 10,745,200 USD
Biodiversity Conservation in Coffee: Transforming Productive Practices in the Coffee Sector by Increasing Market Demand for Certified Sustainable Coffee Biodiversity 2005-11-10 Under Implementation 12,640,092 USD 81,613,497 USD
EcoEnterprises Fund Biodiversity 2002-04-19 2010-01-14 Project Completion 1,000,000 USD 9,000,000 USD
Catalyzing Conservation Action in Latin America: Identifying Priority Sites and Best Management Biodiversity 2000-03-29 2003-09-30 Project Closure 750,000 USD 680,000 USD
Global Environmental Citizenship (GEC) Multi Focal Area 1998-03-30 2008-12-31 Project Completion 3,212,000 USD 3,165,000 USD
Global Alternatives to Slash and Burn Agriculture Phase II Climate Change 1995-05-01 Project Closure 3,000,000 USD 3,370,000 USD
Climate Change Training Phase II - Training Programme to Support the Implementation of the UNFCCC Climate Change 1995-05-01 IA Approved 2,700,000 USD 500,000 USD
Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Cotahuasi Basin Multi Focal Area 2004-08-11 2010-10-31 Project Completion 895,000 USD 3,960,000 USD
Promoting Sustainable Land Management in Las Bambas Land Degradation 2008-04-24 Under Implementation 4,126,575 USD 16,127,788 USD
Strengthening Sustainable Management of the Guano Islands, Islets and Capes National Reserve System (RNSIIPG) Biodiversity 2012-02-29 Council Approved 9,090,909 USD 32,000,000 USD
Updating the National Biodiversity Strategy and Developing the Action Plan to Support the Implementation of the CBD 2011-2020 Strategic Plan Biodiversity 2012-02-23 CEO Approved 320,000 USD 344,000 USD
Climate Change Enabling Activity (Additional Financing for Capicity Building in Priority Areas) Climate Change 2000-07-19 CEO Approved 140,300 USD 0 USD
Second National Communication of Peru to the UNFCCC Climate Change 2005-11-10 Under Implementation 1,849,350 USD 1,012,500 USD
Enabling Activities for the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants: National Implementation Plan for Peru POPs 2003-12-19 2006-12-31 Project Closure 499,400 USD 39,000 USD
Biodiversity Conservation and Community Natural Resource Management in the Nanay River Basin (Peruvian Amazon) Biodiversity 2001-05-01 2004-06-30 Project Closure 773,305 USD 802,153 USD
Lima Urban Transport Climate Change 2003-05-16 2010-06-30 Project Closure 8,280,000 USD 126,000,000 USD
Renewable Energy Systems in the Peruvian Amazon Region (RESPAR) Climate Change 2000-07-26 2008-12-31 Project Completion 747,500 USD 1,922,199 USD
Clearing House Mechanism Enabling Activity Biodiversity 1998-06-30 CEO Approved 9,250 USD 0
Participatory Management of Protected Areas Biodiversity 2002-10-15 2010-12-31 Project Completion 15,147,800 USD 15,910,000 USD
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon by the Indigenous Ashaninka Population Biodiversity 2003-09-10 2009-10-14 Project Completion 1,000,000 USD 556,980 USD
Collaborative Management for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Northwest Biosphere Reserve Biodiversity 1999-06-09 2002-09-30 Project Closure 750,000 USD 1,346,350 USD
In-Situ Conservation of Native Cultivars and Their Wild Relatives Biodiversity 1998-11-01 IA Approved 5,220,500 USD 1,200,000 USD
Enabling Peru to Prepare its First National Communication in Response to its Commitments to UNFCCC Climate Change 1997-07-01 IA Approved 195,700 USD 0
IFAD PPG 2009-11-12 1,820,000 USD 13,481,000 USD
FAO FP 2007-06-14 4,225,000 USD 14,500,000 USD
Action for a Sustainable Amazonia Biodiversity 1995-10-01 Cancelled 3,850,000 USD 700,000 USD
Efficient Lighting Initiative (Tranche I) Climate Change 1998-07-01 2009-07-10 Project Completion 9,575,000 USD 35,000,000 USD
Towards Ecosystem Management of the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem Multi Focal Area 2008-11-13 CEO Endorsed 7,000,000 USD 25,190,000 USD
Stabilizing GHG Emissions from Road Transport Through Doubling of Global Vehicle Fuel Economy: Regional Implementation of the Global Fuel Efficiency Initiative (GFEI) Climate Change 2012-06-07 Council Approved 1,713,637 USD 13,460,582 USD
Implementing Integrated Measures for Minimizing Mercury Releases from Artisanal Gold Mining Multi Focal Area 2012-03-19 CEO Approved 999,900 USD 2,676,764 USD
Multiplying Environmental and Carbon Benefits in High Andean Ecosystems Multi Focal Area 2012-06-07 PPG Approved 4,926,364 USD 18,150,000 USD
Communities of Conservation: Safeguarding the World's Most Threatened Species Biodiversity 2009-01-27 Under Implementation 1,825,000 USD 1,775,000 USD
4th Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme (RAF1) Multi Focal Area 2007-06-14 Project Completion 13,647,498 USD 0
Design and Implementation of Pilot Climate Change Adaptation Measures in the Andean Region Climate Change 2007-06-15 Under Implementation 7,490,000 USD 21,750,000 USD
Facilitation of Financing for Biodiversity-based Businesses and Support of Market Development Activities in the Andean Region Biodiversity 2008-07-28 Under Implementation 6,764,021 USD 7,897,954 USD
Integrated and Sustainable Management of Transboundary Water Resources in the Amazon River Basin Considering Climate Variability and Climate Change Multi Focal Area 2007-11-16 CEO Endorsed 7,700,000 USD 43,780,090 USD
Development of a Strategic Market Intervention Approach for Grid-Connected Solar Energy Technologies (EMPower) Climate Change 2003-11-14 2010-07-01 Project Closure 1,000,000 USD 986,000 USD
Building Wider Public and Private Constituences for the GEF in Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional Promotion of Global Environment Protection through the Electronic Media Multi Focal Area 2001-07-11 2004-07-01 Project Closure 998,062 USD 959,132 USD
Conservation of the Biodiversity of the Paramo in the Northern and Central Andes Biodiversity 2005-06-08 2012-02-01 Under Implementation 8,858,980 USD 10,532,374 USD
Regional Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in the Amazon Biodiversity 1991-05-01 IA Approved 4,500,000 USD 855,000 USD
Biodiversity Country Studies - Phase I Biodiversity 1992-03-01 1995-02-01 Project Closure 5,000,000 USD 801,000 USD
Conservation of Biodiversity in the Lake Titicaca Basin Biodiversity 1995-02-01 2005-04-01 Project Closure 3,110,000 USD 890,000 USD
Environmentally Sound Management and Disposal of PCBs POPs 2009-01-27 CEO Endorsed 2,710,000 USD 5,190,000 USD
Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels in Peru Climate Change 2009-06-24 CEO Endorsed 2,000,000 USD 5,150,000 USD
Lighting Market Transformation in Peru Climate Change 2010-06-08 Council Approved 1,661,000 USD 8,864,000 USD
Strengthening Biodiversity Conservation through the National Protected Areas Program Biodiversity 2007-11-16 CEO Endorsed 9,091,000 USD 22,900,000 USD
Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions in the Energy Generation and End-Use Sectors Climate Change 2012-06-07 Council Approved 4,545,000 USD 29,450,000 USD
Assessment of Capacity-building Needs for Implementation of the CBD - Add On Biodiversity 2001-01-18 CEO Approved 222,850 USD 0
Conservation and Sustainable Use of High-Andean Ecosystems through Compensation of Environmental Services for Rural Poverty Alleviation and Social Inclusion in Peru Biodiversity 2012-02-29 PPG Approved 5,460,111 USD 29,000,000 USD
Rural Electrification Climate Change 2005-09-13 2006-03-31 Project Closure 10,350,000 USD 134,950,000 USD
National Capacity Needs Self-Assessment (NCSA) for Global Environmental Management Multi Focal Area 2003-04-07 IA Approved 198,000 USD 26,400 USD
Obtaining Biofuels and Non-wood Cellulose Fiber from Agricultural Residues/Waste Climate Change 2002-03-06 2008-12-31 Project Completion 971,162 USD 13,286,262 USD
Community -based Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Atiquipa and Taimara Lomas Ecosystems Biodiversity 2001-10-11 2008-08-30 Project Completion 750,000 USD 1,470,800 USD
Inka Terra: An Innovative Partnership for Self-Financing Biodiversity Conservation & Community Development Biodiversity 2003-12-19 2008-12-31 Project Completion 750,000 USD 11,365,584 USD
Participatory Conservation and Sustainable Development with Indigenous Communities in Vilcabamba Biodiversity 1999-06-17 2003-04-01 Project Closure 749,725 USD 415,000 USD
National Trust Fund for Protected Areas Biodiversity 1991-12-01 1996-06-30 Project Closure 5,020,000 USD 2,861,000 USD
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve and Adjoining Indigenous Lands Biodiversity 2002-10-03 IA Approved 989,010 USD 891,679 USD
Indigenous Management of Protected Areas in the Amazon Biodiversity 1999-05-07 2007-05-31 Project Closure 10,350,000 USD 14,000,000 USD
Photovoltaic-Based Rural Electrification in Peru Climate Change 1998-03-30 2007-12-31 Project Completion 3,955,093 USD 6,872,697 USD
Technical Assistance to the Centre for Energy Conservation Climate Change 1991-12-01 Project Closure 900,000 USD 0
Strategy and Action Plan for the Conservation and Sustainable use of Biological Diversity in Peru Biodiversity 1997-07-16 IA Approved 217,900 USD 0

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