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Status on Key Actions

PoWPA Key Action Implementation Progress Global Average
1.1: To establish and strengthen national and regional systems of protected areas integrated into a global network as a contribution to globally agreed goals 2 - Activity fully underway 2
1.2: To integrate protected areas into broader land- and seascapes and sectors so as to maintain ecological structure and function 0 - Not yet begun, no progress 1
1.3: To establish and strengthen regional networks, transboundary protected areas (TBPAs) and collaboration between neighbouring protected areas across national boundaries 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
1.4: To substantially improve site-based protected area planning and management 1 - Just started, limited progress 2
1.5: To prevent and mitigate the negative impacts of key threats to protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 1
2.1: To promote equity and benefit-sharing 2 - Activity fully underway 1
2.2: To enhance and secure involvement of indigenous and local communities and relevant stakeholders 1 - Just started, limited progress 2
2.1: Progress in assessing protected area governance 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.1: To provide an enabling policy, institutional and socio-economic environment for protected areas 2 - Activity fully underway 2
3.1: Progress in assessing the contribution of protected areas to local and national economies 2 - Activity fully underway 1
3.2: To build capacity for the planning, establishment and management of protected areas 0 - Not yet begun, no progress 2
3.3: To develop, apply and transfer appropriate technologies for protected areas 0 - Not yet begun, no progress 1
3.4: To ensure financial sustainability of protected areas and national and regional systems of protected areas 0 - Not yet begun, no progress 1
3.5: To strengthen communication, education and public awareness 1 - Just started, limited progress 2
4.1: To develop and adopt minimum standards and best practices for national and regional protected area systems 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
4.2: To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of protected areas management 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
4.3: To assess and monitor protected area status and trends 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
4.4: To ensure that scientific knowledge contributes to the establishment and effectiveness of protected areas and protected area systems 2 - Activity fully underway 1
Progress in incorporating climate change aspects into protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 1
Progress in marine protected areas 1 - Just started, limited progress 1

Priority Actions

2012 - 2020

Improvement of system effectiveness especially in marine PAs.
2012 - 2020 $850,000
2012 $50,000 1.1) Formulation a work group to determine all the requirements of effectiveness.
2013 $300,000 1.2) Field assessment
2015 $200,000 1.3) Increas understanding of the importance of the system to all.
2016 $300,000 1.4) Gaps identification - increase of spatial - publication of reports and other effectiveness elements.
Integerated PAs in plans of other sectors.
2012 - 2020 $750,000
2012 $300,000 2.1) To carry studies to illustrate the ability of the system resist climate change resilence adaptation and mitigation.
2016 $50,000 2.2) Publication of the Studies results
2020 $400,000 2.3) To use the results in bridging the gaps and increase system effectiveness, and secure funding for (8) National Parks, and (4) Game Reserves.
Gaps assessment and increase the space and number of PAs.
2012 - 2020 $750,000
2012 $100,000 3.1) Appointment of a team to carry out number of Studies in PAs (8 National Parks, 4 Game Reserves).
2017 $500,000 3.2) Access to specific areas to assess the system and carry out surveys.
2019 $150,000 3.3) Declaration of new PAs with full package of effectiveness elements.

GEF Projects

Sudan is a member of a constituency comprised of the following 14 countries : Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda
Name Focus Approved On Completed On Status Grant Cofinance
Sahel and West Africa Program in Support of the Great Green Wall Initiative Multi Focal Area 2011-05-26 Council Approved 73,750,000 USD 1,810,000,000 USD
AFLDC:Capacity Strengthening and Technical Assistance for the Implementation of Stockholm Convention National Implementation Plans (NIPs) in African Least Developed Countries (LDCs) of the COMESA Subregion POPs 2009-06-24 CEO Endorsed 5,000,000 USD 5,225,000 USD
SIP PROGRAM: Strategic Investment Program for SLM in Sub-Saharan Africa (SIP) Land Degradation 2007-06-14 Council Approved 2,593,673 USD 0 USD
Mainstreaming Groundwater Considerations into the Integrated Management of the Nile River Basin International Waters 2007-07-03 2011-12-31 Under Implementation 1,000,000 USD 2,890,800 USD
Building Partnerships to Assist Developing Countries to Reduce the Transfer of Harmful Aquatic Organisms in Ships' Ballast Water (GloBallast Partnerships) International Waters 2007-06-14 Under Implementation 6,387,840 USD 17,701,939 USD
Nile Transboundary Environmental Action Project (NTEAP), Phase II International Waters 2007-09-05 2009-12-31 Project Completion 6,700,000 USD 71,990,000 USD
Removal of Barriers to the Introduction of Cleaner Artisanal Gold Mining and Extraction Technologies International Waters 2001-12-07 IA Approved 7,124,982 USD 12,882,000 USD
Mainstreaming Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds into Key Productive Sectors along the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway (Tranches 1 and 2) Biodiversity 2005-11-10 Under Implementation 10,243,243 USD 15,596,732 USD
National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) Climate Change 2003-04-17 IA Approved 200,000 USD 50,000 USD
Assessment of Capacity Building Needs and Country Specific Priorities in Biodiversity Management and Conservation in Sudan Biodiversity 2001-05-11 CEO Approved 102,000 USD 10,000 USD
National Biodiversity Planning to Support the implementation of the CBD 2011-2020 Strategic Plan in Sudan Biodiversity 2012-07-11 CEO Approved 220,000 USD 100,000 USD
Expedited Financing of Climate Change Enabling Activities (Phase II) Climate Change 2000-04-19 CEO Approved 100,000 USD 0
Implementing NAPA Priority Interventions to Build Resilience in the Agriculture and Water Sectors to the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change Climate Change 2008-05-01 IA Approved 3,100,000 USD 3,000,000 USD
Initial assistance to Sudan to meet its obligations under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). POPs 2003-01-08 IA Approved 500,000 USD 100,000 USD
Conservation and Management of Habitats and Species, and Sustainable Community Use of Biodiversity in Dinder National Park Biodiversity 1998-06-25 2004-07-01 Project Closure 750,000 USD 1,100,000 USD
National Biodiversity Strategies, Action Plan, and the Report to the CBD Biodiversity 1997-10-01 IA Approved 334,000 USD 0
SIP-Sustainable Land Management for Sustainable Livelihoods in the Toker Area of East Sudan Land Degradation 2008-04-30 Cancelled 1,000,000 USD 4,250,000 USD
Demonstration of Sustainable Alternatives to DDT and Strengthening of National Vector Control Capabilities in Middle East and North Africa POPs 2007-06-14 Under Implementation 5,563,114 USD 8,416,402 USD
Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Strategic Ecosystem Management International Waters 2010-06-08 Council Approved 3,100,000 USD 35,000,000 USD
SIP-Eastern Nile Transboundary Watershed Management in Support of ENSAP Implementation Multi Focal Area 2008-09-23 Under Implementation 8,700,000 USD 19,334,000 USD
Promotion of Strategies to Reduce Unintentional Production of POPs in the PERSGA Coastal Zone POPs 2008-10-07 2011-10-31 Under Implementation 1,000,000 USD 2,030,000 USD
Cogen for Africa Climate Change 2006-08-28 Under Implementation 5,615,565 USD 61,586,350 USD
Formulation of an Action Programme for the Integrated Management of the Shared Nubian Aquifer International Waters 2005-06-21 2011-02-28 Under Implementation 1,000,000 USD 6,951,100 USD
Nile Transboundary Environmental Action Project, Tranche 1 International Waters 2001-12-07 2009-12-31 Project Completion 17,150,000 USD 90,760,000 USD
Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme(SAP) for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden International Waters 1997-11-01 2005-06-30 Project Closure 19,340,000 USD 25,650,000 USD
Clearing House Mechanism Enabling Activity Biodiversity 1998-08-27 CEO Approved 14,000 USD 0
Integrated Carbon Sequestration Project in Sudan Climate Change 2010-03-17 Council Approved 3,750,000 USD 10,950,000 USD
Barrier Removal to Secure PV Market Penetration in Semi-Urban Sudan Climate Change 1999-03-05 IA Approved 750,000 USD 960,000 USD
Protected Area Network Management and Building Capacity in Post-conflict Southern Sudan Biodiversity 2008-11-13 CEO Endorsed 3,920,000 USD 4,400,000 USD
National Capacity Self-Assessment (NCSA) for Global Environment Management Multi Focal Area 2004-02-23 IA Approved 225,000 USD 50,000 USD
Community Based Rangeland Rehabilitation for Carbon Sequestration Climate Change 1992-12-01 2000-02-28 Project Closure 1,500,000 USD 85,000 USD
Capacity Building to Enable the Sudan's Response and Communication to the UNFCCC Climate Change 1995-05-01 IA Approved 290,000 USD 0
Promoting Utility-Scale Power Generation from Wind Energy Climate Change Deferred 3,636,364 USD 213,700,000 USD

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