United Republic of Tanzania

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Priority Actions

2012 - 2020

Control of Environmental degradation specifically the localized pollution in MPAs
2012 - 2018 $232,000
2018 $120,000 1.1) Engage relevant consultants to undertake pollution studies in and around MPAs and develop corresponding mitigation/ management plans
2014 $80,000 1.2) Develop Guidelines for effective control of pollution within and on the vicinity of MPAs
2018 $32,000 1.3) Implement Guidelines
Control of destructive resource uses by undertaking biophysical studies to increase the current area covered by MPAs i.e. from 6.5% (2011) to 10% by 2020.
2012 - 2013 $372,000
2012 - 2020 $87,000 2.1) Undertake biophysical studies to increase the current area covered by MPAs i.e. from 6.5% (2011) to 10% by 2020.
2012 - 2020 $65,000 2.2) On the basis of Biophysical data/information, gazette more reserves in both marine and fresh water body systems; and Develop GMP from each gazetted MPA by holding consultative meetings from village (community) to national levels (technical) as per
2012 - 2020 $220,000 2.3) Conduct baseline research and monitoring programs of biodiversity and other resources in current 3 Marine Parks and 15 marine reserves.
Control of Tourism development activities along the coastal areas of MPAs
2012 - 2013 $225,000
2013 $81,000 3.1) Assess tourism carrying capacity in all MPAs
2015 $67,000 3.2) Develop Tourism Products Marketing Strategy
2015 $45,000 3.3) Train MPRU staff in Tourism marketing
2019 $32,000 3.4) Assess MPRU revenue base and develop strategy for improvement
Reduction of resource use conflicts e.g. undertaking socioeconomic studies to establish route and cause of conflicts in MPAs
2012 - 2013 $260,000
2012 - 2020 $75,000 4.1) Engage experts to collect socio-economic information on resource use patterns in MPAs
2012 - 2020 $65,000 4.2) Assess roots and causes of conflicts in MPAs.
2012 - 2020 $120,000 4.3) Develop and implement sustainable mechanisms for resolving conflicts between MPAs Management and Stakeholders
Addressing emerging issues such as Climate Change and its implication on MPAs management
2013 - 2020 $220,000
2012 - 2020 $150,000 5.1) Assess the impact of Climatic Changes on ecosystem and environment in MPA
2012 - 2020 $70,000 5.2) Develop specific Management Plans for mitigating impacts of climatic changes in Tanzania MPAs
Monitoring and Evaluation
2013 - 2020

GEF Projects

Tanzania is a member of a constituency comprised of the following 14 countries : Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda
Name Focus Approved On Completed On Status Grant Cofinance
Support to GEF Eligible Parties (LDCs & SIDs) for the Revision of the NBSAPs and Development of Fifth National Report to the CBD - Phase II Biodiversity 2011-11-09 CEO Endorsed 6,118,200 USD 5,083,637 USD
LME-AF Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Fisheries Management in the Large Marine Ecosystems in Africa (PROGRAM) International Waters 2011-11-09 Council Approved 25,000,000 USD 135,000,000 USD
Reducing UPOPs and Mercury Releases from the Health Sector in Africa POPs 2012-06-07 Council Approved 6,453,195 USD 25,810,000 USD
AFLDC:Capacity Strengthening and Technical Assistance for the Implementation of Stockholm Convention National Implementation Plans (NIPs) in African Least Developed Countries (LDCs) of the SADC Subregion POPs 2009-11-12 CEO Endorsed 3,000,000 USD 2,900,000 USD
Integrating Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change into Sustainable Development Policy Planning and Implementation in Southern and Eastern Africa Climate Change 2006-02-07 2010-12-01 Project Completion 1,000,000 USD 1,265,000 USD
SIP-Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project II Multi Focal Area 2008-09-23 Under Implementation 7,000,000 USD 133,340,800 USD
Mainstreaming Groundwater Considerations into the Integrated Management of the Nile River Basin International Waters 2007-07-03 2011-12-31 Under Implementation 1,000,000 USD 2,890,800 USD
Nile Transboundary Environmental Action Project (NTEAP), Phase II International Waters 2007-09-05 2009-12-31 Project Completion 6,700,000 USD 71,990,000 USD
SIP-Transboundary Agro-Ecosystem Management Programme for the Kagera River Basin (Kagera TAMP) Land Degradation 2007-06-14 Under Implementation 7,088,700 USD 24,423,710 USD
African Rift Geothermal Development Facility (ARGeo) Climate Change 2006-06-09 Council Approved 19,050,000 USD 55,550,000 USD
Western Indian Ocean Marine Highway Development and Coastal and Marine Contamination Prevention Project International Waters 2005-09-13 2011-06-30 Project Completion 11,700,000 USD 14,500,000 USD
Renewable Energy Enterprise Development - Seed Capital Access Facility Climate Change 2005-06-08 Under Implementation 8,700,000 USD 40,500,000 USD
Programme for the Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems: Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems Project (ASCLMEs) International Waters 2005-09-13 IA Approved 12,923,000 USD 18,262,500 USD
Africa Stockpiles Program, P1 POPs 2002-10-15 2011-12-31 Under Implementation 25,700,000 USD 35,000,000 USD
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Bus Rapid Transit Climate Change 2005-02-07 2012-03-01 Under Implementation 749,595 USD 2,999,864 USD
Reducing Biodiversity Loss at Cross-Border Sites in East Africa Biodiversity 1997-05-01 2003-12-31 Project Closure 12,899,000 USD 5,270,000 USD
Southwest Indian Ocean Fisheries Project (SWIOFP) Multi Focal Area 2005-09-13 2011-11-30 Under Implementation 12,725,000 USD 22,950,000 USD
Land Use Change Analysis as an Approach for Investigating Biodiversity Loss and Land Degradation Biodiversity 2000-11-30 2004-06-01 Project Closure 795,920 USD 645,700 USD
Pollution Control and Other Measures to Protect Biodiversity in Lake Tanganyika International Waters 1991-12-01 1998-10-01 Project Closure 10,000,000 USD 0
Lake Victoria Environmental Management International Waters 1996-04-01 2005-12-31 Project Closure 36,800,000 USD 42,600,000 USD
Country Case Studies on Sources and Sinks of Greenhouse Gases Climate Change 1991-12-01 1995-03-01 Project Closure 4,700,000 USD 1,716,975 USD
National Adaptation Plan (NAPA) for United Republic of Tanzania Climate Change 2003-03-21 IA Approved 200,000 USD 0
Developing Core Capacity to Address Adaptation to Climate Change in Productive Coastal Zones Climate Change 2009-11-12 CEO Endorsed 3,200,000 USD 7,650,000 USD
SIP-Reducing Land Degradation on the Highlands of Kilimanjaro Land Degradation 2007-06-14 CEO Endorsed 2,775,229 USD 4,800,000 USD
Mainstreaming Climate Change in Integrated Water Resources Management in Pangani River Basin Climate Change 2006-02-07 2011-06-30 Project Completion 1,000,000 USD 1,574,875 USD
Marine and Coastal Environment Management Project (MACEMP) Multi Focal Area 2005-04-06 IA Approved 10,330,000 USD 48,130,000 USD
Novel Forms of Livestock & Wildlife Integration Adjacent to Protected Areas in Africa Biodiversity 2004-01-07 2009-06-30 Project Completion 905,000 USD 1,328,000 USD
Enabling Activities to Facilitate Early Action on the Implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the United Republic of Tanzania. POPs 2001-11-14 2007-12-31 Project Closure 498,000 USD 0
Conservation and Management of the Eastern Arc Mountain Forests Biodiversity 2001-12-07 2010-06-30 Project Completion 12,368,969 USD 38,450,000 USD
Transformation of the Rural Photovoltaics (PV) Market Climate Change 2003-05-16 2009-03-31 Project Completion 2,570,000 USD 4,734,071 USD
Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park Development Biodiversity 2000-03-06 2004-01-01 Project Closure 747,500 USD 845,050 USD
Electricity, Fuel and Fertilizer from Municipal and Industrial Waste in Tanzania: A Biogas Plant for Africa Climate Change 1993-05-01 1999-12-31 Cancelled 2,500,000 USD 1,576,375 USD
Demonstrating and Promoting Best Techniques and Practices for Reducing Health-care Waste to Avoid Environmental Releases of Dioxins and Mercury POPs 2006-08-01 IA Approved 11,051,403 USD 13,544,437 USD
Support to Preparation of the Second National Biosafety Reports to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety-Africa Biodiversity 2011-05-16 CEO Approved 993,950 USD 840,000 USD
Greening the Tea Industry in East Africa Climate Change 2006-08-28 Under Implementation 3,423,400 USD 25,614,000 USD
Demonstration of Effectiveness of Diversified, Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Interventions, and Strengthening National Capacity for Innovative Implementation of Integrated Vector Management (IVM) for Disease Prevention and Control in the WHO AFRO Region POPs 2012-06-07 Council Approved 15,491,700 USD 118,720,000 USD
Fifth Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Program - Implementing the program using STAR resources I Multi Focal Area 2011-11-09 CEO Endorsed 35,924,519 USD 35,924,519 USD
4th Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme (RAF2) Multi Focal Area 2009-04-21 CEO Endorsed 42,714,904 USD 43,000,000 USD
SIP PROGRAM: Strategic Investment Program for SLM in Sub-Saharan Africa (SIP) Land Degradation 2007-06-14 Council Approved 2,593,673 USD 0 USD
SIP-Equatorial Africa Deposition Network (EADN) Multi Focal Area 2007-06-14 CEO Endorsed 1,965,000 USD 6,050,000 USD
DSSA Malaria Decision Analysis Support Tool (MDAST): Evaluating Health Social and Environmental Impacts and Policy Tradeoffs POPs 2009-02-25 Under Implementation 999,000 USD 1,013,888 USD
Cogen for Africa Climate Change 2006-08-28 Under Implementation 5,615,565 USD 61,586,350 USD
Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis and Strategic Action Program Development for the Lake Victoria Basin International Waters 2004-04-01 2006-12-31 Project Closure 1,000,000 USD 5,600,000 USD
Demonstrating and Capturing Best Practices and Technologies for the Reduction of Land-sourced Impacts Resulting from Coastal Tourism International Waters 2006-08-01 Under Implementation 6,014,600 USD 23,356,816 USD
Sustainable Management of Inland Wetlands in Southern Africa: A Livelihoods and Ecosystem Approach Land Degradation 2004-10-06 2010-03-01 Project Completion 999,325 USD 1,210,716 USD
Coastal Resilience to Climate Change: Developing a Generalizable Method for Assessing Vulnerability and Adaptation of Mangroves and Associated Ecosystems Biodiversity 2005-09-20 2010-06-01 Project Completion 1,000,000 USD 1,000,000 USD
Building Sustainable Commercial Dissemination Networks for Household PV Systems in Eastern Africa Climate Change 2004-08-18 2006-12-31 Project Closure 718,000 USD 539,630 USD
Removal of Barriers to the Introduction of Cleaner Artisanal Gold Mining and Extraction Technologies International Waters 2001-12-07 IA Approved 7,124,982 USD 12,882,000 USD
Enhancing Conservation of the Critical Network of Sites of Wetlands Required by Migratory Waterbirds on the African/Eurasian Flyways. Biodiversity 2003-11-21 2010-12-01 Project Completion 6,350,000 USD 6,765,045 USD
Addressing Land-based Activities in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO-LaB) International Waters 2003-05-16 2010-06-01 Project Completion 4,511,140 USD 6,902,325 USD
Nile Transboundary Environmental Action Project, Tranche 1 International Waters 2001-12-07 2009-12-31 Project Completion 17,150,000 USD 90,760,000 USD
Partnership Interventions for the Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for Lake Tanganyika International Waters 2004-11-19 IA Approved 14,200,000 USD 43,500,000 USD
African NGO-Government Partnership for Sustainable Biodiversity Action Biodiversity 1997-05-01 2003-05-05 Project Closure 4,544,080 USD 7,120,000 USD
Institutional Support for the Protection of East African Biodiversity Biodiversity 1991-05-01 1996-01-31 Project Closure 10,000,000 USD 0
Biodiversity Country Studies - Phase II Biodiversity 1994-06-01 1995-12-01 Project Closure 2,000,000 USD 100,000 USD
People, Land Management, and Environmental Change (PLEC) Biodiversity 1997-05-01 2002-02-28 Project Closure 6,276,300 USD 4,817,000 USD
Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems in Tanzania to Support Climate Resilient Development Climate Change Council Approved 4,000,000 USD 19,790,000 USD
Strengthening the Protected Area Network in Southern Tanzania: Improving the Effectiveness of National Parks in Addressing Threats to Biodiversity Biodiversity 2009-06-24 CEO Endorsed 5,453,550 USD 11,500,000 USD
Kihansi Catchment Conservation and Management Project Biodiversity 2012-06-07 Council Approved 5,980,554 USD 18,300,000 USD
Mini-Grids Based on Small Hydropower Sources to Augment Rural Electrification Climate Change 2010-03-17 CEO Endorsed 3,410,000 USD 7,200,000 USD
Support the Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework Biodiversity 2006-03-09 2011-04-01 Under Implementation 777,300 USD 614,300 USD
Tanzania Energy Development and Access Project (TEDAP) Climate Change 2006-08-01 2012-03-31 Under Implementation 6,500,000 USD 32,300,000 USD
Expedited Financing for (Interim) Measures for Capacity Building in Priority Areas (Phase II) Climate Change 2004-01-20 IA Approved 100,000 USD 0
National Capacity Needs Self-Assessment for Global Environmental Management (NCSA) Multi Focal Area 2005-09-26 IA Approved 224,500 USD 19,600 USD
The Development and Management of the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor Biodiversity 2004-05-24 2008-12-01 Project Completion 1,000,000 USD 1,060,000 USD
Lalkisale Biodiversity Conservation Support Project Biodiversity 2003-07-14 IA Approved 475,000 USD 410,000 USD
Add On - Consultations for the Second Report to CBD and CHM Biodiversity 2001-10-16 IA Approved 38,950 USD 22,000 USD
Development of Mnazi Bay Marine Park Biodiversity 2000-05-01 2008-12-31 Project Completion 1,615,424 USD 2,073,800 USD
Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Initial Communication Related to the UNFCCC Climate Change 1997-07-16 2003-02-07 Project Closure 254,000 USD 50,000 USD

LifeWeb Projects

Name Submitted Status Funding Needed Funding Secured
Island Life - A National Protected Area Network for the Zanzibar Archipelago 08 10 2009 Not Funded $1,987,300 USD $0.00
Western Tanzania Livelihoods and Forest Conservation Project 03 09 2009 Fully Funded fully funded ($307,500 USD) $307,500.00
Enhancing management efficiency in order to increase carbon storage capacities in Tanzania's mountainous Eastern Arc protected area network 22 04 2008 Fully Funded fully funded ($2,670,588 USD) $2,670,588.30

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