General Information

The Convention on Biological Diversity is pleased that long established mechanisms for the full and effective participation of indigenous and local communities in meetings held under the Convention, and in particular, in the ad hoc open-ended Working Group on Article 8(j) and Related Provisions, have been established within the framework of the Convention. The mechanisms that have been developed within the Convention range from financial support (particularly through the recently established Voluntary Fund for ILCs) to enable indigenous and local communities to attend the meetings, to logistical support as well as participation in formal and informal groups (such as contact groups and Friends of the Chair groups). This is seen now as a good practice model for the rest of the United Nations system.

Continuous participation on the CBD works is also encouraged by a variety of means, whether is promoting our Guidelines, through involvement with indigenous and local community organizations working on biodiversity issues, by sending input with regards to our work programme directly to the Secretariat, among others. In this regard, in 2005, and in response to decision VII/16 E, paragraph 4(d) the Secretariat established and Advisory Group/Steering Committee, whose mandate was renewed by COP-8, in which indigenous and local communities are represented, in order to assist in the completion of the composite report on the status and trends regarding traditional knowledge relevant to biological diversity, and undertake a peer review of the revised version, in consultation with indigenous peoples and local community.

Furthermore, indigenous and local community representatives can also subscribe their organization/s in order to be informed as soon as notifications are issued, by completing the subcription form , which is available in our web site. the 8(j) home page.

As the Convention has begun an exciting phase of enhanced implementation, indigenous and local communities, as one of its major stakeholders, have a major role to play. The Secretariat looks forward to receiving your input into our work and building on our partnership as we work to ensure the future of our planet through the full and effective implementation of the Convention and its goals.

How can I participate in the Convention on Biological Diversity?

  • Promote application of the Akwé:Kon Guidelines at the local and national level;

  • Be involved in indigenous and local community organizations (at local, national and international levels), which focus on biodiversity issues and through national indigenous and local community advisory committees.

  • Be involved at international levels. Indigenous and local community representatives who attend meetings held under the Convention form a caucus which is referred to as the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB) . The Secretariat of the Convention provides practical support such as meetings rooms, computers and internet access during meetings. Indigenous and local community representatives are warmly invited to participate in the IIFB, and newcomers receive capacity building and support in their work.

  • Communicate your views to the Secretariat, with regards to the current work programme - to be considered at the 11th meeting of WG8(j) on 20-22 November 2019, in Montreal and feeding into the 15th meeting of the Parties to the Convention (COP 15) scheduled for October 2020 in the People's Republic of China.

  • Alternatively, contact the members of Advisory Group for Article 8(j) from your region, to discuss and have input through them, including on the revision of the Composite Report on Status and Trends in traditional knowledge (obstacles to the retention of TK at national and local levels) and in general on the current work programme.

  • Participate in the regional consultation and capacity building opportunities – refer to the calendar of meetings and notifications for opportunities.

  • Express interest to be an indigenous consultant for research related to Article 8(j) and related provisions, by sending a recent CV and a letter to the Secretariat.

  • Contact existing consultants directly to have input into their work. The Secretariat can provide contact information on request.

  • Sign up to receive automatically electronic CBD newsletters and notifications by creating a CBD account. Please note that this page is secured because it is part of the user profile.It requires to Sign In with a CBD account.

  • Apply for funding to participate in CBD meetings of relevance to you through the recently established Voluntary Fund for indigenous and local communities. Information, including selection criteria and application forms can be found on the 8(j) home page.