COP Decisions

Biodiversity and Climate Change Decisions

Decision 14/5
Biodiversity and climate change

Decision XIII/4
Biodiversity and climate change

Decision XII/20
Biodiversity and climate change and disaster risk reduction

Decision XI/19
Biodiversity and climate change related issues: advice on the application of relevant safeguards for biodiversity with regard to policy approaches and positive incentives on issues relating to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries; and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries

Decision XI/20
Climate-related geoengineering

Decision XI/21
Biodiversity and climate change: integrating biodiversity considerations into climate-change related activities

Decision X/33
Biodiversity and Climate Change

Decision IX/16
Biodiversity and Climate Change
A. Proposals for the integration of climate-change activities within the programmes of work of the Convention; B. Options for mutually supportive actions addressing climate change within the three Rio Conventions; C. Ocean Fertilization; D. Summary of the findings of the Global Assessment on Peatlands, Biodiversity and Climate Change

Decision VIII/30
Biodiversity and climate change: guidance to promote synergy among activities for biodiversity conservation, mitigating or adapting to climate change and combating land degradation

Decision VII/15
Biodiversity and Climate Change

Other COP Decisions Relevant to Climate Change and Biodiversity

COP 10 decisions

  • X/1, Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization
  • X/2, The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets
  • X/17, Consolidated update of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation 2011-2020
  • X/20, Cooperation with other conventions and international organizations and initiatives
  • X/28, Inland waters biodiversity
  • X/29, Marine and coastal biodiversity
  • X/30, Mountain biological diversity
  • X/31, Protected areas
  • X/32, Sustainable use
  • X/34, Agricultural biodiversity
  • X/35, Biodiversity of dry and sub-humid lands
  • X/36, Forest biodiversity
  • X/37, Biofuels and biodiversity
  • X/38, Invasive alien species
  • X/43, Multi-year programme of work on the implementation of Article 8(j) and related provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity

COP 9 decisions

  • IX/1, paragraph 26-30
    In-depth review of the programme of work on agricultural biodiversity
  • IX/4, section B. paragraph 10, 11, and 24
    In-depth review of ongoing work on alien species that threaten ecosystems, habitats or species
  • IX/5, paragraph 1.b), j), k), 2.c), 3.b), f)
    Forest biodiversity
  • IX/7, paragraph 2.a)
    Ecosystem approach
  • IX/11, Annex I. paragraph 2., IV. Goal 4.6.
    Review of implementation of Articles 20 and 21
  • IX/13, Section B.
    Article 8(j) and related provisions
  • IX/14, paragraph 14. b) Annex I. paragraph 3., V. paragraph 29. (ii), and VI. Paragraph 30.
    Technology transfer and cooperation
  • IX/17, paragraph 6, 8.c), 10, 11, 12, 16
    Biodiversity of dry and sub-humid lands
  • IX/18, A. paragraph 23, B. paragraph 3.h), and 6.(e)
    Protected areas
  • IX/19, paragraph 7
    Biological diversity of inland water ecosystems
  • IX/21, paragraph 6 and 7
    Island biodiversity
  • IX/22, Annex, output 4.13.2, 4.14.2
    The Global Taxonomy Initiative: matters arising from decision VIII/3, including the development of outcome-oriented deliverables
  • IX/27, paragraph 2 and 5
    Cooperation among multilateral environmental agreements and other organization

Other decisions

  • Decision V/5, appendix paragraph 3
    Agricultural Biodiversity
  • Decision V/23, II paragraph 11 Activity 7 (f) and decision VIII/2, preamble paragraph 10
    Biodiversity of Dry and Sub-Humid Lands
  • Decision VI/22, paragraph 40 and 41, annex goal 2
    Forest Biodiversity
  • Decision VII/4, annex 1 paragraph 7, goal 1.1
    Biodiversity of Inland Waters
  • Decision VIII/1, paragraph 18, annex paragraphs 9, 24, goal 7, appendix goal 1, goal 7
    Island Biodiversity
  • Decision IV/5, II paragraph 4 and decision VII/5, paragraphs 8 and 26, annex I programme element 3, appendix 1 paragraph 1-4, appendix 3 paragraph 13, appendix 4 paragraphs B priority 2.3, annex III paragraph 15, 18, 24, 28, 31
    Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
  • Decision VII/27, paragraph 10, annex paragraphs 5 and 8, goals 1.1, 1.2, 2.3, 3.1, and 3.2
    Mountain Biodiversity