COP 6 Decision VI/12

Ecosystem approach

The Conference of the Parties,

Recalling its decisions IV/1 B and V/6 on ecosystem approach,

Noting that, in many countries, implementation of the ecosystem approach has been slow due to financial constraints,

Recognizing the necessity to apply the ecosystem approach in national policies and legislation, and to integrate the approach in thematic and cross-sectoral programmes of the Convention at the local, national and regional level, and with a view to facilitating the integration of the approach, as appropriate, in the work of other forums and relevant international agreements,

Underlining the importance of developing regional guidelines to apply the ecosystem approach, while recognizing efforts made in this direction,

  1. Urges Parties, other Governments and relevant organizations that have not done so to submit case-studies and lessons learned on the development and implementation of the ecosystem approach at the national and regional levels;
  2. Requests the Executive Secretary:

    1. To continue the collection, compilation and dissemination of case-studies and lessons learned and to prepare a report for consideration by the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice at a meeting prior to the seventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties;
    2. Within the availability of resources and in collaboration with relevant organizations and bodies, in particular the United Nations Forum of Forests, to convene a meeting of experts to compare the ecosystem approach with sustainable forest management, and develop proposals for their integration;
    3. To develop proposals for the refinement of the principles and operational guidance of the ecosystem approach on the basis of case-studies and lessons learned, including indicators and strategies for the integration of the ecosystem approach into the programmes of work of the Convention, taking into account regional differences;

  3. Invites Parties, other Governments and organizations to provide technical and financial resources for the organization of regional workshops to promote the exchange of experiences and regional, national and local capacity-building, and to enhance awareness.