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Climate Change
Yale Environment 360, 2017-04-25
The abrupt change in direction of a Yukon river because of a rapidly melting glacier has attracted international attention.
Science Daily, 2017-04-25
Climate change could lead to overall increase in river flow, but more droughts and floods, study shows
Reuters, 2017-04-25
TEPIC, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Climate change should be grasped as an opportunity to attract vast capital flows into low-carbon investments, create jobs and spur economic growth, rather than viewed as a money-absorbing burden, top officials and experts said.
Japan Today, 2017-04-25
TOKYO—— With contrasts being such a notable feature of life in Japan, it is no surprise that – like in most countries – opinions of older and younger generations on climate change are so different.
Forest Biodiversity
allAfrica.com, 2017-04-25
Dodoma — The Minister of State in Vice President's Office (Union Affairs and Environment), Mr January Makamba, yesterday told the Parliament that serious measures are required to save the country from environmental disaster.
Polar Biodiversity
Radio Canada International, 2017-04-25
We are hearing more and more about stress, and threats to the Arctic, but not so much about Antarctica.
Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation
CTV (Canada), 2017-04-25
The world needs to do more to protect the Antarctic wilderness and its wildlife, scientists warned Tuesday, as they marked World Penguin Day.
Forbes, 2017-04-25
Picture Kenya. You’d be forgiven for defaulting to mainstream media imagery of people in poverty - starvation, flies, and sprawling slums. Or perhaps you picture an open savannah at sunset, the red glow silhouetting a herd of elephants as they move slowly across the horizon.


Climate Change
Inter Press Service News Agency, 2017-04-24
KINGSTON, Jamaica, Apr 24 2017 (IPS) - Keen to tap its natural resources as a way to boost its struggling economy, Guyana struck a multi-million-dollar deal with Norway in 2009.
Deutsche Welle, 2017-04-24
While parts of Kenya are becoming drier, a growing number of people are starting to keep camels. The animals are more drought-resistant than cows - and their highly nutritious milk is catching on around the world.
Scientific American, 2017-04-24
A three-foot rise in sea level would submerge almost 20 percent of the country and displace more than 30 million people—and the actual rise by 2100 could be significantly more
Forest Biodiversity
CIFOR, 2017-04-24
The recent World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, held this past March in Washington D.C., provided a unique opportunity to reflect on collective land tenure reforms not only from a research point of view, but also from that of governments.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Guardian (UK), 2017-04-24
Conservationists call on Japan to abide by fishing agreements after reports annual quota will be exceeded two months early
BBC News, 2017-04-24
Roadside verges are becoming the last refuge for some of the rarest wild flowers and plants in the UK, according to a conservation charity.
Bird-life International, 2017-04-24
Intensified pressure on natural resources by human beings is having a damaging effect on biodiversity in the Guinean Forests of West Africa hotspot, and could lead to a loss of countless ecosystem services to humanity and biodiversity in the region, stakeholders have warned.
Phys.org, 2017-04-24
Conservation projects that protect forests and encourage a diversity of plants and animals can provide many benefits to humans.


Climate Change
Deutsche Welle, 2017-04-21
A report commissioned by the German foreign office shows how in scenarios of instability and conflict, climate change can contribute to the emergence and growth of terrorist groups such as Boko Haram or "Islamic State."
Agriculture and Biodiversity
Intellectual Property Watch, 2017-04-21
The participation of small-scale farmers at the table of international negotiations and the protection of agricultural biodiversity are key to food security, according to the Quaker United Nations Office, which published last month two policy briefs with a list of recommendations.
The Nature Conservancy (USA), 2017-04-21
A national effort to enhance farm sustainability through soil health has additional backing from a major consumer foods manufacturer.
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
Cosmos, 2017-04-21
A new study argues that bringing nature into cities and enabling personal connections is necessary to prompt action on environmental issues, writes Tim Wallace.
Forest Biodiversity
Los Angeles Times, 2017-04-21
They cover a third of the world’s landmass, help to regulate the atmosphere, and offer shelter, sustenance and survival to millions of people, plants and animals.
Gender and Biodiversity
Science Daily, 2017-04-21
World hunger and biodiversity loss can both be addressed by ensuring that women worldwide have access to education and contraception, an interdisciplinary team of experts argues.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Smithsonian, 2017-04-21
Currents are acting like a conveyor belt for plastic, dumping the bits in pristine northern waters
Mountain Biodiversity
Mongabay.com, 2017-04-21
ASOLOKOBAL, Indonesia — Laurensius Lani’s footsteps can be heard at dawn alongside the traditional honay thatched-roof houses of the Baliem Valley, here in the archipelago country’s eastermost Papua province.
Tourism and Biodiversity
Times of Malta, 2017-04-21
The United Nations General Assembly declared 2017 ‘The International Year of Sustainable Tourism’, a significant opportunity to promote the contribution of the tourism industry to creating abetter world.
Science Daily, 2017-04-21
The following statement was issued today by Wildlife Conservation Society President and CEO Cristian Samper on the importance of science to wildlife conservation:
IISD, 2017-04-21
April 2017: Meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Executive Secretary Cristiana Paşca Palmer said her top priority is to raise the profile and political visibility of the Convention while working cooperatively with other entities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
allAfrica.com, 2017-04-21
The Department of Forestry and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), recently conducted a training for 10 government personnel on the use of an innovative tool to effectively and efficiently assess and monitor the country's land cover and land use.
United Press International (UPI), 2017-04-21
22 April 2017 – Environmental and climate literacy is the engine not only for creating green voters and advancing environmental and climate laws and policies but also for accelerating green technologies and jobs, the United Nations is emphasizing on Mother Earth Day.


Climate Change
Science Daily, 2017-04-20
The one-two punch of warming waters and ocean acidification is predisposing some marine animals to dissolving quickly under conditions already occurring off the Northern California coast, according to a new study.

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