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Climate Change
Guardian (UK), 2016-12-03
A Republican-led panel promoted a misleading tabloid story alleging earth may not be warming, relying on data that leaves out important points of context
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
The Japan Times, 2016-12-03
In October, a new documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio premiered on Netflix.
Forest Biodiversity
Science Daily, 2016-12-03
A method to control the spread of mountain pine beetles -- pheromone baiting -- may actually help the pest's population increase, UBC research shows.
Inland Waters Biodiversity
Science Daily, 2016-12-03
The frequencies of occurrence of hundreds of insect species inhabiting streams have been altered relative to the conditions that existed prior to wide spread pollution and habitat alteration, American scientists have discovered.
Invasive Alien Species
Guardian (UK), 2016-12-03
Have you heard the one about the wasp that kills the bug that feeds the ants that kill the crabs that keep the forests healthy on Christmas Island?
Xinhuanet, 2016-12-03
CANCUN, Mexico, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Countries must unite to defend biodiversity instead of building border walls, Erik Solheim, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said Friday.
Xinhuanet, 2016-12-03
OXKUTZCAB, Mexico, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Preserving biodiversity is one of the ways to counter the consequences of global warming, anthropologist James Callaghan has said.
Relief Web, 2016-12-03
2 December 2016, CANCUN, Mexico -Maintaining biological diversity is important for producing food and to conserve the very foundation of life and rural livelihoods, FAO Deputy Director-General Maria Helena Semedo told participants in an international summit aimed at protecting biodiversity.
Prensa Latina (Cuba), 2016-12-03
Cancun, Mexico, Dec 2 (Prensa Latina) United Nations Environment Programme Executive Director, Erick Solheim, mentioned today the consequences of biodiversity loss on the planet and called on the international community to work together to reverse this situation.
Horticulture Week, 2016-12-03
A United Nations report on pollinator decline blame loss of habitat, climate change and farming changes, and calls for a range of measures including "bee highways" and tougher controls on new pesticides.
Telesur, 2016-12-03
On Friday the U.N. Environment Programme posthumously awarded assassinated Honduran Indigenous leader Betty Caceres its Champion of the Earth Prize.
SAT Press Releases, 2016-12-03
President of Rwanda, Australian eco-innovator, Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy, Indian organizer of world’s largest beach clean-up, Honduran indigenous activist Berta Cáceres, and veteran Mexican biologist all lauded


Climate Change
Science Daily, 2016-12-02
The effects of climate change will likely cause smaller but stronger storms in the United States, according to a new framework for modeling storm behavior.
Guardian (UK), 2016-12-02
Lawyer on president-elect’s transition team says leaving UNFCCC is ‘most practical way’ way to quit agreement, a process that normally takes four years
Convention on Biological Diversity
UNESCO, 2016-12-02
The UN Biodiversity Conference COP13 will be held during 4-17 December 2016 in Cancun, Mexico. It is the highest governing body of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) which brings together representatives of the countries party managers and key players to promote the implementation of the Convention.
UN News Centre, 2016-12-02
1 December 2016 – Time is running out to stop the global decline in biodiversity and protect ecosystems that are essential for the livelihoods and well-being of billions of people, the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity warned today, as more than 190 countries prepare to meet on this issue in Cancun, Mexico.
Phys.org, 2016-12-02
Faced with dramatic declines in nature, governments must come prepared to urgently implement their collective commitments to global biodiversity conservation and dramatically raise their individual ambitions at the upcoming meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).
IISD, 2016-12-02
1 December 2016: The UN Biodiversity Conference, hosted by the Mexican Government and organized with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will open in Cancun, Mexico, with a High Level Segment (HLS) to be held from 2-3 December under the theme, ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Well-being.’ through the expected adoption of a Ministerial Declaration.
Forest Biodiversity
CIFOR, 2016-12-02
USAID’s Office of Forestry and Biodiversity (FAB) and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) teamed up this past October to host series of seminars focused on integrating biodiversity and forests into diverse development objectives including food security, the fight against zoonotic disease, improved governance, secure land rights, gender equality, and mitigating and adapting to climate change.
Inland Waters Biodiversity
Guardian (UK), 2016-12-02
Environmentalists in China are celebrating after controversial plans to build a series of giant hydroelectric dams on the country’s last free-flowing river were shelved.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Phys.org, 2016-12-02
Australians also have a strong affinity with the ocean, as reflected in the growth in recreational boating and cruise shipping. But these numbers risk putting people on a collision course – literally – with whales, turtles and other marine life.
Traditional Knowledge, Innovations and Practices - Article 8(j)
United Press International (UPI), 2016-12-02
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 2 (UPI) -- Per capita seafood consumption among indigenous people living on or near the coast is 15 times greater than per person seafood consumption among non-indigenous people in the same country.
Phys.org, 2016-12-02
In conflict zones, the most common killers of wildlife are not guns and bombs, but breakdowns in institutions, societies and economies, according to a study by researchers at UC Berkeley.
Mongabay.com, 2016-12-02
According to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the US Great Plains lost more acres of grassland in 2014 than the Brazilian Amazon lost rainforest.
Mongabay.com, 2016-12-02
Melaka – The expanse of sand stretches hundreds of meters in both directions, featureless and flat, its dusty monotony alleviated only by the excavators, trucks and dredgers that dump sand and rocks into the sea and smooth out the newly-created land.
Deutsche Welle, 2016-12-02
In a week when destruction of the Great Barrier Reef and Amazon rainforest have hit the headlines, the Convention on Biological Diversity conference comes at the right time. But will it produce workable solutions?
UN News Centre, 2016-12-02
2 December 2016 – The UN Biodiversity Conference today opened in Cancun, Mexico, with a call to governments and businesses to integrate biodiversity into their practices if countries are to halt further environmental degradation and ensure the well-being and prosperity of future generations.


Climate Change
BBC News, 2016-12-01
A warmer world will release vast volumes of carbon into the atmosphere, potentially triggering dangerous climate change, scientists warn.
TIME, 2016-12-01
Global warming has helped wine production in France—but that will change
Mongabay.com, 2016-12-01
Vietnam is the world’s largest producer of Coffea canephora, or Robusta coffee, which is mainly used to make instant coffee and other lower-quality products

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