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Climate Change
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-12
Ahead of Earth Day, the Guardian is partnering with newsrooms around the world in a joint initiative calling on journalists to treat the climate crisis like the emergency it is
Mirage News, 2021-04-12
High temperatures and blazing sunshine: while Freiburgers enjoy the hot days of summer by bathing lakes, plant life faces other challenges. What strategies do plants develop to adapt in the context of climate change? How can forests be helped to cope with climate change?
EOS, 2021-04-12
Precipitation data and high-resolution modeling suggest that extreme rainfall events under a changing climate will be shorter, more intense, and more widely spread out.
Mongabay (India), 2021-04-12
The Indonesian government has announced a plan that puts the country on a path toward carbon neutrality by 2070, but activists say the timeframe is too long to make a positive contribution in the fight against climate change., 2021-04-12
Tropical Cyclone Seroja battered parts of Western Australia's coast on Sunday night, badly damaging buildings and leaving thousands of people without power. While the full extent of the damage caused by the Category 3 system is not yet known, the event was unusual.
Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-sharing
International Business Times, 2021-04-12
Imagine if China had refused to share Covid-19's genetic sequences with other countries. Vaccine development would have been delayed indefinitely. Monitoring the virus would have been next to impossible.
Agriculture and Biodiversity
Hakai magazine, 2021-04-12
On July 29, 2020, five eland antelope ambled through the gates of a vineyard on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. They didn’t come for the wine, but rather to graze.
Chemicals and Pollution
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-12
There has been a wretched mishap in the vale which runs down to the sea between the great caverned rocks. Through this vale, celebrated for its beautiful nestling village, its old church and nunnery, its plume-like elms housing a rookery, its banks of primroses and violets and ferns, there runs a charming little trout-stream.
Conference of the Parties
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-12
Boris Johnson must urgently take control of the UK’s presidency of vital UN climate talks, amid a shower of green policy setbacks and growing concern over the lack of a coherent all-government climate strategy, senior international figures have said.
Ecosystem Restoration
Global Landscapes Forum, 2021-04-12
For the week of 5–9 April, entrepreneurs from around the world gathered on Zoom to go head-to-head with proposals on how to fix one of the world’s largest environmental disasters. At stake: the fast-disappearing Aral Sea, the livelihoods and public health of millions of people, and a USD 5,000 prize.
Confectionery Production, 2021-04-12
The Nestlé group has joined a major industry initiative in Southeast Asia targeting the protection and restoration of over 500,000 hectares of tropical forests playing a central role in palm oil production, reports Neill Barston
Endangered Species
Mongabay (India), 2021-04-12
A 58-page, undated “vision document” for the “sustainable development” of the Little Andaman Island in the Bay of Bengal was produced by the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog, a think tank of the Government of India.
The Costa Rica News, 2021-04-12
In a petition addressed to President Carlos Alvarado and to heads of Agriculture, Health and Environment, the Costa Rican Beekeepers Association requests the prohibition of the powerful insecticide Fipronil, because, if not, the poisoning death rate registered during the last twelve months in Costa Rica will continues and by the year 2035 all the bees would have disappeared in our country”.
Malay Mail (Malaysia), 2021-04-12
Malayan tigers will go extinct in the next five to 10 years if no drastic action is taken to address its population decline, said Taiping Zoo and Night Safari director Dr Kevin Lazarus.
Forest Biodiversity
BBC News, 2021-04-12
The lush-green mountains in the background usually make the famous Nainital lake in Uttarakhand state of northern India more picturesque. But for several weeks now haze from forest fires has hidden the mountains, and the lake's beauty has visibly shrunk.
Eco-Business, 2021-04-12
The tropical forests maintain global climate and nurture the riches of nature. The rich world’s demands are destroying them. The world’s great ecosystems − moderators of climate, nurseries for evolution − are still being destroyed in the service of global trade, to meet the rich world’s demands. Once again, researchers have confirmed that the wealthy nations are in effect ploughing savanna and felling tropical forests at a distance.
Environment Journal, 2021-04-12
Maureen is a biologist and has spent many years studying the way that chemicals in the environment can impact our hormones, but when Maureen was volunteering in Madagascar her outlook suddenly changed.
Global Taxonomy Initiative
News18, 2021-04-12
Researchers have discovered a new species of butterflies namely – sinhala ramaswamii sadasivan 2021 – adding to the expanding list of butterflies in India. The new taxon of Lycaenid butterfly belonging to the Nacaduba genus was discovered by researchers in the Agasthyamalais in the Western Ghats a decade ago.
Governance, Law and Policy
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-12
French MPs have voted to suspend domestic airline flights that can be made by direct train in less than two and a half hours, as part of a series of climate and environmental measures.
Health and Biodiversity
Sierra, 2021-04-12
For years, some scientists have argued that despite its benefits, biodiversity poses a major risk to human health, because the sheer variety of species in biodiverse landscapes creates greater opportunities for new pathogens to develop.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Urdu Point, 2021-04-12
Australian researchers have embarked on an expedition to explore previously undocumented deep-sea coral reefs off the country's north coast.
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-12
Overfishing and smuggling of this crucial animal are affecting biodiversity and the livelihood of local fishers in Sri Lanka.It’s after sunset in Jaffna when Anthony Vigrado dives into the waters of Palk Bay, scanning the seafloor to collect what seems to be prized treasure. What he comes back with are sea cucumbers – long, leathery-skinned creatures that are increasingly valuable and the source of his income for the past 12 years.
Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation
Vox, 2021-04-12
Right now, in the conservation movement, a lot of people are fixated on a single number: 30. The US and more than 50 other countries have pledged to conserve 30 percent of their land and water by 2030 as a means to help thwart the biodiversity crisis.
Research and Science, 2021-04-12
Moving endangered species to new locations is often used as part of species conservation strategies, and can help to restore degraded ecosystems. But scientists say there is a high risk that these relocations are accidentally spreading diseases and parasites., 2021-04-12
Gray wolves are among the largest predators to have survived the extinction at the end of the last ice age around11,700 years ago. Today, they can be found roaming Yukon's boreal forest and tundra, with caribou and moose as their main sources of food., 2021-04-12
Researchers have found common foxgloves brought to the Americas have rapidly evolved to change flower length in the presence of a new pollinator group, hummingbirds. The findings are published in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Ecology., 2021-04-12
A new study led by Stockholm University Assistant Professor Christian Stranne shows that thick sea ice outside the fjords can actually increase the sensitivity of Greenlandic fjords to warming. Stranne and a team of researchers from Sweden, Greenland, the Netherlands, the U.S. and Canada have reported on expeditions to two distinct fjords in northern Greenland during the 2015 and 2019 summers.
Mirage News, 2021-04-12
A research team led by University of Oregon biologist Lauren Ponisio has uncovered how native bee species may be best equipped to survive intensive agricultural practices and climate change in California’s Central Valley., 2021-04-12
Understanding how organisms deal with an uncertain future may help identify which species are most vulnerable to climate change and which are best at managing the risk. In a paper published recently in the journal Evolution, Macquarie University ARC Future Fellow Associate Professor Darrell Kemp reveals that no single strategy may prove "best" under such circumstances., 2021-04-12
After hatching in spring, baby birds sometimes end up on the ground, but that doesn't necessarily mean they need help.It depends on how old they are, how long they've been on the ground and whether they are injured, said Dana Sanchez, Oregon State University Extension Service wildlife specialist. Identifying the age of a bird is crucial in how you deal with one.