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Climate Change
Guardian (International Edition), 2020-02-25
The world’s accountants must put the climate crisis at the forefront of their work to spur global companies to adopt green policies and help prepare them for the risks, according to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and other industry groups.
Agriculture and Biodiversity
UN News, 2020-02-25
Qu Dongyu, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), told negotiators on Monday that as agriculture and food systems are “at the heart of the concept of sustainable development”, they are central to deliberations regarding the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework, which is expected to be adopted at the UN Biodiversity Conference in October., 2020-02-25
An Arctic "doomsday vault" is set Tuesday to receive 60,000 samples of seeds from around the world as the biggest global crop reserve stocks up for a global catastrophe.
Guardian (International Edition), 2020-02-25
In the last years of the 20th century, Glenfeshie, a 17,000-hectare estate in the Scottish Highlands, was in steep decline. Decades of overgrazing by deer had reduced its hillsides to clipped lifelessness.
Chemicals and Pollution, 2020-02-25
Nearly 90 percent of the 200 cities beset by the world's highest levels of deadly micro-pollution are in China and India, with most of the rest in Pakistan and Indonesia, researchers reported Tuesday., 2020-02-25
Coral reefs are not doomed. Although human activities threaten the iconic ecosystems in many different ways, scientists maintain that reefs can continue to thrive with the right assistance.
Convention on Biological Diversity
Inter Press Service News Agency, 2020-02-25
The world out there is watching and waiting for results,” Elizabeth Maruma Mrema warns while talking to IPS regarding the preservation of biodiversity of our planet.
Health and Biodiversity
Guardian (International Edition), 2020-02-25
I was struggling with my mental health when I started wandering daily on the marshes. The experience opened my eyes to the extraordinary healing power of the natural world
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Guardian (International Edition), 2020-02-25
After the government allowed trawlers to come closer to Scottish shores in 1984, the marine ecosystem around the Isle of Arran steadily collapsed, as bottom-trawlers and dredgers intensively combed the seabed with their vibrating spikes.
Research and Science, 2020-02-25
A natural experiment created by an active volcano gives new insight into the long-term negative impacts of human colonisation of tropical forest islands. The findings are published in the British Ecological Society journal, Journal of Ecology., 2020-02-25
Pacific Arctic ecosystems are undergoing dramatic changes because of warmer ocean water, a multidisciplinary team of scientists reported in the journal Nature Climate Change., 2020-02-25
NUS ecologists have found that Nematabramis everetti, a common freshwater fish species that is resilient to climate change-associated drought conditions, is nevertheless unable to escape the effects of deforestation, with significantly reduced numbers in streams that run through the logged areas on the island of Borneo., 2020-02-25
In the last decade there has been rapid expansion in the area of ocean designated as a Marine Protected Area (MPA).Despite this progress, marine biodiversity continues to decline, placing at risk the health of our oceans and the critical role the oceans have in supporting human well-being, 2020-02-25
A study led by An Zhisheng from the Institute of Earth Environment (IEE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences revealed a linkage between glacial cycles and inland Asian high-intensity wildfire events by analyzing high-resolution soot deposition over the last 2.6 million years. The study was published online in PNAS on Feb. 24., 2020-02-25
Recent helpful rains dampened fire grounds and gave many farmers a reason to cheer. But much of southeast Australia remains in severe drought.
BBC News, 2020-02-25
The race is on to find out how the deadly coronavirus jumped from animals to humans. Helen Briggs looks at how scientists are trying to trace the source of the outbreak.
Live Science, 2020-02-25
The oldest green seaweed on record, the ancestor of all land plants, lived about 1 billion years ago, a new study finds. Scientists have discovered the fossils of what may be the oldest green algae ever known. The newfound seaweed — called Proterocladus antiquus — lived about a billion years ago.
Euro News, 2020-02-25
Ukrainian scientists got a shock when they woke up on Monday to find that the snow around their station had turned red as blood. But rather than being anything sinister, the red tint in the snow is caused by the microscopic Chlamydomonas nivalis algae.
Mirage News, 2020-02-25
Black and Bloom field camp established on the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet approximately 35km inland from the southwestern ice sheet margin. Note the discoloured (dark) ice in the image driven by biological communities. Large dome tents are the science and mess tent, with smaller tents the personal tents for team members who spent around four weeks camping on the ice in 2016 and 2017. Dr Jenine McCutcheon, 2020-02-25
In 2015, 193 countries agreed on 17 global objectives for ending poverty and protecting the environment by 2030. These Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included SDG 14, to “conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.”
Sustainable Wildlife Management
New Vision (Kampala), 2020-02-25
As Uganda prepares to join the rest of the world on March 3, 2020, to celebrate the United Nations World Wildlife Day, it is imperative to reflect on both the global and local themes; sustaining all life on earth and Sustaining Wildlife in Uganda for the present and future generations, respectively.
New Security Beat, 2020-02-25
We face the greatest environmental challenges ever relating to climate change, biodiversity, land use, and more. Humans are driving 1 million species to extinction, according to a report by the UN-backed Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.


Climate Change
UN Environment, 2020-02-24
I am honoured to address you today at the 52nd session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) because the IPCC has been, without a doubt, an incredible, positive scientific force in laying out the scale and consequences of climate change and what we must to do lessen the threat it poses to humanity and the planet.
Medical Express, 2020-02-24
Climate change is disproportionately impacting the poor, elderly and people with a disability , according to an expert from The Australian National University (ANU).
The Hill, 2020-02-24
National security and intelligence experts warn that climate change could become a “catastrophic” threat to security and recommended quick action to be taken to mitigate risks, according to a new report released Monday.
Royal Gazette, 2020-02-24
Major climatic shifts have long been a feature of human society. But the scientific evidence overwhelmingly points to man-made rather than cyclical causes of contemporary climate change. And with those changes, we have seen nearly annual rises in global temperature averages. Today’s climate change has also caused general climate instability resulting in water-supply shortages and devastating droughts; tropical systems dumping feet of water on cities such as Houston; and people freezing to death during cold snaps linked to the polar vortex.
Agriculture and Biodiversity
Nature, 2020-02-24
Conserving biodiversity while meeting the needs of human populations for food, fibre, fuel, timber and other products from the world’s croplands, grasslands, forests and aquatic ecosystems is a major global challenge. Land- and water-use change, pollution, overharvesting and greenhouse gas emissions associated with food and agriculture are among the most serious threats to biodiversity.
Chemicals and Pollution, 2020-02-24
All eight airports on Spain's Canary Islands reopened on Monday a day after a sandstorm shrouded the archipelago, forcing their closure, the transport ministry said., 2020-02-24
Tiny bits of broken-down plastic smaller than a fraction of a grain of riceare turning up everywhere in oceans, from the water tothe guts of fish and the poop of sea otters and giant killer whales.
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
VICE, 2020-02-24
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