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Climate Change
The Conversation, 2022-01-18
The British military is currently “too slow and resistant to change”, according to Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the UK’s chief of defence staff. The urgent always takes priority over the important. But in the context of one of the world’s biggest security issues – climate change – threats and adaptations are evolving at pace.
Euro News, 2022-01-18
The volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma caused widespread havoc for nearly three months, but did its emissions have any impact on Earth's atmosphere longer term?
Sky News, 2022-01-18
There could be global warming of 4C by the end of this century despite pledges made at the COP26 climate summit, according to a new report.
Business and Biodiversity
South China Morning Post, 2022-01-18
Yili Group and Huawei Technologies have been ranked top among Chinese companies for their commitment to hitting United Nations sustainable development goals, as the country increasingly shifts its focus towards environment, social and governance (ESG) efforts.
Chemicals and Pollution
France24, 2022-01-18
The Pampilla Refinery, part of the Spanish company Repsol, said there had been a "limited spill" of oil off the coast of Callao and Ventanilla districts near Lima Saturday due to the violent waves produced by the eruption on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.
Guardian (International Edition), 2022-01-18
The cocktail of chemical pollution that pervades the planet now threatens the stability of global ecosystems upon which humanity depends, scientists have said.
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
Mongabay (India), 2022-01-18
According to communications consultant Meindert Brouwer, author of Central African Forests Forever, there are still opportunities to save the Central African — or Congo Basin — rainforest.
Governance, Law and Policy
BBC News, 2022-01-18
Pollution from plastics is a global emergency in need of a robust UN treaty, according to a report. The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) says there's a cascade of evidence of harm from plastics.
Edinburgh News, 2022-01-18
Scotland has some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world and we are putting it at the heart of our recovery. There may be chaos in Downing Street, but, here in Scotland, we are focused on a recovery for people and planet. We are getting on with the job of government, and doing everything we can to build a fairer, greener Scotland.
Guardian (International Edition), 2022-01-18
Larry Fink, the chief executive of BlackRock, the world’s biggest investment fund manager, said pushing climate policies was about profits, not being “woke”.
Yahoo!, 2022-01-18
Cambodia begins the new year as the first nation in Southeast Asia to publish a plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The roadmap, known officially as a "Long-term strategy for Carbon Neutrality (LTS4CN)", was submitted to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on the 30th of December 2021.
Health and Biodiversity
Guardian (International Edition), 2022-01-18
Scanning the shelves and internet for fish oil is a dizzying task. There are dozens of brands available and, although the typical consideration for the popular supplement is that quality matters most, it is not the only factor.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Guardian (International Edition), 2022-01-18
Good news doesn’t get any more in-your-face than this. One thousand fin whales, one of the world’s biggest animals, were seen last week swimming in the same seas in which they were driven to near-extinction last century due to whaling. It’s like humans never happened.
Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation, 2022-01-18
Accidentally trapping marine animals such as sharks, seabirds, turtles, or sea mammals in fishing gear is one of the biggest barriers for making fisheries more sustainable. While marine protected areas are aiming to minimize accidental catch, they often prove to be quite inefficient in protecting marine biodiversity, particularly in the case of marine species that are very mobile and constantly travel between these static areas.
Mongabay (India), 2022-01-18
Authorities in Thailand have arrested five suspects for killing two Indochinese tigers in a protected area in the country’s west; the suspects said the tigers had been killing and eating their cattle.
Research and Science
Aljazeera, 2022-01-18
The huge volcanic eruption in the Pacific island nation of Tonga could cause long-lasting damage to coral reefs, erode coastlines and disrupt fisheries, scientists studying satellite images have warned.
Mongabay (India), 2022-01-18
For several weeks in 2015, the sound of chainsaws cutting down trees was incessant in the Angangueo municipality in the Mexican state of Michoacán. When a group of people tried to stop the deforestation, it was already too late: 10 hectares (25 acres) of forest had already been destroyed on hillsides in the central area of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve., 2022-01-18
By drilling deep down into sediments on the ocean floor researchers can travel back in time. A research team led from Uppsala University now presents new clues as to when and why a period often referred to as the 'biogenic bloom' came to an abrupt end. Changes in the shape of the Earth's orbit around the Sun may have played a part in the dramatic change., 2022-01-18
A water tank full of coin-sized invertebrates may not be the first thing you'd expect to see in a materials science and engineering research lab., 2022-01-18
A team of Australian geneticists has discovered the gene that determines the sex of dragon lizards works differently from the way sex genes work in other animals., 2022-01-18
A global effort to map the genomes of all plants, animals, fungi and other microbial life on Earth, is entering a new phase as it moves from pilot projects to full-scale production sequencing., 2022-01-18
In the enduring dryness of the Atacama Desert in northern Chile where the average rainfall is as low as 5 millimeters per year, rare rain events can come swiftly and intensely., 2022-01-18
Climate change will limit where the Winter Olympics can be held as winter changes across the Northern Hemisphere, according to a study by an international team of researchers led by the University of Waterloo.
Sustainable Development / Millenium Development Goals
Nature, 2022-01-18
While the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) index is a widely employed method of measuring progress in the United Nations (UN) SDGs, as it allows comparisons across countries and regions, it does not usually offer any indication as to how to move the SDGs forward.
Traditional Knowledge, Innovations and Practices - Article 8(j)
Times of India, 2022-01-18
As long as fire strategy prioritises suppression, the valuabble knowledge of Indigenous people will continue to be sidelined.
United Nations, 2022-01-18
Thick ash on an airport runway was delaying aid deliveries to the Pacific island nation of Tonga, where significant damage was being reported days after a huge undersea volcanic eruption and tsunami.


Climate Change
ForeignPolicy, 2022-01-17
The U.N. climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, brought a series of positive steps for implementing the Paris Agreement. It also reinvigorated U.S.-China cooperation and offered opportunities for voluntary initiatives on methane and forests.
Euro News, 2022-01-17
The 3rd of October, 2020, was a momentous day for Venetians. A high tide had been predicted, which would normally have seen low-lying areas of the city under several inches of water. On this day, however, the streets remained miraculously dry.
Carbon Brief, 2022-01-17
The climate data for 2021 is now mostly in, and it has proved to be another noteworthy year across the oceans, atmosphere, cryosphere and surface temperature of the planet.
Stuff (New Zealand), 2022-01-17
The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) believes the major natural disaster centred around Tonga will not contribute to Earth’s temperature cooling significantly.