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Climate Change
Guardian (UK), 2017-03-27
The fingerprint of human-caused climate change has been found on heatwaves, droughts and floods across the world, according to scientists.The discovery indicates that the impacts of global warming are already being felt by society and adds further urgency to the need to cut carbon emissions. A key factor is the fast-melting Arctic, which is now strongly linked to extreme weather across Europe, Asia and north America.
Voice of America, 2017-03-27
As East Africa struggles through a drought, scientists say climate change may be making the situation worse as a warming planet may be altering the weather patterns that bring rain to the region.
Phys.org, 2017-03-27
For the first time, model calculations show a plausible way that fluctuations in solar activity could have a tangible impact on the climate. Studies funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation expect human-induced global warming to tail off slightly over the next few decades. A weaker sun could reduce temperatures by half a degree
Phys.org, 2017-03-27
Climate change not only involves rising temperatures – it also causes changes in the hydrological balance. Precipitation, evaporation and groundwater formation will follow a new rhythm in future. The consequences of these changes for water levels, ecosystems and sectors that depend on water, like agriculture, are presented in a new report by researchers from the Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS). The authors include Stefan Hagemann from the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg.
Reuters, 2017-03-27
Hellshire Beach, one of Jamaica’s cultural icons, has appeared in countless documentaries, movies and travelogues about the island nation. The strip of sand, a half-hour drive from the capital and backed by seafood restaurants, is a weekend favorite for Kingstonians, a place to kick back and “lyme” – the local term for “chill”.
Agriculture and Biodiversity
Slow Food, 2017-03-27
Something that affects every single one of us—food—is being used as a way to offer a new perspective on the global problem of falling bee populations. The impact of the decline in pollinating insects on our diets and the tangible, daily consequences for our health, the environment and biodiversity are the driving forces behind the Hunger For Bees journalism project, winner of an “Innovation in Development Reporting” award from the European Journalism Centre.
Mongabay (India), 2017-03-27
Colombia’s Pacific coast state of Valle del Cauca, home to at least 80 percent of the country’s booming sugar cane industry, continues to rebound after excessive and damaging rains in 2011-2012. In fact, recent USDA Foreign Agricultural Services report found that the country’s cane industry continues to reach “historical averages.”
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
The Ecologist, 2017-03-27
Warming sea waters - caused by climate change and extreme climatic events - threaten the stability of tropical coral reefs, with potentially devastating implications for many reef species and the human communities that reefs support warn scientists at Exeter University
Phys.org, 2017-03-27
Links between seabed type and quality are closely related to the abundance and size of young commercially fished species such as cod, haddock and whiting.
National Geographic, 2017-03-27
Against the despairing narrative typical of today’s global conservation scenario, every once in a while we need stories of optimism and hope to inspire us. The world should find solace in the fact that there are places where conservation is not always a race against time – with negative odds for species survival stacked up high – and where a small investment can bring disproportionately large conservation returns.


Climate Change
UN News Centre, 2017-03-24
23 March 2017 – Speaking today at a United Nations forum to invigorate political momentum on climate change, the head of a major UN panel on climate change underlined that human influence on the climate system cannot be disputed.
UN News Centre, 2017-03-24
23 March 2017 – Climate change is an unprecedented and growing threat to peace, prosperity and development and addressing it presents an economic opportunity for Governments and business, senior United Nations officials said today.
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2017-03-24
Measure aims to ramp up action on climate change - but previous laws have produced little in the way of results
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
Stuff (New Zealand), 2017-03-24
New Zealand has more than 900 native species approaching extinction and another 2800 declining or at risk, Ged Cann looks at why Kiwis don't seem worried.
Forest Biodiversity
Deutsche Welle, 2017-03-24
If dry seasons intensify with man-made climate change, the risk for self-amplified forest loss increases even more and could put the Amazon rainforest further at risk, an international team of scientists found.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
BBC News, 2017-03-24
Scientists are warning of another "devastating" loss of coral due to a spike in sea temperatures.
UNDP, 2017-03-24
The sea was a bit too choppy for my liking. But there was a volcano erupting inland. The sea looked like a safer option! I took the plunge and jumped off the boat with my snorkel and fins.
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2017-03-24
OSLO, March 24 (Reuters) - The world must stop treating the oceans as a "waste swimming pool" for pollution, a senior U.N. official said on Friday at the debut in Oslo of a $65 million research ship to help developing nations manage fish stocks.
Tourism and Biodiversity
Khmer Times, 2017-03-24
The Tourism Minister has called on riverside communities in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces to avoid fishing in areas where dolphins live to attract visitors who want to see the rare creatures.
Science Daily, 2017-03-24
New study reveals an important mechanism responsible for biodiversity in natural ecosystems
Relief Web, 2017-03-24
21 March 2017 – UN Environment will assist Colombia with overcoming the environmental degradation legacy of the internal conflict which lasted for more than 50 years, especially in remote rural areas.


Climate Change
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2017-03-23
The relationship between excessive carbon dioxide emissions and severe climate change impacts is well documented: In the past few years alone, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 reached its highest level in 2 million years.
Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-sharing
Traffic, 2017-03-23
Hanoi, Viet Nam, 23rd March 2017—Just under 60 representatives from government agencies, research centres, businesses, and NGOs gathered in Hanoi to discuss polices that facilitate the fair and equitable sharing of benefits for people who earn income from the cultivation or collection of medicinal and aromatic plant (MAP) resources.
Endangered Species
Science Daily, 2017-03-23
Birds benefit from flocking together -- even when they're not of a feather. According to a new study, China's endangered crested ibises benefit from joining forces with other, more visually-oriented bird species while searching for food.
Inland Waters Biodiversity
Nature, 2017-03-23
The Great Lakes that straddle the border of Canada and the United States hold one-fifth of Earth's surface fresh water, and cover almost 250,000 square kilometres — an area larger than the United Kingdom.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
UN News Centre, 2017-03-23
22 March 2017 – Over a year ago, on 20 February 2016, Tropical Cyclone Winston made a category 5 landfall along the north coast of Fiji's largest, most populous island, Viti Levu, killing at least 44 people, and grounding flights to and from the Pacific Island nation.
Polar Biodiversity
United Press International (UPI), 2017-03-23
March 22 (UPI) -- Earth's combined polar sea ice extent -- the total sea ice coverage on both the planet's poles -- hit a record low in March.
United Press International (UPI), 2017-03-23
March 23 (UPI) -- Vast herds of caribou roaming the barren tundra are among the most iconic images of Arctic wildlife. But today, most of the world's barren-ground caribou and reindeer herds are on the decline.
Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation
Mongabay.com, 2017-03-23
Countries across the world created some of the largest marine protected areas (MPAs) last year, some spanning hundreds of thousands of square miles.
United Press International (UPI), 2017-03-23
March 22 (UPI) -- Ants are often thought of as pests, but new research suggests they offer a significant boost to soil health. Under most circumstances, farmers and gardeners should welcome their presence.

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