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Climate Change
AZoCleanTech, 2020-12-02
According to a new study, climate change could be mitigated through extensive management and protection of forests from deforestation, but these measures will involve a high cost if deployed at a large scale, as discussed by policymakers.
Relief Web, 2020-12-02
Sonia Gómez has spent her entire life around agriculture. She grew up on her parents’ plantation in the fertile mountains of Costa Rica before opening her own organic farm several years ago. But that experience did little to prepare her for what has become a dire threat to her business: climate change.
Guardian (International Edition), 2020-12-02
The outlook for five Australian world heritage sites including the Great Barrier Reef, the Blue Mountains and the Gondwana rainforests, has deteriorated, according to a global report that finds climate change is now the number one threat to the planet’s natural world heritage., 2020-12-02
Climate change is increasingly damaging the U.N.'s most cherished heritage sites, a leading conservation agency warned Wednesday, reporting that Australia's Great Barrier Reef and dozens of other natural wonders are facing severe threats.
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
Museums Association, 2020-12-02
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery has joined a global coalition that is raising awareness about the need to protect biodiversity.The museum, one of five run by Bristol City Council, has become the first UK institution, and seventh museum worldwide, to join the United for #Biodiversity, which was launched earlier this year on World Wildlife Day.
Landscape News, 2020-12-02
Street art has come a long way from its 1980s beginnings, when it began as an urban subculture of artistic daredevils spray-painting their imagery on subway cars and building façades in the thick of the night. Now, it’s one of the most popular and high-valued forms of contemporary art, and one of the most activistic. Leveraging their ability to reach one of the largest and most diverse audiences – anyone passing by – street artists are increasingly using their public works to address current issues, not the least of which is climate change.
Health and Biodiversity
The Telegraph, 2020-12-02
New infectious diseases could spread undetected in up to 20 per cent of the world's most connected cities, which are “slap bang in the middle” of high risk spillover zones but lack the health infrastructure needed to contain dangerous new pathogens.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Monaco Tribune, 2020-12-02
The Prince Albert II Foundation, the Oceanographic Institute, and biodiversity specialist Biotope have joined efforts to study the seahorse population off the Monaco coastline., 2020-12-02
The Covid-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus the relationship people around the world have with the ocean. As lockdowns eased, people flocked to the seashore and the beaches as the oceans’ appeal to the inner stirrings of both body and soul became more pronounced.
Research and Science
BBC News, 2020-12-02
Iceberg A68a has been imaged at high resolution for the first time in months - and it's in a ragged condition. The world's biggest berg is riven with cracks. Battered by waves and under constant attack from warm waters, it's now shedding countless small blocks. A68a, which broke away from Antarctica in 2017, is on a direct heading for the South Atlantic island of South Georgia.
BBC News, 2020-12-02
Experts are calling for urgent action to protect England's ponds, ditches and streams. Small freshwater habitats contain an abundance of life, including rare amphibians, insects and plants, they say. Yet, unlike large lakes and rivers, there is no obligation to monitor and protect them.
Guardian (International Edition), 2020-12-02
The world’s governments are “doubling down” on fossil fuels despite the urgent need for cuts in carbon emissions to tackle the climate crisis, a report by the UN and partners has found., 2020-12-02
A team of researchers from Duke University, the University of the Witwatersrand and Hunter College has found that elephants have the highest volume of daily water loss ever recorded in a land animal. In their paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, the group describes experiments they conducted with captive elephants to measure how much water they lose., 2020-12-02
Begonia comprises the sixth-largest genus of angiosperms and the number of accepted species of Begonia currently reaches more than 1,991 species. In China, about 221 species have been recorded according to the Flora of China., 2020-12-02
Once upon a time, everything theoretically could be managed with neatly functioning human inventions: wars could be won, diseases cured, weather predicted, crops improved. These days, things seem to be spinning out of control: violent weather, catastrophic wildfires, political upheavals, a global pandemic—all in a world increasingly crowded and interconnected by modern technology and transport, where one failure threatens to cascade into many., 2020-12-02
Every spring, streets across Australia turn purple with the delicate, falling flowers of jacarandas. This year, they'll likely be flowering over Christmas., 2020-12-02
Thousands of years ago, people in South America began domesticating Solanum pimpinellifolium, a weedy plant with small, intensely flavored fruit. Over time, the plant evolved into S. lycopersicum—the modern cultivated tomato., 2020-12-02
The devastation wrought by last summer's unprecedented bushfires created blackened landscapes across Australia. New life is sprouting, but with fires burning again in New South Wales and Queensland we have once more seen burnt land and smoke plumes., 2020-12-02
The search is on for lingering ash, those rare trees that have managed to survive the deadly onslaught of the emerald ash borer. Finding them in the forest is like looking for a needle in the haystack, but the University of Kentucky Department of Forestry and Natural Resources is partnering with the Kentucky Division of Forestry to find as many as possible in an effort to save the species.
United Nations
BBC News, 2020-12-02
"Our planet is broken," the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, will warn on Wednesday. Humanity is waging what he will describe as a "suicidal" war on the natural world. "Nature always strikes back, and is doing so with gathering force and fury," he will tell a BBC special event on the environment.
Guardian (International Edition), 2020-12-02
Governments responsible for 40% of the world’s coastlines have pledged to end overfishing, restore dwindling fish populations and stop the flow of plastic pollution into the seas in the next 10 years.
UNDP, 2020-12-02
The COVID-19 pandemic has turned Small Island Developing States (SIDS) economies and livelihoods on end. Many of these island states depend heavily on tourism to drive their development. With international travel severely restricted this year as well as global supply chains disrupted, economic contractions of up to 15 percent are predicted.


Climate Change
Loop News Jamaica, 2020-12-01
Jamaica has been designated the lead national authority among seven Caribbean countries for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) project, which is being undertaken through a US$1.2-million grant.
Carbon Brief, 2020-12-01
Water vapour is fundamental to life on Earth. As well as being a greenhouse gas, water vapour is the basis for clouds and rain. Therefore, it sustains plants, forests and our ability to grow food.
Relief Web, 2020-12-01
In 2018, 17.2 million people were internally displaced as a result of natural disasters (IDMC 2019). Just one year later, in 2019, 24.9 million people were displaced due to natural disasters and extreme weather events (IDMC 2020).
World Economic Forum, 2020-12-01
When Hannah Arendt, the German-American philosopher, reflected on the dawn of the nuclear age, she observed that a world that relegates existential questions to technical and scientific language alone is a world in which people have lost the ability to author their own life.
Guardian (New Zealand), 2020-12-01
Young people from 140 countries who attended an online “mock Cop26” climate summit have presented a treaty of 18 policies to Nigel Topping, the UK’s high level climate action champion.
Guardian (International Edition), 2020-12-01
The amount of affordable housing in the US vulnerable to coastal flooding is set to triple over the next 30 years, a new study has found in a further sign of the escalating hardships faced by low-income Americans amid an unraveling climate crisis.
Guardian (Australia), 2020-12-01
Australia has sweltered through its hottest spring and November on record, with both the season and the month more than 2C warmer than the long-term average.
Guardian (International Edition), 2020-12-01
Floods often bring ruin and devastation, usually only avoided using expensive flood barriers and other engineering. But there is a quick and easy way to avoid much flooding: by restoring or creating flood plains.