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Climate Change
Brinkwire, 2018-02-21
According to a recent study published in the journal Science Advances, dust that blew into the North Pacific Ocean could help illuminate why the Earth’s climate cooled 2.7 million years ago.
Business Green, 2018-02-21
Impact of floods, droughts and heatwaves on European cities will be worse than previously feared, say scientists. Late last month the banks of the River Seine burst and the Parisian waterway rose to almost three times its normal height, flooding several stations on Paris's busiest metro routes, as well as the ground floor of the Louvre and several parks.
Agriculture and Biodiversity
Jamaica Observer, 2018-02-21
A hundred coffee farmers in the Windsor Forest and Richmond Gap communities in St Thomas who lost millions of dollars worth of crops to a bush fire in the summer of 2015, are slowly making a recovery.
Business and Biodiversity
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2018-02-21
I was 10 years old when the mad cow disease scandal broke and I realized for the first time that the food I ate could be dangerous.I had no idea where my food came from and no way of understanding the potential negative impact it could have on my health. This was just the first of a series of food scandals that prompted me to take action to help improve the quality and sustainability of our food.
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
Business Line, 2018-02-21
Over 200 films makers along with a large contingent of scientists, students and film critics from across the country have gathered here for eighth edition of the National Science Film Festival of India (NSFFI) which began today at the P.D Hall of Gauhati University.
Forest Biodiversity
Deutsche Welle, 2018-02-21
This was to be a very special day: We'd spent the whole week at the One World Farm, a wildlife sanctuary in the rainforest of Costa Rica. The aim here isn't just to protect the rainforest and those who live in it, but to give volunteers a chance to get a taste of life within it and learn more about permaculture, sustainable agriculture and the life and traditions of the indigenous community.
Gender and Biodiversity
Your Story, 2018-02-21
This is the story of a collective in the hinterlands of the Western Ghats where ecologically conscious women are taking it upon themselves to conserve nature, preserve biodiversity and also provide sustainable livelihoods to the people around.
Invasive Alien Species
Jamaica Gleaner, 2018-02-21
CABI scientists have joined an international team of experts who suggest that the large-scale management of a range of some invasive plants could hold the key to reducing the spread of deadly malaria.
Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation
UN Environment, 2018-02-21
Scientists and policymakers agree that we need to step up efforts to conserve biodiversity. We need to move beyond legally protected areas, and we need to engage as many actors as possible from different economic sectors.
Research and Science
Tech Explorist, 2018-02-21
Male and female of same species can develop to be different to the point that they keep different species from advancing or colonizing living spaces. The study also challenges long-held hypotheses in transit normal choice drives the advancement of biodiversity.
Phys.org, 2018-02-21
Diploid vertebrates have two sets of chromosomes, one from each parent. In contrast, polyploidy, meaning to possess three or more sets of chromosomes, is very rare in animals. To find out how new vertebrate species have evolved, and, more generally, how the current biodiversity emerged, evolutionary biologists are studying green toads (Bufo viridis), an excellent model system for studying evolutionary processes, because they can be diploid or polyploid.
Phys.org, 2018-02-21
How do fish end up in isolated bodies of water? For centuries, researchers have assumed that water birds transfer fish eggs into these waters—however, a systematic literature review by researchers at the University of Basel has shown that there is no evidence of this to date.
BBC News, 2018-02-21
It is a fascinating insight into the biology of an extinct animal. Scientists have scanned all known preserved Tasmanian tiger "joeys" to better understand the marsupial's key early development phases.
Vietnam Plus, 2018-02-21
The central province of Quang Tri has planned to set up corridors to protect its biodiversity from urbanisation and illegal exploitation
The News Lens International, 2018-02-21
Earlier this month, PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, issued a grant call for three categories of projects worth a collective total of SG$30 million (US$22.6 million). The money will go to improving energy efficiency in water production, optimizing water efficiency in industrial processes, and using data analytics in water resource management.
ESI Africa, 2018-02-21
During African Utility Week’s keynote session on 16 May 2018, Janisch will address attendees on 'Biomimicry: Learn from and emulate nature’s genius to create more sustainable designs.'


Climate Change
EurekAlert, 2018-02-20
In the midst of an unseasonably warm winter in the Pacific Northwest, a comparison of four publicly available climate projections has shown broad agreement that the region will become considerably warmer in the next century if greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere rise to the highest levels projected in the the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) "business-as-usual" scenario.
The Standard, 2018-02-20
Ecosystem, biodiversity and ozone layer — for a layman in Zimbabwe these, among other technical jargon related to the environment and climate change, are complex words, which despite being publicised lack importance as they do not address the urgent “bread and butter” issues they are faced with each and every day.
Deccan Chronicle, 2018-02-20
Agriculture is central to the Indian economy. It accounts for 50per cent of the country’s employment and 18per cent of its GDP.
Xinhua (China), 2018-02-20
Several towns across Kenya, including the capital Nairobi, are facing an acute water shortage following a prolonged dry spell in the East African nation.
The Star, 2018-02-20
Several groups want Kenya's strategy to fight climate change revised to include projects that can directly help poor people. The environment lobbies say the strategy only focuses on large-scale infrastructure projects such as building more geothermal plants for energy production.
Climate Action, 2018-02-20
The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the UN has warned that hunger in Africa is being made worse by the impacts of climate change.
Agriculture and Biodiversity
UN Environment, 2018-02-20
Kenya is looking to develop agricultural activity that recognizes the benefits of biodiversity and climate-friendly land management.UN Environment and the National Museums of Kenya have agreed to work together to develop policy reforms in agriculture that take into account the value of ecosystems. A scoping workshop for the three-year German-funded project entitled Supporting Biodiversity and Climate-friendly Land Management in Agricultural Landscapes will take place on 21-22 February 2018. Other collaborating countries are Colombia, Tanzania and Thailand.
Chemicals and Pollution
BBC News, 2018-02-20
The global tide of ocean plastic pollution is a clear violation of international law, campaigners say. They have been urging for a new global treaty to tackle the problem.
Phys.org, 2018-02-20
Plastic waste in the ocean is a global problem; some eight million metric tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year.
Cities and Biodiversity
Wired, 2018-02-20
Gotham Greens’ boxed lettuces have been popping up on the shelves of high-end grocers in New York and the Upper Midwest since 2009, and with names like “Windy City Crunch,” “Queens Crisp,” and “Blooming Brooklyn Iceberg,” it’s clear the company is selling a story as much as it is selling salad.
Asia Times, 2018-02-20
Standing in the heart of Tokyo, it will be 70 stories tall and 1,148 feet, or 350 meters, high. It will also be a mixed development tower block with residential, retail and business spaces. And, of course, it will be made out of wood.
Forest Biodiversity
Mongabay (India), 2018-02-20
The word “pygmy” conjures images of hunter-gatherers living deep in the Congo rainforest, far removed from the modern world. But that modern world is closing in on them, as the forests in which they live fall to provide the rest of the world with timber and make way for huge industrial farms.
National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAP)
The Statesman, 2018-02-20
The Himachal Pradesh State Biodiversity Board has identified and listed 22 plant and 16 animals species as “threatened”, an official said on Monday. Separate committees of experts were notified by the board in December 2016 to identify the plants and animal species facing extinction, the board’s member secretary, Kunal Satyarthi, said.”On the basis of their report, a list of 38 species was prepared for issuing necessary notification by the Centre,” he said.
Polar Biodiversity
Guardian (UK), 2018-02-20
A team of international scientists is due to set off for the world’s biggest iceberg on Wednesday, fighting huge waves and the encroaching Antarctic winter, in a mission aiming to answer fundamental questions about the impact of climate change in the polar regions.

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