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Climate Change
Phys.org, 2017-02-20
Since 1980, populations of warm-dwelling species in Germany have increased.
Endangered Species
VietNamNet Bridge, 2017-02-20
As they have enormous size and always causes big waves when whisking their tail, the fish are called ‘sea monster of Mekong Delta’.
Gender and Biodiversity
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2017-02-20
HARARE, Zimbabwe (CIMMYT) - Little did 47-year-old Thokozile Ndhlela know that growing up in rural Zimbabwe would inspire her to become a well-respected agricultural scientist, helping transform agriculture by developing science-based solutions to some of the complex issues facing African farmers.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Mongabay.com, 2017-02-20
UNITED NATIONS, Feb 20 2017 (IPS) - Kids growing up in the Seychelles think of the ocean as their backyard, says Ronald Jean Jumeau, the Seychelles ambassador to the UN.
Guardian (UK), 2017-02-20
Oxygen levels in oceans have fallen 2% in 50 years due to climate change, affecting marine habitat and large fish such as tuna and sharks
Shanghai Daily, 2017-02-20
THE ocean is changing — and not for the better. Well-established scientific evidence shows that it is becoming emptier, warmer, and more acidic, putting marine life under serious pressure.
Polar Biodiversity
Nature, 2017-02-20
Rift through Larsen C ice shelf has grown to 175 kilometres, and collapse of nearby ice shelves could offer a glimpse of its future.
Traditional Knowledge, Innovations and Practices - Article 8(j)
CIFOR, 2017-02-20
In a fresh start in customary forest recognition by the State, President Joko Widodo bestows the right to manage customary forests on nine indigenous communities
Mongabay.com, 2017-02-20
Singapore has historically been a major hub for bird trade. But the trade, largely poorly managed, threatens exotic species, according to a new study.
Independent (UK), 2017-02-20
Conflicts like the infamous Cod Wars between the UK and Iceland could erupt across the globe unless countries co-operate to manage stocks effectively, expert warns


Climate Change
Deutsche Welle, 2017-02-17
When the foreign ministers of the world's 20 key economies meet to tackle the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on climate, there has to be something serious going on.
Phys.org, 2017-02-17
With climate change threatening crops in many parts of the world, Nicaragua is turning to a robust variety of coffee bean to protect one of its key exports.
Chemicals and Pollution
Guardian (UK), 2017-02-17
A search of hundreds of beaches across the UK has found almost three-quarters of them are littered with tiny plastic pellets.
Mother Jones, 2017-02-17
Humanity’s trash has near-universal dominion in the ocean. It swirls in the waves in immense “garbage patches,” drifts downward where it’s eaten by whales and turtles, and lands on the deepest sea floor to make it look like a landfill exploded on the moon.
Forest Biodiversity
IISD, 2017-02-17
February 2017: Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries, and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+) has been a central focus of forest-related publications and resources, and stakeholder action highlighting country-level developments.
Global Taxonomy Initiative
United Press International (UPI), 2017-02-17
"While color variations in organisms, such as stick insects, can be striking and inform us of phases of evolution, they're one small aspect of a multi-faceted speciation process," said evolutionary biologist Zach Gompert.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
BBC News, 2017-02-17
The importance of seagrasses to the health of coastal ecosystems is underlined in new research conducted around Indonesian atolls.
Mongabay.com, 2017-02-17
As the white motorboat juddered to a stop in the middle of a marsh in New York City’s Jamaica Bay, Russell Burke peered over the edge into the shallow, clear water. In the distance, a flock of Brent geese took to the crisp October air.
Tourism and Biodiversity
Aljazeera, 2017-02-17
Iceland's anti-whaling campaigners confront massive demand for whale meat driven by restaurants catering to tourists.
Eco-Business, 2017-02-17
Biodiversity in Southeast Asia is under serious threat with some parts of the region projected to lose up to 98 per cent of remaining forests in the next nine years, thanks to main deforestation drivers pulp-paper, rubber and oil palm.
Deutsche Welle, 2017-02-17
Africa continues to struggle with declining wildlife as many species are being hunted towards extinction. Sustainability and conservation are essential to Africa's future, says conservationist Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya.
CNN, 2017-02-17
(CNN) — Jaw-dropping nature footage is one of the many blessings provided by this age of TV abundance. So "Planet Earth II" -- coming a decade after the original -- seeks to up the ante, in part, by incorporating an environmental message.


Climate Change
CBC (Canada), 2017-02-16
Project would involve 10 million devices and cost $500 billion US
Chemicals and Pollution
Guardian (UK), 2017-02-16
Just under half of requests for exceptions to the neonicotinoids ban were filed by industry not farmers, legal analysis shows
Endangered Species
Mongabay.com, 2017-02-16
In 2015, a team of researchers left 21 camera traps on a previously unsurveyed ridge in Peru’s Sira Communal Reserve for six months and captured some of the first images of the critically endangered Sira curassow to be made publicly available.
Independent (UK), 2017-02-16
43-year-old legislation designed to save rare bald eagles, grey wolves and manatees heading for threatened list
Forest Biodiversity
Science Daily, 2017-02-16
If degraded and logged areas of tropical forests are left to nature, the populations of certain endangered tree species are not able to recover.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
UN News Centre, 2017-02-16
15 February 2017 – The world dumps the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every minute, the United Nations heard today at the start of a two-day meeting to prepare for this June's Ocean Conference that will aim to help safeguard
VietNamNet Bridge, 2017-02-16
Binh Dinh province has 134km of coastline with coastal waters surrounded by small islands and a diverse ecosystem comprising coral reefs, seagrass beds and aquatic animals.
Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2017-02-16
Hundreds of families from 44 tribal villages have been asked to leave their homes to ensure the security of a local tiger habitat

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