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Climate Change
The South African, 2018-12-13
South Africa is scaling-up its current ambitious efforts to address climate change, says Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom.
Deutsche Welle, 2018-12-13
Rapid urbanization and infrastructure development has led to serious environmental challenges in Pakistan. A young man wants to tackle these problems by motivating his fellow citizens to plant trees.
CTV (Canada), 2018-12-13
His canvases are painted from first-hand observation by a brush wielded in the outdoors and glow with the colours of the Canadian wilderness. But British Columbia artist Dominik Modlinski doesn't take his paints into the woods much anymore.
Forbes, 2018-12-13
In what many describe as the biggest international climate change negotiations since the 2015 Paris Agreement, COP24 convened this month in the city of Katowice, Poland. The recent landmark IPCC SR15 report on 1.5 °C global warming makes it abundantly clear that urgent and aggressive measures are required to avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change.
Luxembourg Times, 2018-12-13
The tradition ice wine, or eiswein in Luxembourg, produced right at the end of the season, could soon disappear due to climate change.
BBC News, 2018-12-13
The UN secretary-general has warned negotiators at a major meeting that failing to increase efforts on climate change would be "not only immoral but suicidal" for the planet.
The Weather Channel, 2018-12-13
El Niños are characterized by warmer-than-average ocean temperatures in the tropical Pacific. That can greatly impact global weather patterns. Researchers say the natural weather phenomenon will become more frequent in the decades to come due to global temperature rise.
Guardian (International Edition), 2018-12-13
“Global heating” is a more accurate term than “global warming” to describe the changes taking place to the world’s climate, according to a key scientist at the UK Met Office.
Irish Times, 2018-12-13
The UN climate talks have received a much-needed injection as they enter their final hours, with an alliance of 27 countries promising to step up efforts to tackle climate change under the Paris agreement.
Axios, 2018-12-13
Rapid climate change is transforming the Arctic, from the bottom of the sea floor to the top of windswept glaciers. Sea ice is disappearing, land-based ice is melting, and a domino effect of ecosystem changes have been set into motion, with unknown results.
CBC (Canada), 2018-12-13
The Canadian government is under intense pressure to fill a leadership void as countries try to hammer out how they will hold themselves accountable for implementing the Paris climate-change accord.
Business and Biodiversity
Cosmetics Business, 2018-12-13
The first hotel bathroom beauty range made from recycled plastic has hit the market. Envision Plastics and Nurture Hospitality Group (NHG) are responsible for developing the packaging, which are created from discarded plastic in Haiti, Caribbean.
Cities and Biodiversity
New York Times, 2018-12-13
The Vertical Forest buildings of the architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri make the most of the often overlooked and profound contributions of a single tree.
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
Popular Science, 2018-12-13
Earth is creeping and crawling with bugs—up to 30 million species and 10 quintillion individual insects. Bugs outnumber all other species in the animal kingdom by orders of magnitude. So it would make sense that they have a starring role in science textbooks, teaching students essential lessons about biological processes and biodiversity.
Health and Biodiversity
The Conversation, 2018-12-13
The Pacific yew tree is a fairly small and slow growing conifer native to the Pacific Northwest. The Gila monster is a lizard with striking orange and black markings from the drylands of the Southwestern US and Mexico. Two very different organisms, but with a fascinating connection.
Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Phillipine Information Agency, 2018-12-13
Following the agreement of 196 countries during the UN Biodiversity Conference to ensure the achievement of global biodiversity targets through actions at the global, regional, national, and sub-national levels, ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) Executive Director Dr. Theresa Mundita S. Lim expressed hoped for the hastened integration or mainstreaming of biodiversity conservation in development sectors such as agriculture, health, tourism, infrastructure, finance, and climate change.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Down to Earth, 2018-12-13
As global powers meet in Poland at the 24th Conference of Parties (COP 24) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, a study led by Stanford University sheds light on the impact of human-induced environmental change on the functioning of ecosystems, especially marine life.
Research and Science
Phys.org, 2018-12-13
As the climate changes, animals that can only survive in certain temperature ranges are being forced to relocate or perish. Pikas – small, arguably adorable mountain mammals that look like a cross between a rabbit and a gerbil – are the poster child of climate indicator species due to their severe sensitivity to heat.
Phys.org, 2018-12-13
For nearly 100 years, biologists have argued about how exactly natural selection can possibly work. If nature selects the individuals with the best genes, then why aren't all organisms the same? What maintains the genetic variation that natural selection acts upon, the genetic variation that has ultimately led to the spectacular diversity of life on Earth today? Recent findings made at Uppsala University suggest that the answer could be sex.
Traditional Knowledge, Innovations and Practices - Article 8(j)
Eco-Business, 2018-12-13
A new report highlights how important the role of forest communities and indigenous people in protecting forests as carbon sinks, and why it is important to recognise these land rights.
Infosurhoy, 2018-12-13
Conventional lawns are not sustainable, and one expert says it’s time to consider alternatives. Cruise through many neighborhoods or parks around the world, and you will find no shortage of well-manicured expanses of grass. Lawns look attractive, but they also choke out biodiversity and can require environmentally questionable practices to maintain.


Climate Change
India Today, 2018-12-12
About 252 years ago, the majority of the species on Earth were killed off in the great dying. It is noted as the worst mass extinction in our planet’s history.
The Nation, 2018-12-12
Graziano da Silva made the remarks at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum 2018 panel discussion on how to solve the climate crisis, with 2007 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former US Vice-President Al Gore as keynote speaker.
Guardian (International Edition), 2018-12-12
Richard Oswald did not need the latest US government report on the creeping toll of climate change to tell him that farming in the Midwest is facing a grim future, and very likely changing forever.
SwissInfo, 2018-12-12
Environment Minister Doris Leuthard says she is disappointed by the rejection of an amended law on carbon dioxide emissions by an alliance of rightwing and leftwing parties in parliament.
Capital News, 2018-12-12
The Kenyan delegation to the ongoing 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) commonly known as COP 24, have affirmed the Government’s commitment to ensure a speedy implementation of climate change action plans.
Straits Times, 2018-12-12
A strong, unequivocal signal that the world is united against climate change - that is Singapore's expected outcome from COP24, the ongoing United Nations climate talks in Katowice, Poland.
Green Biz, 2018-12-12
Salt is essential for cooking, but too much salt in soil can ruin crops and render fields useless. According to legend, Roman general Scipio Aemilianus Africanus sowed the soils of Carthage with salt after conquering the city during the Punic Wars. And after defeating the Italian town of Palestrina in 1298, Pope Boniface VIII is said to have plowed its lands with salt, "so that nothing, neither man nor beast be called by that name."
BBC News, 2018-12-12
The population of wild reindeer, or caribou, in the Arctic has crashed by more than half in the last two decades. A new report on the impact of climate change in the Arctic revealed that numbers fell from almost 5 million to around 2.1 million animals.
Business Green, 2018-12-12
Sporting royalty, and indeed plain royalty, gathered at COP24 on Tuesday to present the UN's first Sports for Climate Action Framework. The framework seeks to galvanise action from sports clubs, athletes, and fans around the world to reduce emissions from the sports industry and spread the word about the benefits of climate action.

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