COP 2 Decision II/11
Retired sections: paragraph 1(a).


The Conference of the Parties,

Recalling that the charge from its second meeting is to prepare for agenda item 6.6.1 of the programme of work for its third meeting where the Secretariat is asked to compile the views of Parties on possible options for developing national legislative, administrative or policy measures, as appropriate to implement Article 15;

Noting that regional efforts, based in part on the similarity of the genetic resources found in the region, are important to common strategies and therefore should be encouraged;

1. Requests the Executive Secretary to:
    (a) Further elaborate the survey of measures taken by Governments to implement Article 15, including any national interpretations of key terms used in that article, with a view to completing the survey in time for circulation at the third meeting of the Conference of the Parties;
    (b) Compile an annotated list of studies and other relevant information on the social and economic valuation of genetic resources, including the demand by industry for genetic resources;

2. Reaffirms that human genetic resources are not included within the framework of the Convention;

3. Urges Governments to send information on national measures to the Secretariat at their earliest convenience;

4. Recommends that the Secretariat not duplicate work underway in other forums.