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1.Addressing the underlying causes of deforestation and forest degradation: case studies, analysis and policy recommendations / Mary-Ellen Foley, Juliette Moussa, Hans J. H. Verolme.
1999 - Foley, Mary-Ellen; Moussa, Juliette; Verolme, Hans J. H.
Area: Forest Biodiversity
2.African indigenous peoples and REDD+; human rights, equity and forest carbon capture in climate mitigation
Areas: Forest Biodiversity; Climate Change and Biodiversity
3.All that glitters is not gold : balancing conservation and development in Venezuela's frontier forests / by Marta Miranda, [et al.].
1998 - Miranda, Marta
Areas: Forest Biodiversity; Economics, Trade and Incentive Measures
4.Annual report (Center for International Forestry Research).
Area: Forest Biodiversity
5.Annual report (International Union of Forest Research Organizations).
Area: Forest Biodiversity
6.Annual report (Tropenbos International).
Area: Forest Biodiversity
7.Area forest charter of Luberon Regional Nature Park, France: application of decision VI/12 of the COP 6, case study on the implementation of the ecosystem approach.
2002 - Landeau, Sandrine
Areas: Ecosystem Approach; Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation; Forest Biodiversity
8.Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission, Dehradun, India, 17-21 April 2006 / produced by Food and Agricutural Organization of the United Nations.
Area: Forest Biodiversity
9.Asia-Pacific forestry towards 2010 : report of the Asia-Pacific forestry sector outlook study / Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission.
Area: Forest Biodiversity
10.Asia-Pacific Forests and Forestry to 2020: Asia Pacific Forestry Sector Outlook Study II
Area: Forest Biodiversity
11.Assessing forestry project impacts : issues and strategies / by H. Gregersen ... [et al.]
1993 - Gregersen, H. M
Areas: Forest Biodiversity; Impact Assessment
12.Assessing the international forest regime / edited by Richard G. Tarasofsky.
1999 - Tarasofsky, Richard G.
Areas: Governance, Law and Policy; Forest Biodiversity
13.Assessment of capacity-building needs : access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity important for agriculture, forestry and reseach : Czech Republic / edited by Milena Roudná.
2006 - Roudná, Milena
Areas: Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-sharing; Agricultural Biodiversity; Forest Biodiversity
14.Assessment of the status of the world's remaining closed forests / prepared by Ashbindu Singh [et al.]
2001 - Singh, Ashbindu
Area: Forest Biodiversity
15.Assessment, conservation and sustainable use of forest biodiversity.
Area: Forest Biodiversity
16.Backs to the wall in Suriname : forest policy in a country in crisis / Nigel Sizer, [et al.].
1995 - Sizer, Nigel
Areas: Forest Biodiversity; Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity
17.Beech forests : a German contribution to the global forest biodiversity.
Area: Forest Biodiversity
18.Behind the logo: an environmental and social assessment of forest certification schemes / Saskia Ozinga.
2001 - Ozinga, Saskia
Areas: Forest Biodiversity; Impact Assessment; Business and Biodiversity
19.Best practices for improving law compliance in the forestry sector.
Areas: Governance, Law and Policy; Forest Biodiversity
20.Better forestry, less poverty : a practitioner's guide
Areas: Biodiversity for Development; Forest Biodiversity
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