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1.2002-07: medium term plan [Hundred and nineteenth session of the Council, 20-25 November 2000].
Area: Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
2.AEZ in Asia : proceedings of the regional workshop on agro-ecological zones methodology and applications; Bangkok, Thailand, 17-23 November 1991.
Area: Identification, Monitoring and Indicators
3.Agro-ecological assessments for national planning : the example of Kenya / Soil Resources, Management and Conservation Service, FAO Land and Water Development Division and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.
Area: Agricultural Biodiversity
4.Aquatic biodiversity in rice-based ecosystems : studies and reports from Indonesia, Lao PDR and the Philippines
5.Asia-pacific forestry commission Twenty-sixth session; Clark freeport zone, Philippines, 22-26 February 2016 (Report)
6.Asia-Pacific forestry towards 2010 : report of the Asia-Pacific forestry sector outlook study / Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission.
Area: Forest Biodiversity
7.Assessing forestry project impacts : issues and strategies / by H. Gregersen ... [et al.]
1993 - Gregersen, H. M
Areas: Forest Biodiversity; Impact Assessment
8.Atlas of international freshwater agreements.
c2002 - Wolf, Aaron T.
Area: Inland Waters Biodiversity
9.Best practices for improving law compliance in the forestry sector.
Areas: Governance, Law and Policy; Forest Biodiversity
10.Better forestry, less poverty : a practitioner's guide
Areas: Biodiversity for Development; Forest Biodiversity
11.Biodiversity for food and agriculture : contributing to food security and sustainability in a changing world
Area: Agricultural Biodiversity
12.Biological management of soil ecosystems for sustainable agriculture : report of the International Technical Workshop organized by EMBRAPA-Soybean and FAO, Londrina, Brazil, 24 to 27 June 2002.

Area: Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
13.Blue carbon : the role of healthy oceans in binding carbon : a rapid response assessment
2009 - Nellemann, Christian
Area: Climate Change and Biodiversity
14.Bringing back the forests : policies and practices for degraded lands and forests, proceedings of an international conference, 7-10, October 2002, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / editors H. C. Sim, S. Appanah and P. B. Durst.
2003 - Sim, C.; Appanah, S.; Durst, Patrick B.
Area: Forest Biodiversity
15.Building a common vision for sustainable food and agriculture : Principles and approaches
Areas: Agricultural Biodiversity; Sustainable Development / Millenium Development Goals
16.Climate change, forests and forest management : an overview / by William M. Ciesla.
1995 - Ciesla, William M.
Area: Forest Biodiversity
17.Community guidelines for accessing forestry voluntary carbon markets
2012 - Vickers, Ben; Trines, Eveline; Pohnan, Erica
Area: Forest Biodiversity
18.Community-based fire management : case studies from China, the Gambia, Honduras, India, the Lao People's Democratic Republic and Turkey.
Areas: Forest Biodiversity; Ecosystem Approach
19.Community-based management of animal genetic resources: proceedings of the workshop held in Mbabane, Swaziland, 7-11 May 2001.
Areas: Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-sharing; Ecosystem Approach
20.Conservation of genetic resources in tropical forest management : principles and concepts / based on the work of R.H. Kemp ; with scientific review by G. Namkoong and F.H. Wadsworth.
1993 - Kemp, R. H.; Namkoong, Gene; Wadsworth, Frank H. (Frank Howard)
Areas: Forest Biodiversity; Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-sharing
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