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papers by Southern NGOs on agro-fuels [#109]
There are several very worthwhile papers published by NGOs from developing countries on this matter. While not all of them are formally published, it is essential that their views are taken into account. We would like to highlight in particular a paper by the Brazilian NGO Forum analyzing the (lack of) efficiency and impacts of sugar cane, eucalypt and soy as potential agro-fuel sources, a paper by Tatiana Roa, CENSAT, Colombia, on the impacts of palmoil as agrofuel in Colombia,, a paper by Nnimmo Bassey of Eraction, Nigeria, on the impacts of agrofuels in Africa and a paper by Nizam Mashar of Sahabat Alam Malaysia analyzing the (lack of) efficiency and impacts of palmoil as agrofuel source. We will submit copies of these papers to the CBD Secretariat by email, as we feel it is important they are taken into account in this consultation.
posted on 2007-03-09 15:33 UTC by Simone Lovera, Global Forest Coalition

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