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recommendations to reduce the negative impacts [#69]
4.1- The development of appropriate database on economic, social and environmental effects on developing counties of biofuels expansion, due to the lack of such data/ information.

4.2- The FAO announced recently to research the food – versus – fuel issue, through in-depth country studies, aiming to derive knowledge on how to avoid or minimize potential food security impacts , and to determine to which extend and under which circumstances biofuels could contribute positively to food security.
The outcome of this research should be considered in safeguarding future biofuels development against food/ feed production.

4.3- However, the issues of alternative energy sources, and the potential of agriculture as a source of the biomass feedstocks for the production of liquid biofuels, continue to draw interest.
posted on 2007-02-20 11:42 UTC by Mr Michel Khouzami

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