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guidelines for positive and sustainable use of biofuels in rural development [#77]
The following guidelines are a result of evaluation and research approaches:

Use oils with diverse local markets (non energy and energy products)
Use the oils locally to add value on exisiting products
Use oils in as manner to give alternative income that would help or contribute to reduce non sustainable pressure on other resource eg forests
Use oils from seeds with economic value in the non oil part
Use oil producing plants that can be part of agroforestry and therefore cost no land (not compete with food crops)
Use oils from indigenous plants whose precocity and yield can be increased easily
Use oil producing plants that can improve soils or moisture conservation
Given that ecosystems are a local defiance of entropy and create complexity, energy should always be seen as a byproduct and not the main product
Biofuels are best developed as part of a tripartite environmental stewardship partnerhip (land owner:farm worker:ethical/ecological company) using transparent long term environmental stewardship contracts.
posted on 2007-02-23 12:33 UTC by Prof Steven Newman, Biodiversity International Ltd

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