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Selection of biofuels documents for reference (inc. EEA, UK Government, UK Devolved Administrations and others) [#88]
Various elements in the following documents of relevance for consideration:

Particularly related to Questions 2-4, with elements of relevance also for Question 1

1). European Environment Agency EEA Report No 7/2006
How much bioenergy can Europe produce without harming the environment?

2). House of Lords European Union Committee 47th Report of Session 2005–06
The EU Strategy on Biofuels: from field to fuel November 2006
Volume I: Report
Volume II: Evidence

3). Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department Environmental Research Report 2006/02
Review of Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Emissions, Air Pollution Impacts and Economics of Biomass Production and Consumption in Scotland
Web version:

4). Scottish Natural Heritage Draft Policy Statement November 2006
Biomass energy and the natural heritage:  an overview and policy statement
(attached as separate)

5). Biofuels Sustainability and Reporting Draft Environmental Standards for Biofuels. A Report Commissioned by the LowCVP
By: The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, IIED, ADAS and Imperial College 18th July 2006

6). Low Carbon Vehicle partnership - Biofuels Sustainability and Reporting
Brief report on LowCVP activity on biofuels sustainability and reporting (Oct 2006)

7). Low Carbon Vehicle partnership Accelerating progress towards low carbon vehicles and fuels September 2005. Future Fuels

8). WWF - Sustainability Standards for Bioenergy. November 2006

Various elements may be of relevance for Questions 2-4, but mainly for Questions 1:

9). Wheat as a feedstock for alcohol production. Research Review No. 61
December 2006 by T C Smith, D R Kindred, J M Brosnan, R M Weightman, M Shepherd, & R Sylvester-Bradley. Funded by The Home-Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA).

10). Well-to-Wheel Evaluation for Production of Ethanol from Wheat. A Report by the LowCVP Fuels Working Group, WTW Sub-Group.
LowCVP report (Oct 2004) on well-to-wheel greenhouse gas implications of different pathways for producing bioethanol from wheat
posted on 2007-02-23 14:37 UTC by Mr Stephen Grady, Joint Nature Conservation Committee

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