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Perspectives from a Developing Country [#90]
Developing countries like India are pursuing ambitious Biodiesel Strategies:

My comments are confined to Biodiesel

They will have energy security
- redemption from the bondage to oil-producing countries
- local production of biofuels
- significant savings in foreign exchange

Energy pricing risks are better hedged
- Insulated from the rising costs of petro fuels over which the  country has no control
- Diversification of fuel sources and internal management of agricultural commodity prices

Encouraging local economy
- Increasing business opportunities and incomes of farmers
- Retaining incomes within the country instead of paying for expensive imports of petro fuels

Poverty alleviation and building of infrastructure
- Opportunities for use of vegetable oils to run power plants to supply power in rural areas
- reduction of energy costs since Vegetable Oil/ Biodiesel may enjoy a compartive cost advantage in the Indian context
- Minimal additional investments of capital required since basic infrastructure for extraction of vegetable oils already exist, and some additional investments may be needed to produce Biodiesel
- Possibilities for using Straight Vegetable Oils without any additional processing

Environmental advantages
- Farming on wastelands, with minimal use of energy, fertilisers and other inputs
- Greening of countryside, increase in vegetation
- Use of green fuels, lesser emissions
posted on 2007-02-24 01:54 UTC by Mr Kumar HV, Crestar Capital India Private Limited

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