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Global Bioenergy Partnership [#91]
The Global Bioenergy Partnership is a relatively new grouping, requested by the G8, launched at a UN Commission for Sustainable Development meeting in May 2006, and having a Secretariat hosted at FAO. 

Immediate priorities for the programme of work are listed as:
- Raising awareness and facilitating information exchange on bioenergy.
- Bioenergy and trade.
- Bioenergy and sustainability (UNEP has a lead on developing sustainability criteria).
- Methodologies for measuring GHG emission reductions from the use of bioenergy.

Further details can be found on:

GBEP's own website does not yet exist; it is one of the items on the agenda for the Technical Working Group meeting (26 and 27 Feb 07), and is expected soon.
posted on 2007-02-26 06:42 UTC by Dr Lera Miles, UNEP-WCMC

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