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AFG Consultants
The AFG Consultants conducts its business activities with actions and vision for the future, trying to establish their values, the social and environmental responsibility and sustainability. As a responsible company and concerned with the current rates of emissions, and loss of biodiversity on our planet, and their resulting impacts, develop projects aimed at the development and application of methods, techniques and technologies that reduce emissions carbon through the use of renewable and efficient energy, sustainable processes, and with the preservation or restoration of forests. Using the carbon market to support these projects, we developed the design, development, approval, audit, and certification of environmental projects that generate credits or carbon offsets. We act as partners in each project from day one until the last day of duration of each project.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

Business Movement for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
The MEB (Business Movement for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity) was created in September 2010 by the Ethos Institute, private companies and NGOs with the purpose of promoting the mobilization and engagement of the business sector to assume voluntary actions and act directly for the construction of public politicies regarding the use of the Brazilian biodiversity. MEB undertakes activities regarding sustainable development through the promotion of the economic growth within better business practices, and seeks to contribute to the construction and improvement of the regulatory point of access for Brazilian biodiversity.
Subject(s): Business and Biodiversity

Hdom Engenharia e Projetos Ambientais
Hdom Engenharia e Projetos Ambientais, aware of global concern in relation to climate and its changes, seeks to help governments, companies and individuals to act locally to minimize the environmental impacts of their activities. Given this context, Hdom wants to assist in the use of carbon in a pragmatic way to keep the forest standing through REDD. With a highly qualified and experienced team in the planning and execution of forest inventories that aims to determine the stock of carbon in the Amazon region, Hdom processes the data and prepares the PDD for the subsequent generation of carbon credits for the voluntary market.

A Hdom Engenharia e Projetos Ambientais, ciente da preocupação mundial em relação ao clima e suas mudanças, busca auxiliar governos, empresas e indivíduos a agir localmente de modo a minimizar os impactos ambientais de suas atividades. Diante deste contexto, a Hdom deseja auxiliar a utilização do carbono de forma pragmática de modo a manter a floresta em pé, por meio da modalidade REDD. Com uma equipe altamente especializada e com experiência no planejamento e execução de inventários florestais para determinação do estoque de carbono na região amazônica, a Hdom processa os dados e elabora o DCP para posterior geração de créditos de carbono para o mercado voluntário.
Subject(s): International Year of Biodiversity - 2010

Instituto Biotrópicos
Instituto Biotrópicos is an environmental NGO, established in Brazil in 2003, recognized by the Brazilian federal government as a Research Institute. Our mission is to develop and spread out knowledge about biological diversity, seeking scientific development, socio-environmental education and nature conservation.

Our institutional objectives are:
  • Development of research projects focused on biodiversity inventories, natural history, ecology, conservation, biology and environmental education;
  • Provision of scientific information to guide conservation strategies, biodiversity management actions and public policies;
  • Formation of human resources to act in research and biodiversity conservation;
  • Promotion of partnerships with private organizations with focus on socio-environmental development.
Subject(s): Communication, Education and Public Awareness

Instituto EcoFaxina
The Instituto EcoFaxina is a non governmental and non-profit organization that conducts various voluntary cleanup and environmental education actions in the coastal and marine waters off the coast of State of Sao Paulo. Actions are a way to alert nearby communities, especially the estuarines areas, where it is common to have piles and slums polluting the mangroves with solid waste and sewage.
Subject(s): Communication, Education and Public Awareness

Instituto Orbis de Proteção e Conservação da Natureza
The Orbis Institute for Nature Protection and Conservation is an environmental NGO from Caxias do Sul, State of Rio Grande do Sul, whose mission is "To integrate human being to the environment to harmonize that coexistence" considering the current distance from Nature by urban people. We work primarily with broad-spectrumenvironmental education and ecological research.

O Instituto Orbis de Proteção e Conservação da Natureza é uma ONG ambientalista de Caxias do Sul, no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, que tem por missão “Integrar o ser humano ao Meio Ambiente harmonizando essa convivência” haja vista o atual distanciamento da Natureza por parte das pessoas urbanas. Trabalhamos essencialmente com Educação Ambiental de largo espectro e com pesquisa ecológica.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020; International Year of Biodiversity - 2010

LIFE Certification
LIFE Certification is a pro-biodiversity certification that can be applied to companies in business management and sustainable and socially responsible practices.
Subject(s): Business and Biodiversity

Ministério do Meio Ambiente - Brazil
The Secretariat of Biodiversity and Forests is the part of the Brazilian government which proposes and defines policies and strategies for all the country's biomes in topics related to the conservation, valorization and sustainable use of biodiversity, genetic heritage and associated traditional knowledge. Activities and duties resulting thereof are shared amongst the four departments it coordinates: the Department of Biodiversity Conservation, the Department of Forests, the Department of Protected Areas and the Department of Genetic Heritage.
Subject(s): Forest Biodiversity; Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation; Genetic Use Restriction Technologies; Biodiversity for Development; Climate Change and Biodiversity; Governance, Law and Policy; Endangered Species; Sustainable Use of Biodiversity

Museum of Sciences and Technology of the Rio Grande do Sul University
The primary goal of the MCT is to awaken the scientific spirit, stimulate curiosity, and make science fun. The permanent exhibits include more than 800 interactive experiments that give visitors a fun and exciting way to learn about natural phenomena and man's relationship with the world. The MCT building is composed of five floors and two mezzanines totaling 17,500 m2. Exhibits are distributed on the three top floors and two mezzanines and are designed for all ages and levels of interest. The first underground floor is dedicated to administration, laboratories, and project development workshops. The second underground floor houses the scientific collections and includes miscellaneous storage space. The Museum of Sciences and Technology possesses numerous Sectors with associated scientific collections and laboratories. In these laboratories Museum scientists and support staff carry out collection maintenance, prepare specimen loans, and conduct research. Many undergraduate and, especially, graduate students carry out their thesis research in these Sectors. The MCT includes the following Sectors: Archeology, Paleontology, Fishes, Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles, Crustaceans, Molluscs, Insects, Spiders and Myriopods, and Herbarium.

Planeta Sustentável
Planeta Sustentável (Sustainable Planet, in English) is a Special Media Project, which involves 38 titles from Abril Group, including: National Geographic Brasil; VEJA, the world’s third largest weekly news magazine; and Exame, the largest and most influential business magazine in Brazil.
Subject(s): Business and Biodiversity

Projeto Filosoclics®Mantiqueira
The filosoclics®Mantiqueira Project is aimed to bringing nature and the inhabitants of great urban centers closer. It also promotes helpful data for conservational purposes.
We will introduce species of fauna and flora, specially birds, through a photographic mapping. The area of study comprises the region between Gonçalves and Sapucaí-Mirim cities in the State of Minas Gerais and São Bento do Sapucaí City, in the state of São Paulo, all part of Serra da Mantiqueira. It belongs to the ecological corridor of the Serra do Mar, a hotspot or prior area inside the Brazilian Atlantic RainForest (Mata Atlântica) for the conservation of flora species as well as an IBA (Important Bird Área – for the conservation of bird species).

We work hard to spread the culture of sustainability. We believe that the more people aware about the importance of this theme in the routine of their lives, soon we will have a world more balanced and fair. We believe that just as there was the “Iluminism” in the late 17th century now is the time for a new awareness.