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Our principal objective is to help assess the biodiversity of Mediterranean Chile.
Our organization is comprised of people committed to finding a balance between the human communities and the natural environment of Central Chile as well as the entire nation.
“We are aware of the environmental challenges involved in building a society that understands the interdependence of human beings and their environment.”
Our mission is to contribute to the development of a new society that will work together to create networks among actors concerned about environmental protection.

Escuela Francisco Andrés Olea
In Francisco Olea School our main goals are to contribute to the world wide work improving the academic family’s day-by-day habits. In addition, we would like to expand the work already done to invite more people to protect the environment and to be part of this project.

impossible2Possible - Expedition Atacama 2014
For the 9th stage of the impossible2Possible World Expedition Series a Youth Ambassador team will venture to a place where Founder Ray Zahab was pushed to the limit. In 2011 Ray ran 1200 grueling kilometers in 20 days across one of the driest and most unforgiving places on earth - the Atacama Desert in Chile! The i2P youth team will re-trace part of Ray’s expedition and run an average of a marathon per day for six consecutive days! The challenge will test their perseverance, resiliency, and dedication while they Educate, Inspire, and Empower thousands of students around the world! The i2P Youth Expedition Atacama is planned for May 2014. [br] Registration deadline: 1 Jan 2014.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020; Youth and Biodiversity