Regional Capacity-Building Workshop for the Caribbean Region on Traditional Knowledge and Customary sustainable use under the Convention on Biological Diversity

14 - 18 December 2015 Saint John's, Antigua and Barbuda

Tony Rodney James (Guyana); Peter Brand’s St. Gilles (Haiti); Carim Pierre (Haiti); Clint Todd Lewis (St. Vincent and the Grenadines); Louis Elberto Biswane (Surinam); Pamella Thomas (Antigua and Barbuda);Sharon Dalso (Antigua and Barbuda);Ruth Spencer (Antigua and Barbuda);Alicia Cornelius (Antigua and Barbuda);Timothy Payne (Antigua and Barbuda);Rodney George (Antigua and Barbuda);Lucia Mings (Antigua and Barbuda);Andelle Trotman (Antigua and Barbuda);Brenda Thomas-Odlum (Antigua and Barbuda);Rosalyn Simon (Antigua and Barbuda);Clovis St. Romain (Antigua and Barbuda); Philmore James (Antigua and Barbuda); Cathrona Samuel (Antigua and Barbuda);Anthony Spencer(Antigua and Barbuda); Michelle Joseph (Antigua and Barbuda); Sandra Joseph (Antigua and Barbuda); Valerie Spencer(Antigua and Barbuda);Josie Ann Spencer (Antigua and Barbuda);Zenworth David (Antigua and Barbuda); Khabry Beagen (Antigua and Barbuda); Evelyn Weekes(Antigua and Barbuda); Evaun Spencer(Antigua and Barbuda);Amoci B. Clarke (Antigua and Barbuda); Viviana Figueroa (SCBD) and Djessy Monnier (SCBD).