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posted on 2009-02-14 11:11 UTC by Anonymous
RE: Solamente las personas que han vivido de la Naturaleza conocen y pueden manejarla correctamente [#358]
I agree that the vast majority of policies, laws and decisions about nature have been made  and continue to be made by people who do not live in close contact with nature. This may be one of the root causes of continued biodiversity loss. There is clearly a need to change from this top-down approach to one that is based on recognition and respect for the knowledge, practices and rights of indigenous peoples and local communities that live with and of nature, and to ensure their full and effective participation in decision-making policies and legal reforms dealing with biodiversity at all levels (local, national, regional, international). The effective implementation of 10c would be a good step in the direction to protect biodiversity, uphold rights, and contribute to sustainable development. Governments' political will and the strengthening of traditional and local organisations and institutions are vital for this to happen.
posted on 2009-02-17 16:47 UTC by Dr Maurizio Ferrari, Forest Peoples Programme
RE: Solamente las personas que han vivido de la Naturaleza conocen y pueden manejarla correctamente [#364]
I totally agree that one of the main problems facing the biodiversity is un specialized people who set the laws and policies of nature and biological conservation but I would like to add another similar problem which is the conflict between the policies inside the different stakeholders. (i.e. when you establish a national committee to cooperate for drafting a powerful tool -national legislation- to protect the biological resources as well as the community knowledge, each stakeholder look for his own benefit not for the community of the home country. It is very important to find a mechanism to raise the awareness of the different ministries and institutions to understand the importance of these resources and how can they think to protect and sustain this wealth.
posted on 2009-02-18 07:24 UTC by Mr ADEL TAG EL DIN, Egypt