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Documentation and Respecting Cultural Events of Forest Peoples [#372]
The indigenous and local peoples of the Sundarbans observe some cultural events and festivals related with resource collection and using. These events derivd from practices of hundreds of years and support tolerant collection of biodiversity resources. Some of the cultural events are periodical and some of them are occassional. These occassions are related with sacred belief on gods and godesses who are protector of forest trees and wildlives. So, these cultural events and festivals have an important role in conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources. Some initiatives should be taken to protect, enrich and disseminate these cultural events:
1. Support to organize the events
2. Documentation of the cultural events
3. Incorporating stories/myths in school text books

We should include importance of Cultural Practices in the abstract.
posted on 2009-03-05 19:17 UTC by Hasan Mehedi, Humanity Watch