2019-2020 inter-sessional period

Study related to Article 10 of the Nagoya Protocol

In decision NP-3/13 (paragraph 5 (a)) the Parties requested the Executive Secretary to commission, subject to availability of resources, a peer-reviewed study to identify specific cases of genetic resources and traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources that occur in transboundary situations or for which it is not possible to grant or obtain prior informed consent.

The tentative timeline for this study is as follows:

Date Activity
March 2020 Peer review of commissioned studies (see notification 2020-028 of 10 March 2020)
April 2020 Final study made available for consideration by the third meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation
1-6 September 2020 Third Meeting of Subsidiary Body on Implementation

The study is made possible thanks to financial support from the European Union, Belgium and South Africa.

Peer review of the study related to Article 10:

The study related to Article 10 of the Nagoya Protocol is now open for peer review comments.

The Study is available for download: Study to Identify Specific Cases of Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge Associated with Genetic Resources that Occur in Transboundary Situations or for Which it is not Possible to Grant or Obtain Prior Informed Consent

Due to a technical error, the study document was replaced with an updated version. The line/page numbering did not change.

The deadline for peer review is 6 April 2020.

Please note that the document is a draft, for comments only, and not for citation or other uses.

Please use the template for peer-review comments and send your comments, preferably in Word format, to the Secretariat by e-mail at: secretariat@cbd.int.

The peer-review comment received by the Secretariat are listed in alphabetical order:

Parties to the Nagoya Protocol
Submission by received

Belarus 23 March 2020
Bulgaria 19 March 2020
Côte d'Ivoire 24 March 2020
Madagascar 11 March 2020
Switzerland 31 March 2020

Organizations and stakeholders
Submission by received

Fledge 17 March 2020
Joseph Henry Vogel 23 March 2020