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Business.2020 Newsletter: Special Focus on Access and Benefit-sharing

  Business.2020, November 2015
Special Focus on Access and Benefit-Sharing

Explanatory Guide to the Nagoya Protocol

  Explanatory Guide to the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing (IUCN, 2012)

Faciltates understanding of the legal obligations of the Parties under the Nagoya Protocol and serves as an adaptable tool for future ABS capacity-building and awareness raising initiatives.

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Strategic Communication for ABS Guide

  Strategic Communication for ABS: A Conceptual Guide and Toolkit for Practitioners (ABS Initiative, 2016)

Provides guidance on the role, relevance and use of communication for implementing ABS systems at the national level. Provides an overview of communication considerations, approaches and methods for the different phases of ABS implementation.

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