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The ABS Clearing-House (ABSCH)

The ABS Clearing-House

The Access and Benefit-sharing Clearing-House (ABS Clearing-House) is a platform for exchanging information on access and benefit-sharing established by Article 14 of the Protocol, as part of the Clearing-House of the CBD established under Article 18, paragraph 3 of the Convention. Parties are to provide and update the information required under the Protocol through this information-exchange system.

The ABS Clearing-House is a key tool for facilitating the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, by enhancing legal certainty and transparency on procedures for access and benefit-sharing, and for monitoring the utilization of genetic resources along the value chain, including through the internationally recognized certificates of compliance.

Visit and start exploring the ABS Clearing-House?

The ABS Clearing-House offers three main functions: to register information, to search information and to browse country profiles.

Register information

The information published on the ABS Clearing-House is classified in two different categories: national records and reference records.

Only countries can publish national records in the ABS Clearing-House. National records are national information published by Parties and non-Parties which is relevant for the implementation of the Protocol, including information Parties are obliged to provide in accordance with the Protocol. It includes information on ABS measures, contact information of national authorities and information on permits and their equivalent constituting internationally recognized certificates of compliance. To ensure the reliability of that information, the registration and publication of national records is restricted to publishing authorities officially designated by Parties and non-Parties. The publishing authority can prepare draft records and publish them directly, or can designate one or more national authorized users to assist them in preparing draft records for their publication in the ABS-CH. The form to designate the publishing authority and national authorized users can be downloaded here.

Anyone with a CBD account can publish reference records. Reference records may include meeting documents, communications, literature about ABS, as well as training and capacity building materials. However, the Secretariat of the CBD verifies these records before publication. To open a CBD Clearing-house account click here. Click here to register information.

Search information

The search function allows you to filter the information by thematic areas, country, type or date of publication.

Browse country profiles

Country profiles provide a snapshot of all ABS national information published by governments in the ABS Clearing-House.

Need help?

The help section of the ABS Clearing-House contains more information about the ABS Clearing-House, and frequently asked questions on getting a CBD account, finding information and registering information. The ABS-CH also provides Help Desk services that offer technical support for registering or searching information. In addition, our team organizes regular trainings to help users become familiar with the functions of the ABS Clearing-House.


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