Details of Measure

General Description
Country or Region Argentina
Official Title Decreto No 474 de Biodiversidad (Provincia de Misiones)
Level Sub-national
Sub-national Entity Provincia de Misiones
Type of Measure Regulation
Status of Measure Adopted
Date of Adoption 2002-05-22
Additional Information
Full-text of Measure Document

Main ABS Elements

ABS Element
Description Relevant articles and sections
National Focal Point Link to Argentina - National Contacts
Competent National Authority
Minister of Ecology and Renewable Natural Resources Art. 1
Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Procedures
Authorization of CNA for collection of all plant and animal specimens Art. 52
Collection of plants used for medicine, aroma and food for commercial-purposes prohibited in protected areas Art. 40
Collection of specimens for hatcheries/nurseries Art. 33
Permit for collection of ornamental plants Art. 42-43
Registration with CNA - users of medicinal plants Art. 38
Registration with CNA - users of native ornamental plants Art. 8
Mutually Agreed Terms (MATs)
Annual sworn declaration Art. 11
Benefit-sharing Art. 56
Exemptions for scientific research Art. 53
Property rights over genetic resources Art. 55
Sharing of research results Art. 54
Compliance Mechanisms
Fines for extraction or collection of ornamental plants in protected areas Art. 12
Infractions and fines Art. 66-67, 77
Itenerant sale of indigenous ornamental plants prohibited without permit Art. 15
Import, export and transportation of specimens Art. 22-23, 44-48
Provincial registry of establishements containing plants used for medicine, aroma and food Art. 37

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