Details of Measure

General Description
Country or Region Denmark
Official Title Greenland Home Rule Parliament Act No. 20 of November 20th 2006 on Commercial and Research-Related Use of Biological Resources
Level Sub-national
Sub-national Entity Greenland
Type of Measure Legislation
Status of Measure Entered into force
Date of Entry into Force 2006-12-01
Additional Information
Full-text of Measure Document

Main ABS Elements

ABS Element
Description Relevant articles and sections
National Focal Point Link to Denmark - National Contacts
Competent National Authority
Greenland government or the authorised utilisation entrerprise/s Sec. 2 Art. 4
All forms of commercial and research-related acquisition and use of biological resources. Publication of results. Patenting. Sec. 1 Art. 2.1
Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Procedures
Survey licence Sec. 1 Art. 6-7
Transfer to a third party Sec. 3 Art. 6.10
Mutually Agreed Terms (MATs)
Commercial licences Sec. 6, Art. 11
Private law agreements Sec. 1 Art 6.5, Sec. 4 Art 8.4, Sec. 6 Art 10.4
Survey licence Sec. 1. Art. 6.4
Compliance Mechanisms
Annual reporting requirements Sec. 7 Art. 12
Compensation or confiscation of illegally earned benefits and intellectual property rights Sec. 10 Art.17
Duty of information when publishing survey results and applying for patents Sec. 4 Art 8, Sec. 5 Art. 9
Fines Sec. 10 Art.16
Withdrawal of survey and/or commercial licence Sec. 8 Art. 13
Appeals of decisions Sec. 9 Art.15

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