Details of Measure

General Description
Country or Region Peru
Official Title Ley No 27811, Ley Que Establece El Régimen de Protección de los Conocimientos Colectivos de los Pueblos Indígenas Vinculados a los Recursos Biológicos
Level National/Federal
Type of Measure Legislation
Status of Measure Entered into force
Date of Entry into Force 2002-08-10
Additional Information
Full-text of Measure Document

Main ABS Elements

ABS Element
Description Relevant articles and sections
National Focal Point Link to Peru - National Contacts
Protection of collective knowledge of indigenous peoples Art. 3
Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Procedures
Conditions of access to collective knowledge Art. 6-7
Mutually Agreed Terms (MATs)
Benefit-sharing and license contracts Art. 8, 27-28
Compliance Mechanisms
Actions for violation of rights of indigenous peoples Art. 43
Application for the registration of collective knowledge Art. 20
Collective knowledge in the public domain Art. 13

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