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Business Case for Biodiversity

We live in an age where environmental and sustainability issues are more visible than ever before, but we are also faced with an ongoing and difficult recovery from the financial crisis and consequent economic uncertainty. While environmental and economic concerns may appear to be very different issues, and in fact at odds with each other, they are actually deeply intertwined. Sustainability and the protection of biodiversity is a huge business opportunity. Consumers are becoming more aware of environmental issues and are increasingly looking for “green” products. Companies are increasingly being obliged to consider these issues in their business models, decisions, sourcing and production methods. Managing biodiversity is therefore a way to manage risk. The consequences of biodiversity degradation and loss can lead to a higher cost for inputs to business processes, or the disruption of key elements of a value chain. Biodiversity is also increasingly being considered by governments, with the consequence that there is an increasing level of regulation in a number of fields. Companies therefore ignore biodiversity at their own peril.

Taking action

There are many things that companies can do, and are doing, to address and mitigate these impacts. The case studies you can find on this website are real-life examples of businesses taking action and creating a beneficial impact to the environment and to their bottom line. The tools and mechanisms listed here will guide you to take positive actions.

For more information on the state of biodiversity and biodiversity loss, please refer to the Global Biodiversity Outlook.

For more information on ecosystem services, please see The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) report.

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