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Business Reporting on Biodiversity

There is a relative lack of systematic data and hence reporting in the area of impacts and dependencies of businesses on biodiversity.

In response to this the twelfth Conference of Parties (COP) (decision XII/10), aimed to achieve an understanding of the current situation with regard to business reporting on biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services through a review of the current schemes and research on this topic. The review was used to develop an initial framework of recommendations for reporting on biodiversity, called a Typology of Actions for reporting on business-related actions.

The report provided to Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI 1) was a review of existing government and stock exchange requirements on reporting as well as the existing reporting mechanisms available for businesses specifically around biodiversity related issues. The report can be found HERE.

Additional materials:

  • A document reviewing the questions and categories used by the various reporting schemes can be found HERE.

  • A consolidated version of this document (the categories used by the various reporting schemes along with the numbers of questions & schemes associated with each category) can be found HERE.

Further work on the typology of actions was requested with a view to providing draft guidance for consideration by the Subsidiary Body on Implementation at its second meeting. (COP 13 Decision XIII/3).

With financial support provided by the European Union, the subsequent research looked at businesses sustainability reports to assess the level, if any, of biodiversity reporting.

Hundred of company’s reports were analysed from a range of sectors and regions resulting a more concise typology of actions based on the research and the existing reporting schemes such as the Global reporting Initiative (GRI). The report is available HERE.

It is worth noting that at COP 13 in Cancun, a Business and Biodiversity Pledge was launched which requires signatories to report on their activities related to biodiversity.

Over 140 entities have signed the pledge and the secretariat is currently compiling the reports. In addition, several of the Global Partnership for Business and Biodiversity Initiatives have their own pledges: France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, Spain and Sri Lanka More information about the Global Partnership is available HERE.

Information on Business and Biodiversity Reporting

Please find below more information on business reporting on sustainability including biodiversity.