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Chilean Business and Biodiversity Initiative

The Chilean Initiative on Business and Biodiversity was launched during a workshop held in Santiago on July 18th. In order to start working on the implementation of the Initiative, a half-day meeting was held the following day (July 19th) with key stakeholders. The idea was to discuss with potential partners the ways in which the Initiative could be developed at a national level, while integrating with the Global Partnership.

The Chilean Initiative has started to prepare a proposal that will be addressed in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment of Chile, Fundación Chile and a group of private companies who are seeking to incorporate the concepts promoted by CBD in their work. In this way, we are currently working on the consolidation of a technical-administrative staff to conduct and lead the activities involved. These activities included promoting the knowledge about natural ecosystems through training of the emerging themes related to biodiversity to captivate the active role of companies, by promoting the implementation of various joint projects that benefit biodiversity and generate higher visibility for companies in different industries and sectors.

All of this is intended to enable by portalweb that allows the integration of worldwide initiatives, the spreading of activities in Chile and the information management of the various companies involved. Moreover, as a way to insert the initiative to a gradually increasing number of companies, we are currently working on the publication of a newsletter to disseminate content and tools addressed by the CBD.

Contact Information
Fundación Chile
Parque Antonio Rabat Sur N°6165, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile
Tel: +56-2-22400300

Contact Person
Gonzalo León
Sustainability & Society Director at Fundación Chile

Annual Reports

Please see the link below for progress reports on this initiative