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Phase 2 of the European Business and Biodiversity Platform is up and running, with more Members and in a more interactive way than in the previous Phase. The Platform provides a forum for businesses to work directly with the European Commission to demonstrate their commitment in protecting Natural Capital. Companies have the opportunity to showcase key actions related to natural capital and biodiversity protection. NGOs, industry associations and Member States are also important stakeholders that are involved in the Platform's activities. So far, over 100 organisations have joined including over 50 businesses and over 20 multinationals from numerous sectors ranging from construction and energy to retail and finance.

The successful first phase of the B@B Platform, launched in 2008, identified the key role that businesses can play in delivering the EU commitment to halt biodiversity loss by 2020. It encouraged exchanges of best practises and contributed to the setting up of national business and biodiversity platforms in Member States.

Phase 2 of the B@B Platform builds on Phase 1 but goes further and takes a new approach. Firstly, it is open to all sectors and aims to engage businesses more actively. It also helps coordinate and raise awareness of other national and international Business and Biodiversity initiatives. Finally, in order to deliver tangible results, the Platform allows the Commission, to work with businesses on three workstreams: Natural Capital Accounting, Innovation for Biodiversity and Business, Access to Finance and Innovative Financing Mechanisms. Member companies have already started delivering evidence of action on the workstreams.

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European Commission, DG Environment, Unit B2 – Biodiversity
Av. De Beaulieu 5, 1160 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 2 29 78667

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Lars Mueller
Policy Officer at the European Commission

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